cloud computing wireless sensor networks manet data surface roughness security data mining optimization ansys fpga cloud clustering cryptography encryption gps combustion gsm mrr compressive strength classification microcontroller matlab wireless sensor network wsn interplanetary magnetic field (imf) iot biodiesel aes aodv cmos flexural strength fly ash transesterification concrete adsorption solar activity soft storey shear wall masonry infill sic induction motor silica fume des feature extraction ecg performance taguchi method ns2 cfd temperature fuzzy logic intrusion detection system power algorithm routing energy scheduling emission boost converter sunspot number (ssn) icu afm dna wimax cosmic ray intensity (cri) fem ict sfrc ber viterbi decoder cluster head dsdv olsr wireless network wmn emission characteristics attacks android pi controller compression ratio decryption segmentation routing protocols strength bandwidth digital signature information security oee mac lte principal component analysis catalytic converter leach si engine amba routing protocol anova pcc image processing stability neural networks virtual machine internet vlsi detection composite material databases iaas saas algorithms image inpainting mobile ad hoc networks encoder comparator network networking internet of things (iot) fixture ethanol wlan concrete bracing super capacitors stress analysis solid works flame contrast enhancement uneven illumination capacitor amazon aws resources region rack data sharing recirculation layout of small hydro power plant small hydro power plant hydro power low voltage risk management accuracy lift force design cleaner production rfid trellis coded modulation (tcm) phonegap dynamic range level shifted current mirror low voltage current mirror simple current mirror level shifted low voltage current mirror s3 aluminium cad microstrip line feed cca ch bacillus cereus mobile activated carbon interplanetary coronal mass ejections (icmes) solar magnetic field network security association rule mining bldc motor quantum computing heart rate variability damping equivalent strut wear rate wifi website opc 43 grade sands diesel earthquake leach protocol arduino depression stirr casting matrix metal al2o3 pin-on-disc tribometer stir casting mechanical properties delay microstrip patch antenna mpr return loss microstrip antenna gear box deforestation performance characteristics pso ant colony optimization web usage mining xilinx shock absorber tensile strength. big data rsa swarm intelligence process parameter optimization dsr epoxy low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy fuzzy solar risk verilog transformers gis live migration post-copy network aware migration. pre-copy big data analysis intrusion detection soc axi fraud detection black hole attack attack pulse width modulation (pwm) matlab simulink singular value decomposition image compression huffman coding k-means clustering lean manufacturing sliding mode control vhdl mp3 image retrieval mobile ad-hoc network resistance vedic multiplier plc speed control tool wear opencv pattern recognition frequent pattern mining information gain decision trees color space artificial neural network conveyor database key management friction stir welding sustainability pixel flexion throughput 3gpp ns-3 downlink phy simulator cla entropy features extraction analysis jatropha biodiesel egr packets simulation genetic algorithm calorific value shuffling integrity confidentiality sign language gesture recognition hidden markov model. naive bayes. discretization incremental durability image decoder automation architecture sensor fast fourier transform component waste minimization bayesian awjm psnr alccofine image segmentation topology simulink. power system stabilizer neural network artificial intelligence pattern matching. snort electrode inverter authentication ahb mfcc sram vco data security pressure swing adsorption ad hoc networks radiator finite element analysis sentiment analysis chip payment schemes network-level security and protection wireless communication paas ocr hcr botnet detection spam svm fea traffic energy consumption led monitoring flash adc remote sensing ofdm orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) hardware software lease management haizea resource allocation c.i engine zirconium dioxide diesel engine contact pressure rice air filter smart grid challenges threats virtual private network (vpn) coap xmpp server database management learning content e-learning grid new ways in education education engineering collaborative learning environment application of iot specially abled person solution research obstacles student's life english language learning virtual eye smart cctv internet-of-things-iot semantic modelling second competence computer science educational programs ontological model machine learning smart house wireless technology durability analysis double wishbone suspension microwave hybrid heating cladding web log data web mining reactive power low voltage ride through wind generation wind turbine model statcom transient stability dual axis power point tracking solar tracking flipped voltage follower propagation delay low area occupation current comparator stroke diesel brake thermal efficiency