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Goal and Focus Programme Planning


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Goal and Focus Programme Planning

  1. 1. Goals and Focus Programme
  2. 2. GOAL PLANNING and FOCUS PROGRAMME finalization is the first step if you want to have the right OD Model/Growth Model!
  3. 3. Let’s start with our GOALS!
  4. 4. Goal Planning for Sign Up, Ra, Ma, Re – Finalize your goals as in GIP and GCDP for Sign Up, Ra, Ma, Re Use Marketing Planning guide/tool for Sign Up Planning Use Excel sheet for Goal Planning if you do not have goals for 2014 or 2014-15 If you have goals for 2014 consider: 1. Are these your final goals across sub products? 2. Do you need to make any changes depending on what you have achieved now/your current pipeline? 3. High growth in all 4 programmes and low capacity/knowledge to make it happen in the entity for tier 1 and 2?
  5. 5. We have our goals, what is next?
  6. 6. Our ambition is to grow a lot and sometimes we pick more programmes to grow in than we have the capacity to, What is important is to FOCUS in a way that allows us to grow in the right way in the right programme/programmes!
  7. 7. IT IS NO LONGER ABOUT you as an MC having a FOCUS Programme OR FOCUS Programmes. IT IS ABOUT LCs having CLEAR what is their FOCUS PROGRAMME! For Tier 1 and 2 it is about EACH LC being clear on the one or two focus programmes for the LC (Based on your growth Model) It is about enough LCs having the national focus as their focus and some LCs also doing other programmes if needed! For Tier 3 and 4, LCs should ideally have the SAME Focus Programme as the MC!
  8. 8. What does focus MEAN? Highest jump in relative numbers in these 1 or 2 programmes All resources aligned to growth in these programmes Enough LCs aligned to these programmes to meet the goals
  9. 9. Recommendations for focus programme Tier 1 and 2 can have 2 focus programmes Tier 3 and 4 1 focus programme Tier 3 if more than 10 LCs then can consider 2 focus programmes Tier 1 having more than 15 LCs can balance growth in 3 programmes