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Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing - A Practical Guide


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The goal of this guide is to provide an overview which will help your affiliate marketing objectives from small to large enterprise

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Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing - A Practical Guide

  1. 1. Affiliate Marketing 9. A Practical Guide I A9,}, Brannigan
  2. 2. What is Affiliate Marketing? "Affiliate marketing is the process of selling products and services online via a network of partners, known as affiliates, typically on the basis of a revenue share model" - Ross Brannigan emoze
  3. 3. Ross Brannigan has both led & advised global affiliate programs_for Fortune 00 and startup companies across the world, as an expert in the field.
  4. 4. Agenda vli'Il_i «:7 Network Selection 2 Affiliate Publisher Management E Affiliate Program Operations if Affiliate Program Communications & Promotion , _ > Affiliate Acquisition = ii*i-f: ::i-. »
  5. 5. An Affiliate Network is a key business partner in enabling your online business goals as a retailer or merchant. In the modem connected world, there are several options when it comes to selecting an appropriate partner. Some of the criterion for this process includes the following: Publisher Base: Most networks are connected to a myriad of publishers. It is important to ensure that the publisher base and reach is aligned to your core business vertical International Presence: If you're business is truly global or multi—market, you will need to engage with a large network which has international presence in order to benefit from synergies of opertaing across markets. Otherwise, single market vendors will add unnecessary costs 8. complexity to your marketing expenditure Fraud Management: A good network will have technology in place to filter fraudulent transactions «W» €l'TlCJZ€
  6. 6. Affiliate Publisher Management Below you will find a checklist for managing publishers Within your program. As your affiliate program develops, these items are key for ensuring smooth operations and scaling: *Affiliate Sales Commision Structure *Affiliate Sales Payout Dates *Affiliate Sales Validation Process *Affiliate Pixel Setup 8. Tracking Process *Affiliate Cookie Lifetime Setup *Affiliate Contact lnforrnation (e. g. affiliates@companyname. com) *Affiliate Program Rules & Conditions *Affiliate Tiering & Categorization @%§ }a%téontact Database
  7. 7. In order to gain the most commercial value and scale an affiliate program to it's maximum potential, the acquisition of new affiliate partners and publishers is vital. The mindset of "if you build it they will come" is not valid for a successful affiliate program. Greatcare must be applied to the process of selecting and acquiring both premium and long—tail affiliates via varying conventional and non—conventional methods. Typically this process requires both online and offline techniques to attract the affiliate partner Tips: — Provide attractive commisions 7‘$+5,«, = — Provide exclusive benefits for higher achieving partners - Make it simple and straight forward for affiliates to sign-up — "Meet 8. Greet" potential partners at industry events (e. g. DMEXCO, Affiliate Tactix etc. ) emoze
  8. 8. Finally, last but not least is the culture and mindset that is applied to the affiliate program. Adopt a approach that treats the channel as a key online sales source and develop KPI goals such as CPA, CPS, CPL etc. This will ensure an objective and commercial focused which is aligned with the overall digital marketing strategy. $7) €l'TlClZ€
  9. 9. In order to continually optimize an affiliate program, it is important that all affiliates ate engaged with ongoing promotions & communications. These steps provide an overview of common steps involved, such tactics and measures can be applied a best practice: *Affiliate Content & Widgets *Affiliate Promotion/ Rally Newsletters *Affiliate Incentives & Program Benefits *Affiliate Canned Response Templates (e. g. Signup Templates) *Affiliate Campaign Roadmap die emoze
  10. 10. Thanks for Reading! The goal of this guide was to provide an overview which will help your affiliate marketing objectives from small to large enterprise. rossbrannigan@gmail. com www. rossbrannigan. co air; emoze