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1/20/12 Social Media Seminar


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An overview of Social Media marketing for business and the tools available.

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1/20/12 Social Media Seminar

  1. 1. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:Social Media 101
  2. 2. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: Table of ContentsS oc i al M di a 1 01 e I. Social Media for small business II ・ LinkedIn III ・ Facebook IV ・ Twitter V ・ Foursquare VI ・ YouTube VII ・ QRCodes
  3. 3. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e
  4. 4. Social Media for Small GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: BusinessS oc i al M di a 1 01 e Presented by: Vireo Marketing
  5. 5. Social Media For Small GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: BusinessS oc i al M di a 1 01 e • Social Media is a critical component in your digital marketing strategy. • Social Media should be planned, thoughtful and tie in well with your business model. • Social Media has the ability to leverage your existing customers into BRAND ADVOCATES!
  6. 6. Social Media For Small GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: BusinessS oc i al M di a 1 01 e • Social Media can help increase your businesses visibility through indexed online mentions. • Social Media can increase your overall Search Engine Rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing • Social Media Works! It can drive awareness of your business, transactions and help with customer satisfaction!
  7. 7. Social Media For Small GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: BusinessS oc i al M di a 1 01 e • Did you know that there are more than 800 MILLION active Social Media Users? • Over 80% of Americans Use Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and More!) • The average user has 130 friends and is connected to 80 pages, events and groups.
  8. 8. Social Media For Small GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: BusinessS oc i al M di a 1 01 e • Comscore released a study earlier this year that showed how business brands that post at least once every day will reach 22% of their fans in a given week. • How are you engaging in Social Media?
  9. 9. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: LinkedInS oc i al M di a 1 01 e Presented by: Carlos Merla
  10. 10. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e
  11. 11. Execs from all Fortune 500 companies are Linkedin, and 59% of those GRAPEVINE CHAMBERsay LinkedIn is their platform of choice active on social networking sites OF COMMERCE over Facebook or Twitter. Presents: Up from 41% who called LinkedIn their mostS oc i al M di a 1 01 e important social account a year earlier, according to a June report by Performics and ROI Research •Linkedin has more than 100 million members in more than 200 countries, on all seven continents. •LinkedIn counted 33.9 million unique visitors, up 63 percent from a year ago, according to internet analytics firm comScore
  12. 12. Market-research firm Lab42 finds that top-level executives and entry- GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE level workers use LinkedIn differently: Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e • Younger members use the site mostly to post résumés and network for jobs, while more experienced professionals use it to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise • Others promote their businesses, conduct market research and--perhaps most important--win new business
  13. 13. Benefits: GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE •Target searches for specific ZIP codes and company names to identify key contacts to call, e- mail, InMail (send a message via LinkedIns internal messaging system) or forward a hard copy Presents: of his agencys portfolio.  Track who is looking at your profile and your staffs profiles. Research those companies inS oc i al M di a 1 01 e more depth, identifying their marketing directors.  Research, which companies might be in the market for a new agency. Back at LinkedIn, you can research the top decision makers to proactively approach--again, via a call, InMail or portfolio outreach.  Discern patterns. Notice whos connected in your industry. In the marketing agency world, for example, there are several key consultants often tapped to help companies with an agency search.  Participate in LinkedIn groups catering to your target market in order to engage in conversations with the right people. Seek out groups with lots of activity rather than simply lots of members  Set up a company page. Setting up your business as a "company" on LinkedIn isnt going to generate a bunch of leads, but it does give you an opportunity to have a presence on LinkedIn beyond a personal profile to ratchet up your companys charisma.
  14. 14. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: FacebookS oc i al M di a 1 01 e Presented by: Carlos Merla
  15. 15. • 20% of U.S.CHAMBER OF COMMERCE GRAPEVINE consumers research products on Facebook before purchasing Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 Based e on information collected from 1,500 consumers by Beyond and M Booth, one out of five consumers in the United States turn to Facebook to research a product before making a purchase decision.  These consumers avoid using search engines to find product coverage on review sites and look to Facebook to locate product recommendations from friends or research product information on the official company brand page.  Over half of the respondents use Facebook to interact with a brand and 1/3 have written a product review on the Internet. (Less frequently purchased products that were typically more complex and expensive required a much higher amount of Internet research time than low cost items.)
