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The presentation shows business solutions in Social CRM (by SoInteractive).

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Social CRM SoInteractive

  1. 1. Social CRMPhilosophies – Strategies - Solutions
  2. 2. Social Media as InterfaceWHY CONSUMERS WRITE ABOUT BRANDS…FOR CONSUMERS THE PRACTICAL USE IS VERY IMPORTANT•  Consumers use the Social Web to express themselves and to stay in contact with their friends and relatives.•  Brands do not necessarily disturb them by doing so but they need a noticeable counter value for voluntarily contacting a brand•  This might be a buying-action, a lotterie or a discount. Social Commerce will increase in relevance. Quelle:
  3. 3. Return on Invest & RiskWHICH CHALLENGES DO MANAGERS SEE IN SOCIAL MEDIA? Quelle: IBM Institute for Business Value
  4. 4. Social Media as Company Philosophy Target GroupConsumption Loyalty Questions Ideas Jobs Sales Marketing Support R&D HR Company Management
  5. 5. Social Media: From Project to Strategy 3 Social CRM 2 Strategy 1 Social Media Social Media Programs Projects •  Network of Social Media Programs across •  Multiple initiatives within customer-facing functions a function •  Integration with CRM and •  Defined mission other business strategies•  Siloed initiatives •  Guidelines, processes, •  Integrated insights to•  Few guidelines policies improve customer experience•  No governance •  Social Media Governance •  Development of new•  Project-level objectives •  Shared metrics models for customer engagement.•  Metrics, if any, on project- •  Shared insights levelProject-level sponsorship Executive sponsorship Quelle: IBM Institute for Business Value
  6. 6. Social Customers and Social Brands Social Social Customers Brands•  Use Social Media Tools, Social Media •  Interact with stakeholders in the Social Web Interfaces and Social Commerce Pages (ideally in real-time or nearly in real-time) regularly. •  Follow a strategy for interaction with their•  Are able to discuss their opinions about stakeholders in Social Networks brands and consumer experiences free from censorship •  Aggregate data from communities with the help of Social CRM Systems Social CRM …is a philosophy and a strategy. …needs technical solutions, workflows, rules and a unified information basis. …aims at a dialogue between company and customer that is valuable to both. …is the answer to the paradigm shift in the communication between companies and customers. Quelle: Metz, The Social Customer
  7. 7. SoCRMA solution by SoInteractive
  8. 8. Aim of SoCRM•  To collect all relevant data that is necessary to examine the efficiency of the actions in Branding, Marketing, Sales and Customer Care•  As next step the governance of the customer relationship•  SoCRM offers the features of a Social Media Monitoring tool and expands it with CRM-Functionalities SUPPORTED SOCIAL NETWORKS
  9. 9. Selected features and metricsMARKETING EFFECTIVENESS•  Increase of users (daily, monthly, quarterly)•  Engagement (Likes, Shares, Retweets etc.)•  Social Reach (Percenage of people that follow a brand in all Social Media Channels)BRAND AWARENESS & REPUTATION•  Sentiment ratio (positive, negative, neutral content)•  Share of Voice (Brand Mentions and Total Mentions)INCREASED SALES•  Profitability of sales in Social Media•  Percentage of sales from Social Media, compared to all sales
  10. 10. Advanced CRM FeaturesSEGMENTATION OF USERS•  Segmentation of fans by demographic, behavioral and psychographic criteria•  Analysis of the most active users to identify influencers•  Aggregation of segments and groupsDISCUSSION ANALYSIS•  Discussion analysis in the Social Networks with the goal to learn more about the opinions and needs of the users regarding services and products•  Effectivity analysis of the brands campaigns and communication.•  Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the discussions and trends regarding special products and services.
  11. 11. ScreenshotsMonitoring of various fanpages and portals
  12. 12. ScreenshotsConfigurable Social Media Dashboards
  13. 13. Screenshots SoCRM with Comarch Loyalty CRM AnalyticsSegmentation of users with demographic and behavioral criteria
  14. 14. Messerschmittstr. 4 80992 München Tel: +49 89 14329 1138 Magdalena Zygadlo Senior Project