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NCPRSA Duke University Final


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Presentation by Cara Rousseau, social media manager at Duke University.

Published in: Business, Education
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NCPRSA Duke University Final

  1. 1. Duke and the Digital Dive Cara Rousseau March 21, 2012
  2. 2.  Today.  The  big  social  media  networks  Niche  communi8es    Global  networks  Exis8ng  resources  and  brand  ambassadors  Contests  and  campaigns  
  3. 3. Social  media  tools  are  evolving  …  and  becoming  more  relevant.  
  4. 4. Facebook TimelineTell a story.
  5. 5. Example: Milestones in TimelineTell a story.
  6. 6. Twitter for brandsTell a story.
  7. 7. Example: SOTU Duke Chat 250+  Tweets   45  par8cipants     ”   As  a  Twi*er  newbie,"  I  found  the   experience  interes;ng  and  enlightening,"   said  poli;cal  science  professor  Paula   McClain.  "It  was  interes;ng  to  see  how   my  view  some;mes  corresponded  with   those  of  my  colleagues  and  at  other   ;mes  differed.  I  am  definitely  up  for  this   again.                  "  Tell a story.  
  8. 8. Use  newer,  niche  communi8es  strategically.  
  9. 9. PinterestShow a story
  10. 10. foursquareExplore
  11. 11. TumblrShare Anything
  12. 12. Global  networks  and  implica8ons.  
  13. 13. Example: Duke in ChinaReach a global network
  14. 14. Using  exis8ng  resources  for  content  crea8on  and  building  ambassadors.  
  15. 15. Existing Resources: StudentsTell the story
  16. 16. Brand Ambassadors: AlumniConnect
  17. 17. Contests  and  campaigns  build  community  and  generate  content  –  tap  into  spirit  and  pride.  
  18. 18. Example: 903 and CountingEncourage sharing
  19. 19. Thank  You.  @CaraRousseau