  16. 16. • GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts focused more on Facebook in its annual look at the Fortune 500, finding that 289 of the 500 companies are now on the social network. Presents:  Of those 289 companies, the study found that insurance companies accounted forS oc i al M di a 1 01 e the most Facebook pages, at 27 Insurance Co. Sales Specialty Retail 27% 19% Utilities 6% Food Production, Services, Consumer Products General Merch 19% 10% Computer, Commercial Banks Software, equip 10% 10% TELCOM 9%
  17. 17. • Companies’ rankings on the Fortune 500 OF the most Facebook fans at all. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER with COMMERCE Presents: DATA POINTS: Coca-Cola: 32,303,342 Facebook fansS oc i al M di a 1 01   e Starbucks: 24,102,790 Facebook fans McDonald’s: 9,426,335 Facebook fans  Wal-Mart: 7,105,159 Facebook fans  Levi Strauss: 6,841,938 Facebook fans  Kohl’s: 5,290,702 Facebook fans  Target: 4,919,647 Facebook fans  Grapevine Chamber 379 Facebook fans, and ranks # 1 in our Hearts!!!!
  18. 18. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e
  19. 19. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: TwitterS oc i al M di a 1 01 e Presented by: Gnames Media Group
  20. 20. What is Twitter? GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: • Twitter is a social media/information network.S oc i al M di a 1 01 Millions of people, organizations, and businesses e use it to discover and share new information. • 250 Million messages daily • 100 Million users • 500,000 new accounts daily
  21. 21. How it Works – Individual GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Users Presents: • On Twitter, anyone can read, write and share messages of up to 140 characters. These messages, or Tweets, areS oc i al M di a 1 01 e public and available to anyone interested in them. • Twitter users subscribe to your messages by “following” your account. Followers receive every one of your messages in their timeline, a feed of all the accounts they have subscribed to. • The choices are endless including music, food/restaurants, sports, art museums, specific celebrities, brands…you name it. The Twitter application can also be downloaded to a cell phone so you can send and receive Tweets 24/7. A profile and short bio complete the registration process and then you are ready to Tweet Out, as they say ….in other words, write your first tweet.
  22. 22. How it Works – Benefits to GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Business Users Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e • Build your following, reputation, and customers trust. Once you are signed up, start by adding the Twitter graphic and a short message to all of your other advertising media— website, print ads, radio ads, menus, signage, flyers, posters, business cards, etc. “Follow us on Twitter!” • As a business, you can use Twitter to: • Quickly share information • Gather market intelligence and insights • Build relationships with people who care about your company. • Often, there is already a conversation about your business happening on Twitter.
  23. 23. Start Advertising – Set Up GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Fill out the simple form below to set up your account. Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e
  24. 24. Start Advertising – Widgets GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and Resources Presents: Twitter also offers many resources to help you spread theS oc i al M di a 1 01 e word about your Twitter account. Let your website visitors know of your Twitter profile with a "Follow us on Twitter" button, or embed a widget on your site that will update with your latest Tweets. This will keep your visitors engaged with your business by seeing the latest news. • Follow Buttons will promote your Twitter account and make it easy for people to follow you directly from your website.
  25. 25. Best Practices – How to GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Tweet Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e • Share. Share photos and behind the scenes info about your business. Even better, give a glimpse of developing projects and events. Users come to Twitter to get and share the latest, so give it to them! • Listen. Regularly monitor the comments about your company, brand, and products. • Ask. Ask questions of your followers to glean valuable insights and show that you are listening. • Respond. Respond to compliments and feedback in real time. • Reward. Tweet updates about special offers, discounts and time- sensitive deals.
