Making Social Medial Work For You


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Making Social Medial Work For You

  1. 1. Robert B. Furr County Extension Director / 4-H Extension Agent Mecklenburg County Cooperative Extension May 16, 2012Making Social Media Work for YOU! 1
  2. 2. What Will We Do Today? Review social media statistics Take a detailed look at popular social media sites Review criteria to establish an effective social media presence 2
  3. 3. Social Media Revolution 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. In 2005, 8% of online adults had a profileon an social network site. 35% had onein January 2009. Today, 65% do. Pew Internet & American Life Project (August 2011) 5
  6. 6. In the past two years, social networkingsite use among users ages 65 and olderhas increased... 150% Pew Internet & American Life Project (August 2011) 6
  7. 7. During the same two year period, use by50-64 year olds increased.... 100% Pew Internet & American Life Project (August 2011) 7
  8. 8. 52% of online adults using socialnetworking sites have two or more differentprofiles. Pew Internet & American Life Project (September 2009) 8
  9. 9. Facebook TwitterMedian age is 33 Median age is 3192% of social network users 13% of social network usersAverage user has 130 friendsAverage user has 60 300,000 new users every dayconnections to pages, groupsand events. MySpace Median age is 26 LinkedIn 29% of social network users Median age is 39 3% global audience decline 18% of social network in 2008 users Recruiters account for 1 in 20 profiles. Pew Internet & American Life Project (May, 2011) 9
  10. 10. TwitterFacebook From 7 million users in March 2009From 250 million users to 20 million users in August 2009 toworldwide in July 2009 over 250 million users in July 2011to 300 million users inSeptember 2009 to over 750million users in August 2011 99.4 million users in the United States in 2011140 million users in theUnited States in 2011 LinkedIn From 13.6 million users in the United States in August 2009 to 41.3 million users in August 2011 115 million users worldwide Taken from Quantcast (August 2011) 10
  11. 11. Flickr From 24.9 million users in February 2009 to 23.2 million users in February 2010 YouTube From 74 million users inGoogle+ February 2009 to 135.7Started in July 2011. million users in August 201190million users as of More than 2 billion viewers perFebruary 2012. day. Half of users are under 20 years old. Taken from Quantcast (August 2011), Google (January 2012) 11
  12. 12. Facebook Status Updates 12
  13. 13. Facebook User home page shows “feed”  Pictures  Video  Status updates  Discussions  Events  Notes  Applications 13
  14. 14. Facebook Page Specific to the organization Protects privacy of “likes” Protects privacy of individual posting on behalf of the organization Photos Discussions Events
  15. 15. Twitter What’s Happening – 140 characters! 15
  16. 16. Twitter Followers Regular, short updates RT = retweet @_______ - direct message to a follower # - hash tag – groups tweets into categories or threads 16
  17. 17. LinkedIn All about making connections 17
  18. 18. LinkedIn Connections (“friends”) Recommendations Professional network Groups Subgroups 18
  19. 19. Google+ 19
  20. 20. Google+ Connecting with people Circles Stream Tied to a google profile 20
  21. 21. Blogs 21
  22. 22. Blogs Onlinenewsletters Reader comments Regular postings and updates Followers 22
  23. 23. YouTube 23
  24. 24. YouTube Post and view videos Search topics “Online Education” Welcome videos to your organization Orientation for volunteers Task videos for volunteers Documentary videos for projects Followers / subscribers 24
  25. 25. Flickr and Picasa 25
  26. 26. Social Media – Getting StartedIdentify What is your goal? Which types of social media does your organization what to use? Why? Is it important to measure success? How?Identity Establish an identity and keep it consistent across platforms Balance organizational goals with personalityInvest You get out of Social Media what you put into itInteract Social media is about interactions, relationships and connections. It is not about YOU and YOUR organization. Info taken from:
  27. 27. Setting up a Social MediaPresence Organization logo Organization web site Organization contact email Short summary of organization (25-50 words) Detailed summary or organization mission
  28. 28. Setting up a Social MediaPresence Experiment with a few sites and stick with the one(s) where your audience is. Schedule time to maintain the social media site(s) – minimum weekly. Social media presence can start slowly. Be patient and persistent.
  29. 29. The Social Media Cheat Sheet Blogs YouTube LinkedIn Facebook TwitterPost articles for  Create basic videos  Create a group for  Create a Facebook Keep your followersvolunteer recruitment, that show volunteers your organization, and Page for your updated on what’svolunteer opportunities, how to complete post articles, news, organization. Post happening with youror organizational web certain tasks for your events, volunteer pictures, videos, and organization, includingpresence. organization. opportunities, etc. update your status with blog posts, articles, news, events, office humor, etc.Articles can link to  Create a welcome  Create a sub-group volunteer opportunities,your website or video that introduces for volunteers to etc. Follow others in youradditional online your organization and connect them to each cause area and passresources. staff to potential other, and have a Multiple Admins along (RT) any of their volunteers, inviting place to share pictures, Tweets that you findYour blog can be them to learn more and stories etc.  Create facebook (viewed by get involved. events for youranyone) or closed volunteer opportunities Organize your(invited viewers only).  Create a video that on Facebook, invite all volunteers using shows the work your of your Facebook fans hashtags, especially organization is doing to to sign up. for single days of impact your cause. service events with lots  Check out Causes on of people. “Lunch in 15 Facebook minutes. #HumaneVolunteers” ) Info taken from: Volunteer Match, Victoria Pacchiana
  30. 30. QUESTIONS????? 30
  31. 31. Resources “Social Media & Mobile Internet Use Among Teens & Young Adults”; Amanda Lenhart, Kristen Purcell, Aaron Smith Kathryn Zickuhr; Pew Internet & American Life Project 2010 Nonprofit Social Media Benchmarks Study; 52 Cool Facts About Social Media, social-media/; Mickey Gomez 31