Wearable technology 2012


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Wearable technology 2012

  1. 1. Enhancing The Quality Of Life Through Wearable TechnologyName: Utkarsh TripathiUSN:1ce08ec094Guide:Mrs.Shalini PrasadCollege: city engg. college
  2. 2. Smart Shirt
  3. 3.  What is Wearable smart shirt Need for a wearable smart shirt Material Used Manufacturing technology Working of smart shirt Applications Limitation and issuse Future trends Advantages & Disadv. Conclusion
  4. 4. What is wearable smart shirt? Wearable smart shirt = Wearable + smart shirt Wearable smart shirt Object that can be worn  smart shirt is an analytical on body. device used for detection of analyte. e.g. wrist watches, ring, shirts etc.  e.g.RespirationRate,body temperature ,heart rate etc.
  5. 5. Need for a wearable Smart shirt Remote Monitor the vital sign. Communicate seamlessly with external devices. Enhance safety and quality of care for patient through Telemedicine Monitoring of individuals who work with hazardous condition .
  6. 6. Smart Shirts
  7. 7. Components Of Wearable smart shirtThree main components of wearable smart shirt are:Biological sensor: For sensing the presence and concentration ofa substance.Transducer: The product of interaction of biological componentand sample may be a suitable chemical, charge etc., which canbe converted by transducer into an electrical signal.Associated Electronic Devices: The electrical signal may befurther amplified and can be read on digital panels
  8. 8. Material used for Smart Shirt Penetrating sensing component (PSC) 1.Plastic optical fiber 2.Silica optical fiber Electrical conductivity component (ECC) 1.Copper core 2.Polyacetylene core Comfort component (CC) 1.Cotton 2.Cotton blend 3.Gore-Tex film
  9. 9. Manufacturing Technology Tubular weaving• Warp/weft density• Weave structure• Weft yarn count Inlay weaving• wale/course count• Knit structure Embroidery• Thread count
  10. 10. Working of Smart Shirt
  11. 11. Applications Of smart shirt Combat casualty care. Medical monitoring. Sports/ Performance monitoring. Space experiments. Mission critical/ hazardous application. Fire- fighting. Wearable mobile information infrastructure.
  12. 12. Limitation and issues GTWM that is outfitted with a microphone or GPS may compromise the wearers privacy. Technology like Bluetooth and WLAN using for data transfer , having short range 30-300 m. The data that is transferred by the "Smart Shirt" could be viewed and access by unauthorized people.
  13. 13.  Advantages Continuous monitoring. Right Treatment at the right time Easy to wear and takeoff.  Disadvantages Reduce the work load of  Initial cost is high medical assistance.  Battery life is less Washable  Repairing and maintaince very fast process. process is tedious.
  14. 14. Conclusion  Smart Shirt is a wearable - MOTHERBOARD.  Smart Shirt is a Flexible Information Infrastructure.  To develop a “THINK and ACT” System based on user condition.
  15. 15. THANK YOU