  26. 26. Promoted Accounts GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF scale a follower-base of • Use Promoted Accounts to quickly COMMERCE advocates and influencers for your brand. Whether you are gearing Presents: up for a big product release or looking to expand your online presence, building a strong base of engaged Twitter followers whoS oc i al M di a 1 01 e share and amplify your messages can help your marketing take off. • The Promoted Account is featured in search results and within the Who To Follow section. Who To Follow is Twitter’s account recommendation engine and identifies similar accounts and followers to help users discover new businesses, content, and people on Twitter. Your Promoted Account appears in this section for users who have been identified as most likely to have interests similar to your account. • Promoted Account campaigns can be geo-targeted at the country level and at the DMA level within the U.S. • Promoted Tweets will soon be available to all users as well.
  27. 27. An Active Twitter Program Can… • Increase visibility of your COMMERCE GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF company, brands, products and services Presents: • Increase the connected people (aka followers)S oc i al M di a 1 01 e interested in your content, products and services • Increase number and quality of links to your website • Increase pre-qualified visits to your website Sources:; Optify, Inc.; Lyris Marketing Guide
  28. 28. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: FoursquareS oc i al M di a 1 01 e Presented by: Gnames Media Group
  29. 29. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE What is Foursquare Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e • Foursquare is a location-based networking website designed for mobile devises, such as smartphones. • With the Foursquare mobile application, individual users can ‘post’ their location at any type of venue including restaurants, museums, and retail stores to their online circle of friends and family. • Foursquare is one of the fastest growing geolocation services and currently has over ten million users .
  30. 30. How it Works- Individual Users GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: • An individual user registers at the Foursquare site andS oc i al M di a 1 01 e downloads the application to their iPhone, Blackberry or Android device. • Once you are registered you can search for friends that are users and begin the process of posting your location at a venue. The Foursquare lingo for this is to “check- in”. • After you post several check-ins, Foursquare can start providing personalized recommendations for places you may like to go. • The creators of Foursquare incorporated game-like features that allow users to earn badges for checking-in at locations and earning a Mayor status of a location based on number of visits to that venue.
  31. 31. How it Works- Benefits to Business Users GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE If you own a retail store, bar, day spa or coffee shop and rely on ‘foot traffic’ for a significant part of your business, there are several ways to establish a Presents: presence on a geolocation site like Foursquare to start attracting more customers.S oc i al M di a 1 01 e The first step is to Claim Your Business on Foursquare at their website and the registration process is fairly quick and free! Businesses that benefit the most using Foursquare use a variety of special offers to entice new customers and maintain contact with your best ones. Successful offers include:  A discount with purchase (something like, ‘spend $50 and get $10 off’). This is a great way to push your sales higher.  Something for free (for example, ‘enjoy a free dessert if you buy an appetizer and main course’). These are often low cost and high impact.  Special treatment (a zoo promotion : ‘check in on foursquare for private access to the penguin feeding’). These have no cost and create a great connection.  Reward your best customers (the classic Special is, “free coffee on your fifth visit’). It’s like a digital punchcard.
  32. 32. Analytical Data for Businesses GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: For the business owner that craves customer data, the Merchant Dashboard feature on Foursquare is for you. Once you haveS oc i al M di a 1 01 e claimed your business, you get full access to real-time data about your customers including: • Total daily check-ins over time • Your most recent visitors • Your most frequent visitors • Gender breakdown of your customers • What time of day people check in • Portion of your venue’s foursquare check-ins that are broadcast to Twitter and Facebook The Merchant Dashboard is a very useful tool that can be used to tailor your Specials or even your business.
