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  • Responsible Those who do the work to achieve the task. There is typically one role with a participation type of Responsible, although others can be delegated to assist in the work required (see also RASCI below for separately identifying those who participate in a supporting role). Accountable (also Approver or final Approving authority) Those who are ultimately accountable for the correct and thorough completion of the deliverable or task, and the one to whom Responsible is accountable. In other words, an Accountable must sign off (Approve) on work that Responsible provides. There must be only one Accountable specified for each task or deliverable. Support Resources allocated to Responsible. Unlike Consulted, who may provide input to the task, Support will assist in completing the task.Consulted Those whose opinions are sought; and with whom there is two-way communication. Informed Those who are kept up-to-date on progress, often only on completion of the task or deliverable; and with whom there is just one-way communication.
  • Building Advocacy One Relationship at a Time.Online relationships are not built solely on the quality of the user experience on yourwebsite. More importantly, meaningful connections are based on the authenticityand transparency of one-on-one interactions with people who have a personalconnection or experience with your brand. These interactions can occur in a varietyof social communities -- social networks, online forums, blogs and micro-blogs, videosites, niche communities, etc. Social Advocacy Modeling overlays existing customer and prospectdatabases with social profile data and segment them into various audiences rangingfrom super advocates to brand terrorists.
  • Gage Social Media

    1. 1. Social Media
    2. 2. Social Media Offering Ecosystem Social Media Strategy & Consulting Services Software Integration Custom Development Media• SM Outposts - • eCommerce • Gage Genesis platform - • Cross-channel Content, follower (BazaarVoice) Loyalty / campaign design strategy/tactics, daily • B2B CRM (Salesforce) Sweepstakes, Contests, Pr and execution conversation omotions, Training, Comm • Social Media management / • Loyalty and Community unity building (Pluck, Lithium) Advertising moderation • Custom Facebook • Content Curation • Sponsored Tweets• Social CRM - Applications: Community (Magnify, Curation • Facebook Station) • Photo and Video Monitoring Contest – native • LinkedIn , Measurement, Engag • Collaborative and cross- • YouTube ement channel marketing • Internationalization (Spredfast, Sprinklr) • Facebook OpenGraph • Others• Thought Leadership Marketing • Monitoring / Social CRM API integration• Event Marketing (Radian6, Visible • Dynamic live/social (microblogging, video Technologies) content display widgets capture / • Viral tracking/ Earned • Social Media-technology publishing, SlideShare) Media Measurement mashups (Crimson• SEO media asset (Meteor) Hexagon, Google/Bing development, publishi • Profiling / Retargeting / Maps, etc) ng, tagging Advocacy modeling• Social Media Brand (Rapleaf, Flowtown) Identity Protection• SM Analytics / Dashboards
    3. 3. A Truly Integrated Social Media Agency Enterprise Custom Strategy & Definition Services Integration Development Media ConsultingR Those who do the work to • Social Media • Technology • Technology • Social Media • Dir - New Media achieve the task specialist Team Team specialist • VP - New Media • Dir - New • Dir - New Media MediaA Those who are ultimately • Account • Project • Project • Account Team • Account Team accountable for the Team Manager Manager Assignee Assignee correct and thorough Assignee completion of the deliverable or task; the one to whom Responsible is accountableS Resources allocated to • Outsource • Social Media • Social Media • Outsource • Social Media Responsible. Support will Vendors Team Team Vendors Specialist assist in completing the • Analytics • Analytics Team • Analytics Team (Media2, etc.) • Analytics Team task team • Creative Team • Creative Team • Analytics Team • Creative Team • Creative • UX/IA Team • UX/IA Team • UX/IA Team Team • UX/IA TeamC Opinions are sought; and • VP - New • Social Media • VP - New • VP - New • Exec Team with whom there is 2-way Media specialist Media Media communication • Dir - New • Dir – New Media MediaI Kept up-to-date on • EVP - • EVP - • EVP - • EVP - • President progress, one-way Operations Operations Operations Operations communication
    4. 4. Moving clients along an evolutionary path
    5. 5. Helping brands discover their communities Relevant Brand Social Media Online Community What we deliver: How we deliver: • Define the relevant community • Listening tools and alerts in blogs, networking • Statistical, Observational sites, forums, microblogs, etc. Analysis & Reporting • Analyze • Social Media (Ad) Campaigns (characteristics, players) • Listen & report • Generate traffic & desired actions © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    6. 6. Helping brands connect to their communities Relevant Brand Social Media Online Community What we deliver: How we deliver: • Owned Community Building • Listening & participation tools • Community Participation & • Participation process & rules Intervention development • Statistical, Observational Analysis & Reporting • Content Strategy • Development w/custom & 3rd party tools © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    7. 7. Helping brands transform their communities Relevant Social Media Community Brand OnlineWhat we deliver: How we deliver:• SM Brand Identity Protection • White-label Brand ID• Owned SM Platform Dev & Mgmt protection service• SM Sweepstakes, Contests, & • Full-service Sweeps / Contest / Promotions Promotion: SM only or• SM / website integration & multichannel development (FB apps, sharing, • Custom and 3rd party SM Community / Loyalty / development services/tools eCommerce enterprise solutions • Dedicated, experienced• Multichannel Content Strategy, Social Media Team Creation & Publishing © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    8. 8. Community Outreach: Evolution © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    9. 9. Community Outreach: Full Integration is Goal © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    10. 10. Analytics and Reporting• BusinessObjects• Google AdWords Tools/Urchin• AtlasDMT™ (Media Reporting)• MediaPlex™• Google Trends• WebTrends Integration• Alexa, Quantcast, Compete• SpyFu• Radian6• Customized Reporting
    11. 11. Customized reporting:Executive Marketing Dashboards• Integrated with multiple analytics packages including – WebTrends Website Analytics – Omniture Website Analytics – BusinessObjects Reporting Platforms – Urchin (Google owned, but customer data I secure – Google Analytics – Atlas Ad Serving Platform – DART Ad Serving Platform – Radian6 (new!) – More…• API integration to automate data feeds• Dynamically generated to accommodate audiences from the Managerial Level to C-Level © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    12. 12. Owned + Non-Owned Community reporting
    13. 13. Social Media Brand ProtectionProblem: Brands disappointed when attempting to register on a socialmedia site that has suddenly become critically importantSolution: Gage Social Media Brand Protection• Secures brands, products, usernames on up to 330 Social Networks• Informs whether names, brands, or trademarked terms are available (or stolen) and contacts sites to have stolen names released and returned• Continuously monitors landscape to identify viable new solutions• Creates up to 30 new social network accounts per month for clients as new solutions are identified © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    14. 14. Advocacy Modeling 100 Advocates Terrorists Mercenaries Influence Non-Threats Fans 0 - Opinion + • Overlays existing customer and prospect databases with social profile data and segments into audiences ranging from advocates to terrorists • Develop social and/or cross-media campaigns to move targets to become brand advocates • Track results over time © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    15. 15. Social Media Perspective: Summary • Evolves hourly • Strategy, thought leadership + execution discipline • Industry relationships • Proactive in identifying appropriate tools, techniques • Tied to business goals, measured and reported accordingly • In-house legal expertise • Training internal teams • Connecting client + marketing + emerging media knowledge to deliver marketing excellence © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    16. 16. Branded Social Media Property Examples
    17. 17. Twitter © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    18. 18. Facebook © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    19. 19. YouTube © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.
    20. 20. Branded Community © 2010 Gage Marketing Group. All Rights Reserved.