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Grow your future with leasing.


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Arrow Capital Solutions can help you unlock your customers budget. Find out the benefits of leasing and how it can remove the barriers to growth.

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Grow your future with leasing.

  1. 1. GROWYOURFUTURE WITHLEASING TOFLOURISH,WEALLNEEDTOGROW. LEASINGISAFINANCIALTOOLTHATCANREMOVEBARRIERS TOGROWTH,ANDHELPYOURBUSINESSPROSPER. If you have limited capital to spend, that needn’t be a restriction because you can decide your deposit amount and the monthly repayments that suit your cash flow. This means your budget can achieve more. And your capital reserve? That can be freed up to use elsewhere, to grow your business in other ways. By opening the door to the latest equipment, leasing can make your business more competitive and productive. You’ll also enjoy flexible options that might include further upgrades or regular maintenance during the course of your agreement. We’re proud to support businesses just like yours, to finance the real economy and make growth happen – for all. You might be diversifying with new equipment. You might need to upgrade your existing IT infrastructure. Either way, a lease arrangement can make it easy to access assets that you might not otherwise afford.
  2. 2. THEBENEFITSOFUSINGLEASEFINANCE 1 GET THE ASSETS YOU NEED – WITHOUT COMPROMISE: When spending cash, you may find yourself compromising on the solution because of restricted budgets. Leasing lets you invest in what your business really needs and boosts the purchasing power of your annual budget. 2 PROTECT AND REINVEST VITAL CASH RESERVES: Leasing is the most sensible way to fund investments that don’t generate any direct revenue, like your telephone system, PCs, servers and printers. Your cash reserves can then be spent on strategic activity that is designed to make money and expand your operations. 3 ENJOY MANAGEABLE REPAYMENTS: You will have regular, predictable and therefore manageable payments for the lifetime of the contract. 4 PAY A FLAT FEE FOR EVERYTHING: Our leasing solutions can cover the cost of the assets plus any initial implementation and consultation fees, as well as ongoing service arrangements – all within the same regular repayment. 5 EASY, COST-EFFECTIVE UPGRADES: Leasing is a great way to actively manage your technology estate. It helps you to upgrade obsolescent assets to the most current solution, saving you expensive maintenance costs and business downtime as a result of breakdown - whilst keeping to the same, regular payment plan. 6 GET FASTER RETURN ON INVESTMENT: In a deal financed by capital, return on investment can take years to achieve. With leasing the returns are faster, and the benefits can far outweigh the payments you make. 7 VERY FLEXIBLE END-OF-TERM OPTIONS: We can arrange for you to retain, augment, upgrade or return your assets as you wish. PHILIP STAFFORD Finance Director, Securitas “Byutilisingyourfinanceoptiontofund theprojectwe’vekeptourcashreserves intacttosustainourcorebusiness. Allourcreditfacilitiesarestillintact withourbankandwearefreetouseour assetsforloansagainstcorebusiness investments.Wehaveinvestedinthe futureofourcompanywithout impactingourcurrent financialstrength.” WHATCANIFINANCE? Arrow Capital Solutions can offer finance deals for: IT HARDWARE E.G. PCs, SERVERS AND TABLETS TELECOMS INCLUDING UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS, AV EQUIPMENT AND SMARTPHONES SOFTWARE SERVICE CHARGES, SUCH AS CONSULTANCY, IMPLEMENTATION AND TRAINING FINDOUTMORE To find out more about our leasing solutions and how we can help you invest in new equipment efficiently, contact us on: T: 01423 519 331 E: W: