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[#2] Transcend Barriers of Distance – Mr. Simon Botting (Mexico)


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[#2] Transcend Barriers of Distance – Mr. Simon Botting (Mexico)

  1. 1. [#2] Transcend Barriers ofDistanceGuest Speaker: Mr. Simon BottingDirector of JaviTeck of May, 2013MC: Tomoko Ota
  2. 2. • Founded in 2006• the property listing site in Argentina• Top 2-3 positioned site in the industry2013/5/15ENW Partner Session from SpainService2
  3. 3. • Flexibly changing the number of the team members and theirfunctions.• 5+ staffs in the beginning , currently 3 main members of the team+ temporary contracts with professional services like designers2013/5/15ENW Partner Session from SpainTeam3Spain ArgentinaProfessionals
  4. 4. -Email, gchat, skype(sharing the screen)-IP Phone and voice mail that way only one central Nr. for clients-“Trello”2013/5/15ENW Partner Session from SpainCommunication Tool4
  5. 5. • Daily and frequent communication• When the work time started (9:30am in Arg,13:30hr in Spain) a quick hello.• Anytime to communicate to the director andbetween the team2013/5/15ENW Partner Session from SpainTeam Communication5
  6. 6. • Not to over-control• They have their own way to focus on the tasksand relax• Trust is something you really have to give toon your stuff.2013/5/15ENW Partner Session from SpainMotivation Management6
  7. 7. • As long as you provide a good service whichmarket wants and needs, the money comeseventually.• What really drives you is your passion forwhat you are doing and the people you workwith.2013/5/15ENW Partner Session from SpainBusiness Philosophy7
  8. 8. Q) Which national calendar do you followSpain or Argentina?A)Since the operations, clients and stuffs are all in Argentina, Ifollow Argentine bank holiday.Q) How often you and your team members talk about personalthings?A) I used to go out with my employees for a drink or bite afterwork at the beginning. After getting to the stage with remoteteam, they can talk to me whenever they want.2013/5/15ENW Partner Session from SpainQ&A8