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Arrow Live Class Link


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Arrow Live Class Link brings the classroom experience to you. Choose the training to suit your needs, find out more with this infographic.

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Arrow Live Class Link

  1. 1. Cloud l ": ll: ~liix, l : ’~e». ni~. , SERVICES Data Centre Intelligence Arrow Live Class Link Arrow Live Class Link brings the classroom experience to you. Choose training in the boardroom, the dining room, or one of our 25 classrooms around the country. A more efficient way to train Choose to train at home, in Save on travel and Reduce time out of the your office, or ours expenses office and away from home An interactive experience Instructors use 65” High capacity network HD quality video and audio interactive smart boards means no lag in viewing or provides crystal clear offering real—time viewing hearing the instructor and sound without the need to all delegates other delegates for a microphone cg 4'34.’- Delegates have full access Chat function lets you ask Train with other delegates to labs and participate in all questions to the whole all around the country practical activities class, orjust the instructor Find out more about what classes are available Live Class Link is offered on the majority of Arrow courses and, where available, is indicated by there being multiple locations listed for a single scheduled course date. To find out more visit the Arrow Education website at edu. arrowecs. eu/ uk/ If you have any questions about Arrow Live Class Link, please get in touch: By Phone: 0870 251 1000 By Email: educationteam. ecs. uk@arrow. com V ‘ FiVeYear$ OU1: arrowecs. co. uk