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Top Minds in Mobile 2015


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Hear from some of the brightest minds in the industry on how marketers should be thinking about mobile-first campaigns.

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Top Minds in Mobile 2015

  2. 2. This is a collection of quotes from leading visionaries in mobile. We hope this helps enlighten and inspire ideas to create mobile engagement at every touchpoint.
  3. 3. Caroline Lewko CEO Wireless Industry Partnership @CarolineWIP “Mobile is everywhere, so work it into the equation from the beginning. And don’t be afraid to look beyond your own walls to gain time and creativity from the many communities of developers who have years of collective experience to help you succeed.” Eduardo Henrique Head of Global Expansion at PlayKids @edulh “Mobile allows marketers to provide a unique and completely different experience to their customers. It’s not only about products any- more, now mobile allows brands to live with their customers.”
  4. 4. Jeffrey Hayzlett C-Suite TV Host and Chairman C-Suite Network @JeffreyHayzlett “The phone is most personal device created to date. You know where your phone is more than you know where your children are — brands must connect to the mobile owner in a way that evokes the trust to allow the connection and personal engagement to build a two-way personal relationship. What remains to be seen is if a company can create mobile handshake with a pinkie promise and “BFF experience” for the new mobile age.”
  5. 5. “We’ve done the research (and spent $2 million to accomplish) for major brands – Wal-Mart, MasterCard, Coca-Cola and AT&T and we know for a fact that mobile should be 10-15% of marketers’ total mix (not just of digital but of all media) to get the best return on overall campaign spend. And that will rise to 15%-20% if the marketer is good at mobile marketers, and then up to 30% of the mix in mobile as Smartphone penetration grows. Truth is, consumers have changed their media habits, and it’s up to marketers to realign to that consumer trend. ” Greg Stuart Global CEO Mobile Marketing Association @gregstuart
  6. 6. “Every interaction with a consumer should be viewed in the lens of mobile engagement, which, if implemented expertly, is vastly more important to the customer journey than online digital. The value of mobile marketing to brands will inevitably be more impactful than the disruption of traditional to digital online marketing.” Matt Sechrest CEO of Waterfall Chairman of its Board of Directors @mattsechrest
  7. 7. “Try and think ‘mobile only’ as your marketing strategy -- that will help you really understand how powerful mobile can be! In fact, in many markets, particularly in emerging economies, most consumers use only mobile for the larger part of their daily lives - in such a case, all your eggs have to be in the mobile basket.” Dr Madan Rao Mobile Media Author & Consultant @MadanRao Jamie Turner @AskJamieTurner “If you’re not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry- your competitors are already using it and are getting those customers instead.”
  8. 8. “The mobile phone is not only a channel to reach consumers with advertising but also an instrument that allows consumers to engage with advertisements that occur in the “offline” world. Inspiration can be a fleeting moment but thankfully a mobile phone is on hand at the moment a consumer is inspired. This is the beginning of the beginning of that new world.” Chris Barton Founder and Board Director, Shazam @bartonsurfer
  9. 9. Art Peck President of Growth, Innovation and Digital at Gap Sara Hilliard Senior Brand Manager for Nestea @AskJamieTurner “Currently about a third of all traffic to Nestea sites comes via a mobile device, so mobile integration is a critical part of our overall digital plan.” “The opportunity to better monetize the huge amount of incremental traffic coming off of mobile devices we see as very significant, and you will see pretty radical progress in our mobile Web experience, and the experience delivered to these devices.”
  10. 10. Sarah Ohle Director of Marketing Intelligence at xAd, Inc. New York @sarahohle “Mobile is in many ways the most disruptive force in media in recent history. However, rather than this being a hurdle, marketers have harnessed the personal and on-the-go nature of mobile to reach their audiences in new ways. Now a marketer doesn’t just have the opportunity to talk to a consumers when they are at home or in front of their computer.”
  11. 11. Megan Clarken Nielsen’s Executive Vice President of Global Products Leadership Scott Hudler Vice President Dunkin’ Donuts @scotthudler “Consumers all over the globe are moving their media consumption to tablets and smartphones. With that has come a real interest and shift from broadcasters to move their program content from TV and extend it across mobile devices.” “We’re increasing our spend online every year. To keep our brand relevant, we have to engage our consumers where they are.”
  12. 12. Walt Geer Vice President Product Strategy at Point Roll, New York @3rdGeers John Caron Chief Marketing Officer at Linkable Networks @jcaron2 “One of the challenges with mobile is that it is such a personal device, and impersonal messaging—whether it is a push message, an ad, or an offer—is not well received.” “Biometric research shows that users feel confident making a purchase within the banner if they recognize the brand and if the ad is on a recognizable site.”
  13. 13. Rebecca Roose Senior Product Marketing Manager at MyWebGrocer, Winooski, VT @Sticky_Mommy Nancy Gibbs Time Magazine’s Deputy Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs @nancygibbs “Retailers need to be where their shoppers are, which is online and on their smart phones. If retailers don’t have a mobile experience for those mobile shoppers, the conversion rate is poor.” “It’s hard to think of any tool, any instrument, any object in history with which so many developed so close a relationship so quickly as we have with our phones.”
  14. 14. Joana Van Den Brink-Quintanilha Leader Author of the Report at Forrester, London Andrew Higgins Digital Strategist at Pixlee, San Francisco @AMHigg89 “Different content performs better from a PC, tablet, or mobile. Understanding how to best engage and convert customers from different devices is becoming a powerful way for brands to differentiate their marketing from competitors’.” “Brands will remain relevant, but context is becoming increasingly important, particularly when it comes to mobile interactions. In fact, privacy is all about context. Provided that their immediate needs are addressed, consumers are willing to exchange information for value.”
  15. 15. Jason Fuentes Head of Mobile at RadiumOne @FuentesJason Chris Cheung Product Line Manager at Autodesk “Given the remarkable proliferation of mobile, a marketing strategy that starts and ends at the device, affords today’s marketers the ability to successfully connect online to offline experiences and generate a full, 360-degree view, of their audiences. Never before has this been possible at such scale, speed or accuracy.” “The future of mobile creativity is in our youth: An entire generation first exposed to computing in this form.”
  16. 16. “Human beings are mobile and marketers must follow. To survive and thrive marketers must focus on putting mobile at the heart of their marketing and customer engagement and to service people along every stage along the customer journey. Mobile is the single medium that bridges the physical and digital boundaries of our lives and is the primary means for engaging people at the moments that matter. “Looking forward, mobile will be about servicing people in what we refer to as the ‘connected life’. By 2020 the we will have 6 to 10 connected devices in our lives. Connected devices and the related engagements and experiences are both the creator and beneficiary of data. The future of marketing is all about learning to master data and learning how to engage with people as individuals in order to fulfill and enrich their lives while meeting the needs of your business.” Michael J. Becker Managing Partner mCordis @mobiledirect
  17. 17. “There’s obviously a lot that shopper marketers can do with printed media, but at the end of the day it’s still just a piece of paper. Mobile allows you to take that piece of paper and make it interactive; giving in-store shoppers immediate access to information & incentives—but in a way that the marketer still controls. Store shelves are crowded with competing products, but by integrating a mobile call to action with on-pack, you gain a definite advantage in the last-mile of the race. Most mobile strategies fixate on awareness; on the very top of the customer journey. This ignores the very real opportunity available in bringing interactive content to the physical point of purchase. And let’s not forget—everybody takes their phone home with them after they leave, giving marketers a vector for content delivery that extends beyond the 4 walls of the store. ” Adam Lavine FunMobility CEO Founding Chair of the Mobile Coupon Standards Committee @adamlavine