Nuclear friends foundation case study


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Nuclear friends foundation case study

  1. 1. Nuclear Friends Foundation Paving The Road To A Sustainable Future 1
  2. 2. has always been viewed negatively almost since the time it was invented. 2
  3. 3. Nuclear is often referred to as an unstable source of energy - destructive in nature, suited only to WMDs. 3
  4. 4. The Truth could not be more different. 4
  5. 5. Nuclear is THE answer to the emerging energy crisis - a sustainable energy solution for the future. 5
  6. 6. Our challenge was to separate the facts from all the noise about Nuclear Energy 6
  7. 7. And help people realize the true potential of Nuclear
  8. 8. But first… Who are we?
  9. 9. Nuclear Friends Foundation is a non-profit organization established with an objective to propagate the benefits of Nuclear Energy.
  10. 10. We aim to clear out the negativity surrounding Nuclear Power – purely with facts and figures.
  11. 11. Nuclear Friends Foundation offers an open platform to everyone who believes in the power of this modern form of energy.
  12. 12. How did we approach the people?
  13. 13. We focused on answering every query about this eco-friendly mode of power generation, busting every myth that shrouds this costeffective source of energy.
  14. 14. And used Social Media as a bridge between What you know and What you need to know about Nuclear Energy
  15. 15. Exploring platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ to reach out to the expanding target audience on digital space.
  16. 16. How was it done
  17. 17. An interactive website was created to channel correct information about Nuclear Energy. It also proves to be a key resource for any information related to Nuclear Power.
  18. 18. Innovation Interaction 3I approach Information The 3I approach was improvised to maintain a healthy interactive website that serves all the information needs of a knowledge-savvy audience.
  19. 19. Innovation Quotient To stand out and explore modern digital platforms with the sole motive to promote the thought of a sustainable future.
  20. 20. Interactive Quotient Interactive quotient: • Ask an Expert • Video Section • Blogs Ask an Expert Discussion Forum Videos Polls Blogs • Polls Contests
  21. 21. Informative Quotient Articles Myth Buster News Expert Say Eminent Say People Say
  22. 22. Moving on to…
  23. 23. National Level Campaigns have been incorporated and acted on. We have received great response from the people with maximum entries.
  24. 24. Nuclear Energy: Clean & Green Energy Blogging Contest We invited bloggers from all around the nation to talk about Nuclear Power on our website.
  25. 25. We promoted it on various platforms via different means. Banner Ads and Emailers were also used to support the campaign along with Social Media Promotion.
  26. 26. Emailers Sent 566000 Facebook Fans Added 1939 Total Impressions 1162689 Total Reach 8391132 Twitter Followers Added 156 Total Website Visits 41482 PR Article Submissions 6 Total Entries 144
  27. 27. Paint The Environment Green Contest We celebrated Children's Day by organizing a painting contest for children on our website.
  28. 28. And promoted it extensively on all Social Media Platforms along with Digital Banner Ads etc..
  29. 29. Emailers Sent 300000 Facebook Fans Added 2247 Total Impressions 789828 Total Reach 652113 Twitter Followers Added 118 Total Website Visits 439177 PR Article Submissions 3 Total Entries 122
  30. 30. Leading to…
  31. 31. And counting…
  32. 32. Next Stop>>
  33. 33. We targeted the largest Social Networking Platform to reach out to our audience with a cool approach for a not so cool topic.
  34. 34. We incorporated an approach towards the content that makes it more social savvy and informative in nature.
  35. 35. Apprehensions vs. Facts
  36. 36. Safety First – Environment Foremost
  37. 37. Say Yes To Nuclear
  38. 38. Contests that helped engage as well as spread information about this Energy of the Future - executed on a regular basis.
  39. 39. Go Nuclear Contest Total Follower Increase: 197 Total Entries: 37 Total Likes: 127 Total Share: 52 Reach: 65329 The contest spread word about the various advantages of Nuclear Energy through user comments leading to crowd sourced research.
  40. 40. Top Fan Contest Total Follower Increase: 1,091 Total Likes: 2238 Total Comments : 101 Total Share: 471 Reach: 116779 We gratified people with maximum impressions on the platform for a span of 1 month leading to increased reach and interaction.
  41. 41. Leading to…
  42. 42. Likes 10637 Comments 714 Fans Added 11057 Total Reach 1831393 Shares 2199 PTAT Ratio 26.89% Total Posts 463 Total Impressions 3111798
  43. 43. Next Stop>>
  44. 44. We targeted the brains of Social Media to reach out to the updated youth on the micro blogging site and left an impact.
  45. 45. We incorporated an approach towards the content that makes is more Twitter Friendly and Informative in nature with defined #tags.
  46. 46. And conducted #tag based contests that trended over the nation expanding the reach of the cause we support.
  47. 47. NFF Quiz Contest HashTag: #PowerOFKnowledge #NFFQuiz Total Follower Increase: 116 Interactions: 732 Achievements: Apart from the follower increase the #PowerOfKnowledge Trended in India for over 16 hours. (17th August, 2013)
  48. 48. Friends With Nuclear HashTag: #TheFutureNeeds #FriendsWithNuclear Total Follower Increase:34 Interactions: 449 Achievements: Apart from the follower increase the #TheFutureNeedsand #FriendsWithNuclear Trended in India for over 13 hours. (12thSeptember, 2013).
  49. 49. NFF Slogan Contest HashTag: #MySlogan #ShoutOutNuclear Total Follower Increase: 86 Interactions: 665 Achievements: Apart from the follower increase the #MySlogan #ShoutOutNuclear we Trended in India for over 48 hours. (18th November, 2013).
  50. 50. Leading to… Followers 768 Interactions 10,067 Profiles Reached 3103
  51. 51. Next Stop>>
  52. 52. Few things deliver ideas like Audio Visuals. This channel aims to explain the various benefits and overall positive aspects of Nuclear Energy.
  53. 53. Total Videos: 32 Total Subscribers : 61 Total Views: 32300 Videos educating people about Nuclear Energy were made in English as well as Hindi. These uploads helped educate a mass audience with use of TrueView Ads to widen reach.
  54. 54. We also did E-Mailer Campaigns reaching out to approximately 3,00,000 people per month redirecting to the Website and Contest Pages
  55. 55. And used our Mascots – Budhiya and Nucleo across platforms to promote the central theme of NFF.
  56. 56. We also did Google Search Ads to attract people interested in the subject redirecting them to the website.
  57. 57. So what did we achieve?
  58. 58. Our vision of reaching out to people of all ages and eliminating their apprehensions based purely on facts, stats and analytics about Nuclear Power grows closer to realization by the day.
  59. 59. Over 4,00,000 people are reached on a monthly basis due to the combined digital effort.
  60. 60. Facilitating the youth of the country with a vast and free database on the latest advances in Nuclear Technology, which is accessible on all digital platforms.
  61. 61. To be recognized as an online portal which separates facts from the noise you hear about Nuclear Energy in the country today.
  62. 62. We realized the true power of Digital Medium to reach out to the target audience and its attribute of being innovative and informative at the same time.
  64. 64. THANK YOU Campaign Credits: WAT Consult 74