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Social Media for Airlines Industry in India
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Social Media for Airlines Industry in India


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The presentation talks about the Airlines Sector in India and Abroad. The opportunities in the Social Media front for the sector is immense

The presentation talks about the Airlines Sector in India and Abroad. The opportunities in the Social Media front for the sector is immense

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Airlines in India
  • 2. How will we go about it?
    Aviation Sector in India:
    the present and the future
    What are airlines doing abroad on social media?
    The Right? The Wrong?
    What we think and what should they do?
  • 3. Aviation Sector in India
    16 International airports
    Over 60 international airlines and around 12 domestic airlines
    454 airports and airstrips
    Compound Annual Growth Rate – 18%
    Hyderabad International Airport amongst top 5 in the World!
    - Airport Service Quality (ASQ) passenger survey
  • 4. Passengers carried by scheduled domestic airlines (in million)
    Market Share of Scheduled Domestic Airlines
    - Directorate General of Civil Aviation
  • 5. The Future
    Create infrastructure to handle 280 million passengers by 2020
    - Vision 2020 Statement – Ministry of Civil Aviation
    Investment opportunities of US$ 110 billion up to 2020 – US$ 80 billion in aircrafts
    - Investment Commission of India
    Domestic air passengers grew 7.68% in 2009 at 44.513 million to 41.271 million in 2008 outperforming world airline passenger traffic which fell 3.1% in 2009
    - Ministry of Civil Aviation and International Civil Aviation Organization
    Photograph of the new Terminal 3 at New Delhi
  • 6. Why do we care?
  • 7. Promotional Offers
    5,000 picture uploads!
    Online Reputation Management
    Customer Service
    Airlines abroad are using social media and have attracted great number of followers!
    Travel Videos
    260,000 fans!
    3 million video views!
    Building Relationships
  • 8. Virgin America
  • 9. Integration of Social Media on the Website
  • 10. Virgin’s Face book page integrates flight searches and status checks
  • 11. Virgin engages its followers in interactive conversations- builds a connect with them
  • 12. Almost 140,000 channel views
    Over 1.4 million upload views
    1800 subscribers
    Virgin’s Youtube channel features interviews with “Fly Girls”, safety videos, online promos , launch parties!
  • 13. JetBlue Airways
  • 14. 5,850 uploads
    Photographs of JetBlue aircrafts taken by passengers
    264,000 fans
    Publicize blog articles, special offers, in-flight services
  • 15. 18,500 channel views; 534,000 upload views!
    Videos about experiences on JetBlue aircrafts and activities undertaken by the airline
    “JetBlue” – 1.6 million followers!
    “JetBlueCheeps” – 60,000 followers
    JetBlueCheeps tweets last minute flights every Tuesday at great prices!
  • 16. Delta Airlines
  • 17. Welcome to Delta's official Facebook page! We're posting travel
    updates , promotions and of course, new routes all summer long. Where do you want to go next? Find all the new routes here:
    Delta’s opening post on its Facebook page
    Delta has largely used its fan page to promote their involvement in New York baseball
  • 18. The in-flight safety video has 1.76 million views!
    Delta’s Youtube channel has a host of videos ranging from airline initiatives to in-flight services to travel guides.
    Delta manages 2 Twitter profiles, one exclusively to assist passengers flying Delta Airlines!
  • 19. The first post on the blog
    Delta’s blog is updated regularly about everything in airlines from food to airports to their services and events. They’ve been up since August 2007!
  • 20. What is happening in India?
    • Kingfisher
    • Jet Airways,
    Air India also present.
    • Jet Airways 9,734
    • Kingfisher,
    also present.
    • SpiceJet
    • Jet Airways
  • 21. What are they Doing right?
    Realized potential of social media as a branding opportunity
    Conversing with customers and connecting with them
    Using platforms innovatively to do customer service
    Diversifying content on their pages to enrich experiences of users
  • 22. What is wrong?
    • Airlines are still using social media pages like a hoarding
    • 23. Need to interact with people, converse and build a rapport
    • 24. Involve people in deciding new features on the airline. At least make it seem so
    • 25. Run updates which will invite suggestions because people have opinions and they appreciate it if it is valued
    • 26. Offer more features on pages like tweet about different places to travel, upload videos of top holiday destinations, in-flight exclusive services
  • Screenshots of unhappy passengers – perfect opportunity for airline representatives to pacify them
  • 27. What you should do?
    Building Associations with people on social media along with great flight experiences will result in greater brand loyalty
    Use social media as a genuine branding platform
    Official pages act as outlet for unhappy customers to prevent them from bad mouthing brands in the offline world
    Customers are present on various platforms. Converse with them!
    Flyers likely to forgive delays and other unpleasant experiences if airline interacts with them consistently and personally.
    Airlines should have official social media presence
  • 28. Thank You!
    Contact Us:
    Rajiv Dingra
    Website :
    Mobile : +91 9820761167 |Office : +9122 65166429
    Mail :