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Clip Mobile: Location-Based Content Platform


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Clip Mobile has built a multi-platform location-based content management system and analytics dashboard. Currently configured to handle location-based mobile coupons, the platform is available for co-branded and white label opportunities. Contact: for more details.

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Clip Mobile: Location-Based Content Platform

  1. 1. Mobile  Local  Deals   Pla.orm   Engagement       From  Click  to     Cash  Register.  
  2. 2. How  Clip  Works  
  3. 3. An  Industry  Leading  LBS  Pla;orm   Clip  Mobile  has  built  a  pla;orm  to  deliver  locaBon-­‐based  content  to    iPhone,   Android  and  Blackberry  apps.    With  over  2  years  of  development  behind  our  deal   aggregator  apps  (Clip  Mobile),  we  have  become  experts  on  using  locaBon-­‐based   content  to  improve  the  mobile  experience  and  further  engage  customers.       If  you  are  a  brand,  retailer,  content  publisher  or  property  manager  you  already   know  you  need  a  strong  mobile  strategy.  Building  apps  is  not  the  right  soluBon  for   everyone,  but  those  embarking  on  an  app  strategy  must  create  mobile   experiences  that  create  value  for  the  end  user  and  build  brand  engagement  with   their  target  market.  The  challenge  is,  how  to  achieve  the  end  goal  on  Bme,  on  task   and  on  budget?     We  offer  co-­‐branded,  white-­‐label  and  custom  soluBons  that  leverage  our  exisBng   locaBon-­‐based  discount  pla;orm  and  experBse  in  building  compelling  mobile   experiences.  
  4. 4.  Coupon  Management  System   The  web-­‐based  API  allows  marketers  to  quickly  and  easily  create  offers  from  any  computer  with   an  internet  connecBon.  Automate  go-­‐live  and  expiraBon  dates,  associate  offers  to  one  or  many  locaBons,  and   enforce  usage  restricBons  through  the  simple  form-­‐based  system.    
  5. 5.  Coupon  Management  System   The  CMS  tracks  gross  impressions  and  unique  users  viewing  each  offer.    Impressions  and  redempBons  can  be   tracked  to  a  specific  store  locaBon.  Simple,  XML-­‐based  API  for  integraBon  to  exisBng  front-­‐ends  or  parallel   services.  
  6. 6. User  LocaBon-­‐Data   The  system  collects  a  robust  set  of  user-­‐locaBon  data  for  clients.    This  informaBon  allows  for  further  targeted   markeBng  analysis,  mapping  consumer  density  etc.  
  7. 7. An  Industry  Leading  LBS  Pla;orm   Features   • Manage  an  unlimited  number  of  merchants,  retail  locaBons,  &  coupons   • Set  up  affiliate  and  merchant  accounts  to  allow  self-­‐service   • AutomaBcally  geocode  addresses   • AcBvate  &  deacBvate  coupons  in  real-­‐Bme   • Set  up  expiraBon  dates  &  go-­‐live  dates   • Associate  coupons  with  specific  locaBons  &  manage  complex  groupings   • AutomaBcally  enforce  usage  restricBons,  including  limited  use,  Bme-­‐of-­‐day,  or   day-­‐of-­‐week     • Generate  detailed,  real-­‐Bme  analyBcs  including:  views,  click-­‐throughs,   demographics,  locaBon,  and  more   • Simple,  XML-­‐based  API  for  integraBon  with  other  front-­‐ends  or  parallel  services   • Plus,  numerous  other  features  and  upgrades  that  can  be  implemented  upon   demand  (e.g.  barcode  support  or  integrated  billing)
  8. 8. Local  Offers  Are  Most  Valuable   To  Local  Shoppers     In  2010,  more  than  5-­‐million  Canadians  will  use  their  Smartphone  to  do  more  than  talk,  text  and  email.    A  robust  market  for   mobile  services  is  forming  in  Canada.   A  recent  report  published  by  Juniper  Research  on  Mobile  MarkeBng  and  Retail  Strategies  forecasts  that  the  market  for  mobile   coupons  is  set  to  double  by  2012  to  $4  billion.     Borrell  Associates  published  a  report  on  mobile  markeBng  in  April  2010,  and  forecasted  coupons  as  the  early  driver  for  growth   of  about  84  percent  a  year  through  2014,  from  a  $2.7  billion  market  in  2009  to  $57  billion.   $2BB  projected  spend  in  locaBon-­‐based  markeBng  by  2014  from  the  current  $400MM  according  to  BIA/Kelsey,  a  57%  CAGR.  
  9. 9. Clip  is  a  Leader  in  a  Market  Set  for  Massive  Growth.    We  have  built  a  locaBon-­‐based  mobile  pla;orm   that  aggregates  and  delivers  dynamic  content  to  Apple,  Android  and  Blackberry  devices.   How  it  Works  
  10. 10. •   Clip  has  been  operaBng  for  1  year  and  has  amassed  11,000+  Users  in   Canada.    Served  70K+  coupon  impressions  in  Yr.  1.  Market  leader  in   Canada.   •   Currently  working  with  200+  merchants  including  top  Ber  brands  such   as  Quiznos,  Dominos,  Roots,  Whole  Foods  and  others  in  pipeline  for   2011.   •   Experienced  team  of  technologists  who  can  build  and  adapt  amazing   technology  to  suit  your  needs.   •     SDK  and  apps  available  on  3  most  popular  Smartphone  devices.   •   “Perfect  storm”  of  market  opportunity.    Urgency  for  partners  to   mobilize  deal  assets.   About  Clip  
  11. 11. Please  contact  us  for  more  informaBon  about  integraBons,  features  and  pricing.     David  Offierski   (416)  886-­‐7245   @clipmobile   All  references  herein  are  made  to  Clip  Mobile  Inc.    This  document  and  the  accompanying  material  contain  informaBon  proprietary  to  Clip  Mobile  Inc.  provided  solely  for  the  purpose  of   evaluaBng  Clip  Mobile  Inc.  as  an  investment  opportunity.  It  must  be  treated  as  strictly  confidenBal  and  may  not  be  disclosed,  either  in  whole  or  in  part,  to  any  party  not  directly  involved   in  the  decision  of  whether  to  parBcipate  in  this  offering.  This  document  is  not  intended  for  general  circulaBon  or  publicaBon  and  as  such  no  part  of  this  document  may  be  reproduced  in   any  manner  whatsoever  without  the  wriren  permission  of  Clip  Mobile  Inc.   This  document  does  not  consBtute  a  prospectus,  offering  memorandum  or  public  offering.  No  guarantees  are  made  or  implied  with  regards  to  the    investment.  It  should  be  noted  that   no  security  commission  or  regulatory  authority  has  reviewed  this  document.   ©  Clip  Mobile  Inc.  2010   All  Rights  Reserved   Clip  Mobile  Inc.  was  selected  by  IDC  Research  as  one  of     10  Mobile  Companies  to  Watch  in  2010