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My keynote at the Reload Greece event held on May the 25th 2013 in the Business School of Economics

Reloaders are people of all ages and backgrounds that love Greece and that believe in a need for change in the country. They are ready to take action in all fields and sectors of society that can contribute to growth, development and a better tomorrow for Greece.

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Reload Greece

  1. 1. Reload GreeceGeorge Giannakeas@gioris - george@warp.lyLondon Business SchoolMay 25 2013
  2. 2. 32009
  3. 3. Research  and  experimenta0on
  4. 4. Talent
  5. 5. Team
  6. 6. Evolu0on
  7. 7. PROBLEMMobile Marketing Is Underperforming“Traditional” mobile advertising like banner-ads is failing,real-performance is very poor (eCPM’s < 9$) and needs tobe addressed immediately. Brands need to learn how toexecute in the sense of new mobile marketing strategies.Mobile Banner AdsSimply don’t workThey never did!2009 2012 2012 2016The Evolution of Brands Mobile StrategiesCurrent trend globally is that having invested in mobile appdevelopment, brands focused on growing their user base. Nowit is time monetize on this medium...
  8. 8. WHAT IS WARPLY?A cloud based marketingtoolbox, that enables brands,developers and publishers todirectly send interactive mobilemarketing campaigns to theircustomer base via pushnotificationsUser receivesWARPSail with American
  9. 9. Create, Segment and SendCampaignsGeodataPreferences and Behavioral DataDemographics Usage DataSocial DataPush Notification wakesup App and DisplaysHTML5 Campaign1 2 3 User performs desiredaction with a “1-Clickfunctionality”1 ClickActions(Call, SMS, Mail)DirectPaymentsVoting RichContentHOW IT WORKS
  10. 10. SegmentationFacebookDemographicsAPI CallsBehavioralTargetingCustom TaggingGeolocation/GeofencingTarget using full scopeof facebookdemographics throughthe embeddedfacebook connectTake advantage of existinguser data by integratinginto your CRM or databaseor set up automaticcampaigns based onpreconfigured BusinessIntelligence rules.Set up consumers personasderived from user behaviorinside the APP and basedon interaction withprevious campaignsSend campaigns to specificgeographical areas(geolocation) ORcreate a radius around yourpoint of interest andtrigger the campaign assoon as the user walks in(geofencing).
  11. 11. Cloud ControlAccess your app dashboard anytimeand check your campaigns statusand expiration datesCreate and manage campaignsdirectly within the interface
  12. 12. CAMPAIGN TYPE1.SweepstakesRun fun games and give incentives to your customerseither to enter a store or engage with the brand.Simple gaming concepts like lottery games andsweepstakes increase loyalty and helps you avoidcostly price reductions on every sold item.
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  15. 15. CAMPAIGN TYPE4.FeedbackCollect real time feedback from our users.Communicate with them in their context at thetime they are more prominent to respond.
  16. 16. CAMPAIGN TYPE5.GameDeliver branded micro-games, engaging youraudience via popular premium apps.
  17. 17. CAMPAIGN TYPE6.Social CurrencyAsk your audience to engage in simple games andreward them for doing so. For instance, use socialsharing as currency in order to unlock offers orpremium content
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  19. 19. CAMPAIGN TYPE8.Second ScreenIntegrate mobile in your ATL media marketingmix by delivering engaging transmediaexperiences.Ask users to take a screenshot ofyourTVC and give them the chance to buythe product, get extra info or enter acompetition.
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  23. 23. Greece...  if  you  make  it  there  you  can  make  it  anywhere
  24. 24. Pick  one  thing  to  do  and  try  to  be  the  best  at  it
  25. 25. Do  your  research  Take  the  4me  to  understand  your  customer  and  the  problem  that  you  are  solving  before  se<ng  out  to  build  anything
  26. 26. Ideas  are  a  dime-­‐a-­‐dozen.  They  are  worthless.  Execu0on  is  everything
  27. 27. Be  lean  Validate  your  idea,  product  market  fit  early  in  the  process..  kepp  doing  it
  28. 28. Smart  Money
  29. 29. Learn  fast,  and  iterate  fast.  Most  importantly  keep  at  it,  you’ll  have  high  days  and  low  days,  just  don’t  give  up
  30. 30. Φτάσε όπου δενµπορείς
  31. 31. CONTEXT BASED MESSAGESGo AheadCommunicate with your clientsin their context!visit us: http://warp.lylike us: us: