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Social mediahandoutfinal


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Social mediahandoutfinal

  1. 1. GETTING STARTED WITHSOCIAL MEDIA By now, you know that using social media is an essential part of your activities at Duke. But how do you take those first steps towards learning about various tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and their business implications? If you are new to social media, or haven’t approached it strategically yet, then this guide is for you. This is just a primer as you get started. Please use your social media community on campus as a resource to continue learning and growing your online presence. “Social networks aren’t about Web sites. They’re about experiences.” – Mike DiLorenzo, NHL social media marketing director Social Media = relationshipsSocial networks & blogs are the fourth most popular activity online, beating email. 10% of all time online is spent on social networking sites. 67% of the Internet’s population visits 1.5 million pieces of content are shared social networks. daily on Facebook. If Wikipedia was a book, it would be 2.25 million pages long . Facebook tops Google for online behavior in the United States.
  2. 2. WHAT IS TWITTER? ANATOMY OF A TWEET RT This stands for “re-tweet” and Twitter is a free, microblogging social networking site that means that we are reposting a tweet allows users to post short (140 characters or less) updates to from someone else “followers.” Posts can be made via the Twitter website, by text message, by email or via many movile devices and applications. Despite its incredible brevity, people have found many uses for @ Include the @ symbol in front Twitter: of a username to direct that user’s attention to your tweet • As a “status” updater, users post comments like “working on writing a paper right now” to let others know where Example of a they are or what they’re doing shortened URL. Serveral services • As a “mini-blog” where users post short, frequent help shorten long URLs so they fit updates with their thoughts and current concerns within a tweet and provide analytics • As a quick way of sending out ananouncements • To keep track of individuals and organizations without directly interacting with them # These are called hashtags. Hashtagging has become the standard way to follow a discussion FINDING AND SHARING CONTENT about a trend, event or topic. This To find new people to follow, try using the Twitter search function allows anyone that searches for this to find other users with common interests. Groups use hashtags term to see your tweet in context of to create easy to follow conversations. The more you tweet about a conversation or an event. a certain topic, the more likely others with similar interests will find and follow you. 1 3 ANATOMY OF A PROFILE 1. Profile picture and Twitter username 2. “Tweets” to see your Twitterstream 4 3. Followers and lists2 4. Suggestions to connect WHAT IS FACEBOOK? Facebook is a social network that allows registered users to share status updates, photos, links, events, and other content. Facebook users create a “profile” for themselves, and then connect with others by “friending them. Users can decide on how much information they share - whether their profiles are public, only visible to friends, or visible to friends of friends, etc. Users can also create “Pages” which can display information, updates and photos for organizations, businesses, clubs, etc. to connec with their community. PRIVACY Facebook privacy continues to be an evolving issue. Users should be aware of the possibility of private profile items being made public when Facebook policies change, so it’s important to review your own privacy settings on a regular basis. Privacy settings and issues should always be considered in social media.
  3. 3. WHAT IS YOUTUBE? “The difference betweenYouTube is a website for sharing user-generated video. Registered PR and social media is thatusers can upload video files, comment on and rate videos, and interactwith each other through YouTube’s community tools. Users can create PR is about positioning,a video “response” to a video for ongoing dialogue and the site is used and social media is aboutby several “vloggers” that create short blog-like videos on a periodicbasis. Uploads are limited to videos that are no more than ten minutes in becoming, being andlength, unless using an official channel. improving.” Chris Brogan SITES.DUKE.EDU Duke offers free WordPress blogs to students, faculty and staff. WordPress is a popular web-publishing platform for creating blogs, web- based presentations and even entire websites. USING WORDPRESS? • Create a website • Create a place to display individual or group-created materials • Use it as a way to curate audio, video and multimedia content IDEAS FOR APPLICATIONS • Create a site to use for a Students can easily search through both Flickr and presentation with images and links YouTube to find campus-related content. Student • Ask students to create portfolios users and/or groups may start YouTube channels or • Setup student collaboration Flickr accounts to upload and share videos and photos gathered for course assignments. Groups can also set up private accounts to share media with a limited number of users. Images and videos are also great content to include on websites and integrate into other online profiles, such as blogs.WHAT IS FLICKR?Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application. SOCIAL MEDIARegistered users can upload digital photographs and make them You can use WordPress to bringaccessible just to themselves, to a group of family and friends, or together different social mediapublicly. Duke uses Flickr to tag and share images from around campus. elements in one place. A single WordPress site can include links toABOUT FLICKR PAGES your most recent YouTube videos, anFlickr photos can be linked to and, depending on permissions settings, area displaying recent photos, andcan also be downloaded or displayed via link on other sites. Flickr photo even blog posts that you’ve linked tosets can also be dislayed as slideshows or thumbnails using other using Twitter and Facebook.platforms like Facebook and WordPress. BUILD YOUR VOICE
  4. 4. RESOURCES FOR THE DUKE COMMUNITYDuke University is regarded as one of the leading colleges in thenation in the area of social and digital media. Your colleaguesand community offer an invaluable resource for education andcollaboration in the area of social media in higher education.Did you know that Duke has a social media manager?Contact Cara’S SOCIAL MEDIA AGGREGATOR EXPLORE MORE. Social Media Facebook Twitter YouTube UStream Flickr WordPress FourSquare Duke on Demand iTunes