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Mobile marketing is becoming a dynamic medium of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) mix. It can be used effectively to communicate sense of excitement and intimacy with its target audience.

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Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Overview
  2. 2. Definition • Mobile marketing is broadly defined as the use of the mobile medium as a means of IMC communication. It distributes any form of promotional or advertising messages to customers predominately through wireless networks.
  3. 3. Quote Mobile marketing is the most personal medium available. People run their lives off their mobile. It’s business, it’s personal, it’s information gathering. It’s on 24/7. We call it the “brand in the hand.” Quote: Global Media Manager, Adidas International
  4. 4. Need to be mobile friendly • Consumers are on the move, but less than 5% of Websites are Mobile friendly. Businesses need to develop a Mobile version, optimise for Mobile SEO, integrate your CMS and Customer systems, host, and even monetise through 3rd party marketing.
  5. 5. Amex Daniel Campaign • American Express and their Agency Neo Ogilvy approached Big Mobile looking to take the Realise the Potential Daniel campaign beyond traditional offline and online media and communicate the message, that American Express sees its customer as a person, not a number. • The request was simply “amplify the campaign please and take it somewhere new and different”. • The creative borrowed the integrated Daniel campaigns look and feel and prompted click-through. • They re-engineered the ultimate alphanumeric typeface American Express had created so when people entered the Realise The Potential Daniel American Express mobile site, they could manipulate the typeface to create their personalised name-tag design. • Once they had designed their name-tag we invited them to: • Download it for use as a screensaver on their mobile • Receive a file via email to personalise their desktop • Share their name-tag, by posting it directly onto their Facebook page • Or even order a fridge magnet of their name-tag to be mailed to their home. • In 7 weeks, over 100,000 people decided they wanted to be more than a number through the Mobile campaign, and created their own name-tag. • Over 20,000 took it one step further, and their name-tags made onto their Mobile screensavers and fridges, and onto their Facebook updates all highly effective brand prompts.
  6. 6. Nike Id• Nike erected a large, interactive billboard in Times Square.• Passers-by could use their cell phones to text in their own custom design and receive a free pair of Nike IDs.• In Wheeler and Keenans video, individuals went nuts when they saw their own shoes posted live on the Jumbotron in front of them.• Though Nike gave away 3000 pairs of shoes in this promotion, Users had the distinct impression that users were just as excited by their design on the billboard as they were by the free footwear.• Very successful participation and it created great brand excitement.
  7. 7. Emirates FIFA• Leverage Emirates global sponsorship with the 2010 FIFA World Cup.• Drive innovation by using mobile• Due to the time difference, harness World Cup fever through mobile – the first device users check each morning.• Exclusive sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup on mobile, through Optus’ official coverage.• Sponsorship included:• Mobile Banner advertising on the global FIFA site, Optus FIFA World Cup site and on the Big Mobile ROC Sport (ESPN Soccer net, etc.)• Integration into the Optus FIFA World Cup coverage . Including brand integration, pre and post rolls and more.• Large scale mobile campaign site with Emirates tactical offers and campaign content.• The campaign was a Great example of collaboration between publisher, media, creative and client• Profile raising campaign with sponsorship,
  8. 8. Jaguar XF • Build brand awareness of Jaguar XF and encourage target audience to explore the key features of the car. • Mobile banners ran across Big Mobiles premium Business and Finance category • Tailored sponsorships and integration within The Australian Business and • Branded Jaguar XF mobile site optimised for mobile handsets featuring gallery, videos, request a brochure and much more. • Simple and elegant mobile design principles were used • Sponsorship and integration placements resulted in the highest click thru rates. The Jaguar XF promotion offer was the most visited section of the Jaguar mobile site. • Overall a very strong click thru rate for the campaign. Over 19,000 visitors to the mobile site.
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing Success Factors • Relevance to the consumer • Invitation to participants • Entertaining and visual impactful • Drive to achieve a specific action • Integrated with other IMC media if relevant • Simple and clear message
  10. 10. You are welcome to contact Nigel Bairstow at B2BWhiteboard your source of B2B Asia / Pacificmarketing advice!/b2bwhiteboard