Airline are looking at new and innovative ways.


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Airline are looking at new and innovative ways.

  1. 1. Airline are looking at new and innovative ways of reaching out to customers and to reduce their customer service costs while providing convenience to customers Mohomed Rismin & Malith Gunasekara E-Business for Airline Aviation Management Batch 07. ASPIRE
  2. 2. To promoTe The airline Reveal the personality behind the brand. Interact customers on their terms. Use the modern technology to do the modifications.
  3. 3. airlines should respond To indusTry and consumer Trends such as __  Personalization  Connected travelers  Real-time information  Format competition  Sustainability  Quest for ancillary revenues  Accommodation of customers with special needs  Guaranteed fares and 24 hour hold policy
  4. 4. online bookings An Internet booking engine (IBE) is an application which helps the travel and tourism industry support reservation through the Internet. It helps consumers to book flights, hotels, holiday packages, insurance and other services online. This is a much needed application for the aviation industry as it has become one of the fastest growing sales channels.
  5. 5. air TickeT discounTs
  6. 6. adverTisemenTs
  7. 7. Wi-Fi and Wireless portals
  8. 8. Customer reCognition programmed So in 2012 British airways introduce a customer recognition programmed. This help crew to aware about the customer and if there are new customers they can show them to how to use the service at the journey….
  9. 9. Korean air According to the ‘’ Korean Air has become the world’s best airline company. They have upgrade their cabins, onboard bars. Korean air provided Korean style meals & organic products In their Upgraded Lounges.. Passengers in all classes can choose dishes for Korean meal. Korean air is also one of the few airlines in the world to dedicate bathrooms onboard for use by female passengers only. We take the customer service goals in this plan very seriously. We know that you expect nothing less.
  10. 10. eX; (CaBins)
  11. 11. eX; (Bars)
  12. 12. Korean air eX; (lounges, meal)
  13. 13. The staff at British Airways are dedicated to ensuring that our customers always experience a safe and enjoyable journey.  In British air ways they have a self-service galley in the business class cabin.  BA passengers will be able to switch on mobiles after plane lands and is taxiing on the runway. Rules about when passengers can use their mobile phones and laptops
  14. 14. British airways Self service galley
  15. 15. Delta airline • DELTA Connects offers the passengers to access the portal free with their own devices to check. • their – Baggage; – order foods; – onboard Internet; – learn the flight’s arrival gate number; – access weather information; – On the in-flight Wi-Fi front Apps
  16. 16. CommanDant kiD Most Airline introduce an attractive package to the kids below age of 12 called co mandate kids. Example:  TAM airlines offer a special attention to the expecting mothers, disabled persons.  TAM airlines help the crew aboard by welcoming passengers over the plane’s.  Sri Lankan Airline Kids can also visit the Plane and gives a Toys.
  17. 17. DiGital meDia  Boeing believes the future of the aviation industry lies in "the digital airline." Purpose of this is to deliver secure detailed operational information to the people who need it most at the time of necessitate.  When using digital media enhances airline performance management. Example;
  18. 18. sri lankan airline Sri Lankan Airline publish at Face book
  19. 19. Other airlines Airline publish at Tweets..
  20. 20. thank YOu