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This presentation gives an overview about the first quality certification scheme that honours the innovative use of ICT in Higher Education.

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UNIQUe Presentation

  1. 1. Advancing the Quality Landscape Workshop at Online Educa 2009, Berlin Jim Herbolich European Foundation for Management Development
  2. 2. Quality according to UNIQUe UNIQUe certifies ICT adoption and integration for learning in HE based on broad consensus from several initiatives. UNIQUE involves HEIs into a collaborative benchlearning process on ICT adoption. UNIQUe is based on a holistic model: pedagogies, technologies and support services.
  3. 3. eL Quality Certification  Quality assurance is becoming increasingly important as ICT-based learning becomes more and more widespread in universities in Europe.  Looking at the current situation, ICT based learning is still a rather new phenomenon and that different “visions” of eLearning exist.  However - within Europe, a broadly acceptable Quality Accreditation system in eLearning within HE is absent despite the need to support HE in order to face the challenges presented by the emerging needs associated with the introduction of new technologies
  4. 4. UNIQUe Univeristies Fully UNIQUE Certified Universities (3 years)  Università di Macerata (Italy)  University of Leicester (UK)  Universidad de Granada (Spain)  TKK Dipoli Institute at the Helsinki University of Technology (Finland)  Politecnico di Milano  University of the Aegean  Moscow University of Industr and Finance
  5. 5. UNIQUe – Ecology UNIQUE Project CEL (Socrates Programme eLearning Program 2007-2008) Accreditation (EFMD) Institutional Accreditation Converging criteria MASSIVE Accreditation method (eLearning Programme Joint effort 2005-2007) Institutional Peer review Method/Model Impact on Universities Management HEXTLEARN Services European Peer (LLP Programm 2008-2010) Reviewers Team System approach to ICT use in HE & Quality Assurance EFQUEL SIG HE
  6. 6. Why is UNIQUE unique? (1/2)  UNIQUe is an accelerator for quality improvement and innovation.  Compared to other quality initiatives in the area of technology-enhanced learning, UNIQUe has a broader institutional approach and is not only related to e-learning. The Unique quality label builds on the broadest stakeholder involvement.  The UNIQUe process is structured in six very distinct stages and offers a formalised approach in each of the steps.
  7. 7. Why is UNIQUE unique? (2/2)  The Unique quality label provides an accreditation as a result, next to continuous quality improvement mechanisms.  The Unique quality label focuses on innovation. UNIQUe ensures continuous quality improvement since it is a diagnostic tool for self-assessment of the institution  The UNIQUe label benefits from an overall institutional framework already tested through the MASSIVE project and from the EFMD experience
  8. 8. Governance structure UNIQUe Governace Structure UNIQUe UNIQUe Supervisory UNIQUe Advisory Awarding Board Board Body UNIQUe Executive Office UNIQUe Partners
  9. 9. UNIQUE Quality-Concept LEARNING RESOURCES  RESOURCES FOR LEARNING  STUDENTS  FACULTY (TEACHERS)  TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT LEARNING PROCESSES  QUALITY OF THE OFFER (e.g. catalogues and services, learning organisation)  IPR MANAGEMENT  PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT/ HR DEVELOPMENT + SERVICES LEARNING CONTEXT/INSTITUTION  COMMITMENT TO INNOVATION, (culture, R&D)  INSTITUTIONAL STANDING, (e.g. Context and mission, Background and experience, reputation in the eL community)  OPENESS (e.g. Access, connections with the corporate word, contribution to the community, international issues)
  10. 10. UNIQUe accompanying tools TARGET TOOLS MEDIA HEI considering to apply Detailed information on the UNIQUe Web site schemes FAQ Application form (positioning questions+ Web site elements to adapt their specificity) HEI waiting for audit visit Self assessment toolkit (questionnaire + other Papers (off line form) tools,) Evaluation grid used by audit team Papers (off line form) Audit team Methodological guidelines Papers (off line form) Tools grids Papers (off line form) Format for reporting Papers (off line form) Advisory board Information on methods (intermediate status Papers (off line form) document) General public Published documents/reports Web site Promotional documentation Web site Project information Web site Awarding body Information Papers (off line form) Code of practice Papers (off line form) Evaluation + decision and communication Papers (off line form) formats Certificate Papers (off line form)
  11. 11. Thank you very much! …sign up for quality… http://www.qualityfoundation.org Contact Jim Herbolich, EFMD Member of the Board of Directors EFQUEL