  33. 33. Engagement is the Key GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e • As your tech-savvy customers and prospects adopt the new online networking habits, business owners have to include those channels in their marketing mix. • Foursquare is like a digital ‘word of mouth’ advertising channel and as the number of users grows it is a good time for your business to get on the geolocation service bandwagon. Sources:; Lyris Marketing Guide; FourSquare for Business 101
  34. 34. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: YouTubeS oc i al M di a 1 01 ePresented by: Audit Visuals
  35. 35. YouTube GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE YouTube, or the Presents: “Business Pipeline”? Fact: Anything and everything youre looking for can be found on You Tube. It is the 2nd most popular searchS oc i al M di a 1 01 e engine on the Web. We are a NOW society, with video you can tell your story in 1 minute in what would take your website 8 pages to explain. Corporate video production is one area of business communications which has increased in importance in a massive way since online video exploded over the last year. ( The 15-30 sec. story)
  36. 36. YouTube GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Demographics: Presents: YouTube claims it’s a 53% male/47% female. 55% urban with median income of $74K. Nearly 70S oc i al M di a 1 01 e percent are college educated, 47% are married, median age is 33. According to the US Consumer Demographics report by 2015: •The median age will be 37.4 •Hispanics are the fastest growing population •Average peak spending age; 35-54 In January, 2011, 83.5% of the US Internet audience, or 171 million Americans, watched online video.
  37. 37. YouTube GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Drivers: Presents: • People most likely want to watch it than read aboutS oc i al M di a 1 01 e it. • People expect more authenticity in what they view. People are looking for the “Trust Factor”. • Authenticity is what enables us to make much better connections with others. (eye contact) • If the product or service is complex, video will take less time to explain and have more impact. • The Media is the message. It’s all about “Branding”. • Real time feedback, YouTube views are counted, and you can see what people really looking at.
  38. 38. YouTube GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Branding: Presents: In order to build your personal brand on YouTube, youS oc i al M di a 1 01 e have to decide how you want to position yourself. •Choose a channel name: Your name or company name. •Profile setup: Basic information used in search. •Channel information: Setting up the account type. •Customize your channel: Layout design. •Channel title and tags: Naming content. •Themes and Colors: Backgrounds, fonts, & color. •Modules: Building the brand •Latest video: Setting up the viewing sequence.
  39. 39. YouTube Links GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e
  40. 40. YouTube Links GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e Website Social Media Driving Business
  41. 41. YouTube GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The future of YouTube: Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e More of the same means more exponential growth of videos on the Web. “The mobile opportunity for YouTube is bigger than just making all the video in the world available in your pocket. Mobile phones are also the new video cameras. Once it becomes truly easy to upload video from your phone to YouTube, it could truly become the repository of every captured moment in people’s lives.” - Chad Hurley, co-founder
  42. 42. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: QR CodesS oc i al M di a 1 01 e Presented by: Audit Visuals
  43. 43. QR Codes GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE While QR codes, or Quick Response Codes, are still considered a Presents: novelty here in the United States, they’ve been actively used for over a decade in Japan where they were invented. QR is a registeredS oc i al M di a 1 01 e trademark of Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. Denso Wave has elected not to exercise their patent rights of QR codes and that has encouraged their widespread use. More recently, the system has become popular outside of the industry due to its fast readability and comparatively large storage capacity. ( A good general informational source is Wikipedia. (
  44. 44. QRCodes GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Q: What are QR Codes? A: Bar codes arePresents: linear one-dimensional codes and can only hold up to 20 numerical digits, whereas QR codesS oc i al M di a 1 01 e are two-dimensional (2D) matrix barcodes that can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of information. Their ability to hold more information and their ease of use makes them practical for small businesses. When you scan or read a QR code with your iPhone, iPad, Android or other camera-enabled Smartphone, you can link to digital content on the web; activate a number of phone functions including email, IM and SMS; and connect the mobile device to a web browser.
  45. 45. QRCodes GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Q: How do I create a QR Code: Presents: A: It’s a simple process of entering the appropriate data into the QR code generator. (I useS oc i al M di a 1 01 e You can create your own free code on the web by searching “QR Code”. Once you have found a site you like you will be asked to enter data to create your code. The data can range from your website, YouTube channel, to detailed information regarding your product, service, or location. Once you have created you QR Code you can print it as a jpeg, or hard copy. Some uses for the code: The back (or front and back) of your business card, your brochures and other marketing materials, restaurant menus, return policy, the sides of trucks and trailers,
  46. 46. QRCodes GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Q: How do I obtain a scanner? Presents: A: Most QR Code scanners are free and can be obtained using your smart phone or “Epad” and load the app. TheS oc i al M di a 1 01 e iPad has over 16 different apps for scanning. They all operate about the same. Q: What is the benefit of using a QR Code? A: The marketing potential of QR codes lies in the fact that they are open source, free to generate and have a hyperlinking capability. You can generate and print your own QR codes for free, for others to scan, by visiting one of several sites that generate QR codes. QR codes can connect a person equipped with a camera phone and the right reader software to not just text or contact information, but also to email, IM, SMS, a web site, or a wireless phone number.
