Arrow ECS Social Media Services


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Social Media workshops and bespoke training by leading industry professionals, part of Arrow ECS Marketing Services.

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Arrow ECS Social Media Services

  1. 1. Arrow ECS Social Media ServicesSocial media is changing the way organisations­communicate, build business connections, share Social Media – the facts* ­information and collaborate on projects. For many ­customers and prospects, it’s become their preferred way • orrester estimates that $716 million F ­ of tracking down a contact, forming relationships, sourcing will be spent on social media this year and assessing new suppliers, and getting the insight and • he number of people using ­­ T social media sites has increased by answers their business needs. 24% since last year • 6% of B2B firms are using 8Your social media profile may well be where your target audience first social mediaencounters your company and forms an impression of what you can offer. • 0% of B2B decision-makers 6This makes having an effective social media presence and ­strategy vital now use social mediato engaging the interest of your target audience and achieving important • is estimated that 1 negative Itbusiness benefits such as: comment on a social network could cost a company 30 customers ­• pening up sales and customer service opportunities O * Courtesy of Forrester, InsideView,• uilding professional networks and using these to influence B Mashable and Social Media B2B decision-makers• aising your profile as an industry voice worth listening to R• acilitating communications to build a meaningful conversation with F your customersWhat difference will our services make to your business?Social media is about content, conversation and listening, delivered best by those involved in the company and passionate about its work. These services aredesigned to help you understand what social media can do for your business and to build your presence, whether you have already embarked on social mediaor are still considering your strategy. Delivered by industry experts, the services consist of a series of workshops and/or bespoke on-site training.Social Media WorkshopsThese workshops, which will be attended by delegates from several of our channel partners, primarily cover the main B2B networks, such as LinkedIn andTwitter, along with guidelines on strategy setting, planning your content, other channels and using social media for business. Social Media Essentials Social Media Advanced Content Marketing • ntroduction to the networks I • Network overview • hat is content? W • stablishing objectives E • Establishing objectives • stablishing objectives E • inkedIn essentials L • Engagement • lanning P • witter essentials T • Building your influence • haring S • ther networks O • Campaign strategy • logging B • lanning content P • Monitoring tools • ideo V • ocial media tools S • Video, YouTube blogs • earch engine optimisation S
  2. 2. Bespoke Social Media Training Service Social Media ReportingYou may need a social media strategy to help focus on delivering Monitoring and measuring social media is an essential elementagainst specific business objectives, assistance with reputation of your strategy. However this can prove time-consumingmanagement or training on integrating the networks to maximise and costly with purchasing, understanding and managing theyour brand. various reporting applications.Our trainers will visit your offices and work closely with you to identify your As part of this Social Media Service, Channel Reporting is availablerequirements, investigate all platforms and help to develop social media to provide monthly analysis of your social media activity based on campaignengagement and delivery. performance, engagement metrics and key learning’s from activity across all of your channels.What clients say...“They have really helped us navigate our way through what “We were fully aware of the potential that social media could havefelt like a complex piece of work, have always asked the right on our business and had played around for some time on differentquestions, given great feedback and made sure we are sites, but never really understood how to make the most ofwalking before we run.” products like LinkedIn and Twitter. We now have a social media strategy with different individuals owning different aspects of the ­ Fridey Cordingley, External Communications Manager, plan in order for these activities to be an everyday part of our Leeds University Business School working week. Needless to say, we are very happy with the outcome of our training.” Andrew Frankish, Commercial Director, Talk Group.Who delivers these services?These services are delivered by social media experts who have extensive knowledge of B2B social media marketing, training and support. Anestablished Arrow ECS partner, they will help you to get started with social media, develop your strategy and engagement plan, identify and achievebusiness objectives, create great content, expand your sphere of influence and manage your own social media networks.The services include a consultancy option of bespoke, on-site social media training (half or full day), as well as a series of workshops throughout the year.On-going strategy, project and support services are also available to complement both the bespoke consultancy and the workshops.Our social media services are available to Arrow ECS resellers and channel partners as part of our value added marketing support.How much do these services cost?• espoke training is available from £495.00 B• orkshops are £250.00 per delegate W• eporting costs are tailored to client requirements RAll prices are exclusive of VAT. For further information For further details on Arrow ECS Social Media Services, please contact your Arrow ECS Marketing Manager or email