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GIP - Implementation Planning Tier 1


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GIP - Implementation Planning Tier 1

  1. 1. GIP – Implementation Planning for Tier 1
  2. 2. Common mistakes.
  3. 3. “ We use the channels which are planned for us every year, without understanding what the strategy needs
  4. 4. “ We do not come up with new channels if need for specific strategies
  5. 5. “ We try to implement strategies without connecting it to the exchange timeline
  6. 6. “ We do not reach all of our audiences
  7. 7. “ We spread the same message to our all our audiences
  8. 8. “ We spread the wrong message to via the wrong channel
  9. 9. Why? We need plan how to bring strategies from the MC to LC level!
  10. 10. Session Objectives I understand how to plan implementation activities for projects to grow programs (involving FO and BO)
  11. 11. The Steps. 1. Decide your targets audiences 2. Define the channels you need per target audience How to build an implementation plan. 3. Define the key messages for that audience/per channel if needed 4. Cross check the channels to prioritize messages & check timeline for implementation
  12. 12. Prog ram Cluster 1&2 Strategy 1 & KPI Strategy 2 & KPI Strategy 3 & KPI Cluster 1 All clusters Activitie s Resp The Output Implementation plan Activitie s Resp Implementation plan Activitie s Resp Implementation plan Exchange Project(s) Exchange Project(s) Exchange Project(s)
  13. 13. The Output
  14. 14.  With who do you need to implement this strategy?  Connect this directly to the clusters from the growth model  Think of MC, LC VPs (FOBO), members, Boards, externals etc Target Audience
  15. 15. NOTE With deciding which audience you need to reach, take into account your growth model & clusters!
  16. 16.  What is the timeline of implementation for this strategy? Which channels are available?  Connect the channels to the audiences  Understand what the channel can be used for (which message)  Come up with new channels or adjust current ones if needed! Channels
  17. 17. Internal Comms
  18. 18.  Create key messages for every audience!  Customize for different channels if needed  Not every audience needs to get the same message!! Message
  19. 19.  Yay! You know how you want to implement your strategies!  Now you need to take a look at the channels… are you overloading them?  You cannot send too many messages in one channel!  Is the timeline supporting the strategy implementation? Channel Check
  20. 20. Let’s Make it Happen!