  47. 47. QRCodes GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Q: What does the QR Code do? Presents: A: You can use them on billboards, in-store displays, business cards, event ticketing and tracking, trade-S oc i al M di a 1 01 eshow and conference management, print ads, contests, direct marketing campaigns, coupons, restaurant menus, sides of trucks, point-of-sale receipts, product tags and packaging, and more and more. Q: What will it accomplish? A: At the very moment when prospects are exposed to your message, product, or service they can scan the QR code and get connected to your offer, call to action, information, or web site.
  48. 48. QRCodes GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Q: What is the future of QR Codes and Tags? Presents: A: “The next generation of barcodes will hold even more information – so much that an Internet connection willS oc i al M di a 1 01 e not even be necessary. The content will be effectively embedded in the code. Imagine scanning a digital code to manifest physical reality?”, according to Jeff Korhan, a professional speaker, consultant, columnist on new media and small business marketing. (
  49. 49. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: Google+S oc i al M di a 1 01 e Presented by: WordPlay, Inc.
  50. 50. Google+: The Stats GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE • Launched June 2011; open to public Nov 2011 Presents: • Fastest growing social media network • Approximately 67 million usersS oc i al M di a 1 01 e • Estimated 400 million users by end of 2012 • Ranked #8 in top 10 social media networks (Nielsen) • Seen as rival primarily to Facebook • Top Google+ brand pages: 1. Android: 235,742 followers (free app available) 2. Mashable: 131,208 followers 3. Google Chrome: 127,611 followers 4. Google+: 113,355 followers 5. Coldplay: 106,791 followers 6. H&M: 99,116 followers 7. New York Times: 93,397 followers 8. Marvel: 93,384 followers
  51. 51. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e
  52. 52. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 #1 e #2
  53. 53. Google+: The Basics GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE • Must have Gmail account • Personal email or generic to be used my multiple people: Presents: • Must have personal profile before a Google+ business profile canS oc i al M di a 1 01 e be created • Follow prompts to set your business page • Customize the business page with information, images, videos • Find people/businesses to follow and invite people to join Google+ • Don’t have to be “friends” with someone to follow them • Page must be updated regularly (min 3 times per week) • React and respond to followers – must be TWO WAY interaction
  54. 54. #1 GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e
  55. 55. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e
  56. 56. #2 GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e
  57. 57. Google+: Features • Circles GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE • Way to organize people in your network: friends, family, customers • No limit to how many circles can be created • You can add people Presents: to more than one circle • Share content with different groups of people in a more secure,S oc i al M di a 1 01 e private way • Google+ Business message can be shared with one or multiple circles • Do NOT have to be “friends” with someone to add to circle • Hangouts • Lets companies communicate with circles through video conference • +1 • Similar to Facebook “Like” button, allows people to recommend your products or services, and share with their contacts. • Enhanced Search • Search for people with same occupation, hobbies, geography, etc.
  58. 58. Google+: Using it for Business GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: • Marketing: Send specific offers to specific customers • Education: Customize content for specific audiencesS oc i al M di a 1 01 e • Build Relationships: Companies can follow and comment on any fans status messages • Cross-promotion: Draw people to your Google+ page by using the icon and/or +1 button on website, blog, marketing materials • Improve SEO ranking • Targeted advertising • Opportunity to be a leader
  59. 59. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: Thank YouS oc i al M di a 1 01 e From the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce
  60. 60. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents: Q & A SessionS oc i al M di a 1 01 e
  61. 61. GRAPEVINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Presents:S oc i al M di a 1 01 e