Dosti Mein Twist Case Study by Godrej


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Dosti Mein Twist Case Study by Godrej

  1. 1. Dosti Mein Twist Campaign Study and Analysis
  2. 2. Campaign Info• Client: Godrej Appliances• Audience: Youth, 18+ years• Category: FMCG• Platform: Facebook• Language: English + Hindi• Duration: Dec 25, 2011 - Jan 25, 2012
  3. 3. Social Media Objective • Create Mind Share among younger customers • Brand establishment on Social Media
  4. 4. The Situation• „Heritage Brand‟ perception for Godrej Appliances• Existent Fan base of 1 Lakh on Godrej Appliances FB Fan Page• Interaction generated using engaging content + contests• Product- Knowledge Dissemination done via updates
  5. 5. The Blind Spot?Stronger Connect with fan base absentNeed for not just engagement butentertainment as well
  6. 6. So We Thought…• Connect the Godrej Appliances brand to the youth via their friends• Give them a new way of using Godrej Appliances and dealing with the idiosyncrasies‟ of these friends
  7. 7. How will this help?• Engagement with the fan base established• Brand Recall• Wider Reach• Entertainment
  8. 8. Logic Content Needs to be fresh, interactive and fun – very much the lingo used by the younger audience in their day-to-day conversations with friends Context Creativity Connect with the The activity needs to be products i.e. all the 5 fun and innovative, appliances (Washing something which fansMachine, Television, Air can engage with and inConditioner, Microwave a space they call their and Referigerator) own
  9. 9. Key to the SolutionBuild an Applicationwhich combines thethree C‟s(Content, Contextand Creativity)
  10. 10. And we found thatresearch suggests weare on the right track
  11. 11. Therefore…
  12. 12. The Solution
  13. 13. Insight• The application has 5 scenarios, each involving a particular appliance• Fans need to tag a friend and play through a scenario• Fan with Maximum Plays wins
  14. 14. The 5 Scenarios “Dho Daala” “Pakau Friend ko Pakav” “Dekh Bhai Dekh” Washing Machine Microwave Television Sarcastic friend? Interfering Pakav Flashy Friend? Use your Godrej friend? Watch him/her on yourWashing machine to Use your Godrej Godrej Television„wash‟ away his/her Microwave to „pakau‟ portraying a façade, sarcasm him/her in return by making you feel blessed dressing him/her as a in comparison dish
  15. 15. The 5 Scenarios “Chill Maar Yaar” “Chor Dost ko karo Store” Air Conditioner Refrigerator Chor friend? Taking Agitated friend? everything you want? Use your Godrej Air catch him/her and dumpconditioner to „chill‟ him/her him/her in your Godrej refrigerator and then enjoy your meal in peace
  16. 16. First-mover Fun, quirky advantage -approach unlike No SM App that taken by released by competitors competition yet Innovative connect between fans and products Campaign Results
  17. 17. 35% increase in Reached 1,78,000 46,000 New FansFacebook Fan base fans in 3 weeks 4,048,05026,987 App plays Impressions Campaign Results
  18. 18. 1. Television 2. Air Conditioner 3.Washing Machine 6879 plays 5513 plays 5112 plays4. Microwave Oven 5. Refrigerator 4841 plays 4642 plays Campaign Results (Plays on each Appliance)
  19. 19. Campaign Highlights• Helped dispel the notion that Godrej Appliances is just a Refrigerator brand (Television received highest no. of app plays)• Helped connect with the fan base beyond engagement via updates and within context• Connected the brand with the youth and helped break out of the “heritage” mould
  20. 20. Learnings• Branded Facebook applications act as means of engaging customers to the fullest while increasing brand awareness and loyalty• Interactive applications engage the consumers, making them your friends• You can effectively achieve viral marketing objectives through Facebook applications• Generate traffic by creating awareness among non- users through newsfeeds and updates by existing users
  21. 21. Thank You