lp-lfsr switching system gray code counter binary counter abrasive materials kerf taper ratio width of cut taper of cut jamming detection trigger identification np hardness reactive jamming error tolerant non-adaptive group testing locators supports clamps pro e isolated asynchronous generator voltage and frequency controller battery energy storage system wind energy conversion system flexural pad fitted journal bearings hydrodynamic fixed pad bearing capex opex communication disturbance observer (cdob) network disturbance (nd) time delay clamping productivity antenna parameters dgs feeding & power divider microstrip array antenna brake shoe shear stress of a joint adhesives earthquake resistant designs real estate risk management key-aggregate encryption patient-controlled encryption cloud storage cloud data security strategy wireless body area network 6lowpan handoff delay pmipv6 body sensor network sensor node micro-scale chemistry chemistry experiments space and furniture requirement impact socket wear autonomic intrusion detection affinity propagation intrusion prevention and intrusion detection ontology air-fuel mixture tri-fuels alternative fuels air pollution google app engine windows azure cloud services heroku benefits of platform as a service redhat openshift comparison of platform as a service engine yard bonnmotion mobility model tracking microstrip patch antenna array enhance gain patch antenna beam-to-column earthquakes rapid visual survey heat release rate equivalent ratio wi-fi ir drinking water standard regression equations correlation drinking water nsf-wqi physico-chemical & biological parameters electromagnetic radiation radarsat terrasar-xmagellan opinion mining extraction surveys cloud burst avalanche ucla mmi darpa bci ugvs uavs robot mobot auvs disc rotor thermal analysis pattern performance analysis controlled cooling ultra-fast cooling upper-critical annealing inter-critical annealing nanotechnology fuel cells density of states hamiltonian greenã¢â‚¬â„¢s functions two band superconductivity superconducting order parameter bi-directional fly chopped strands mat hand lay-up material joint shadow detection thresholding biogas fossil fuel extended support 2puf quasi support fufm nainital uttarakhand components of small hydro power plant analysis of small hydro power project ramgarh hybrid algorithm ppdm sensitive information association rules lean philosophy cement industry lean grinding wheel resin piled wheels video surveillance shadow forms computer vision application robot technology material properties brick masonry mortar ratios deep beams shear span hexagonal wire mesh pond ash fibrocement fractal antenna multiband antenna rsm k-epsilon hydrocyclone cyclonic separation large eddy simulation wireless body area networks health care srams memory access time knee joint am acl pl ieee cas wind hydrogen nacl wormhole infrastructure trusted virtual machine launch trusted computing scalability openstack dfa/ec tcam regular expression(regex) strifa lafa deep packet inspection(dpi) deterministic finite automata(dfa) bro compactdfa data storage comparative analysis of dwt wavelet transform image denoising complex wavelet transform wavelet method reduced wavelet transform curvelet transform availability ratio world class oee analysis of chute system quality ratio chute design performance ratio hybrid metal matrix composites rockwell hardness optical microscope edta particle size soil washing heavy metals remediation single electron transistor nano probe and sensor carbon vapour deposition nano tube nano-electronics gerotor pump pump design and cad/cam trochoidal gear drive turbine performance wind power generation faults diagnosis wind turbine human-computer interaction (hci) handicapped hand gestures image features statistical measures image analysis serf 1-bit full adder low power deep submicron astm grade 100 iso grade 80 osha lifting chain wal queue pass provenance simple db wheel rim firewall policy policy conflicts firewall decision diagrams anomaly detection vegetable oil cstmws 2013 double metallic strips rectangular dielectric resonator antenna ku-band dust explosion is one of the serious problems in i but prevent it by using different method like by u flameless vents etc. flame velocity gaseous fuel load balancer load balancing virtualization rapid miner evaluation framework knime response surface method single roller burnishing heterogeneous sensor networks active solar still solar still anorexia nervosa bulimia nervosa battery data centric protocol intelligence cluster routing sep fema vibrating feeder goodman diagram ni-based super alloys super alloys strengthening. a alloy that exhibits excellent mec good surface stability and corrosion and oxidation resistance corrosion stress concentration crane hook self-weight public cloud ibm smartcloud enterprise comparison of infrastructure as a service hp enterprise converged infrastructure benefits of infrastructure as a service google compute engine windows azure rackspace open cloud perceived quality customer complaints customer satisfaction market share awareness loyalty multiparty computation data partitioning multicloud application partitioning privacy tier partitioning xrd band gap optical properties chalcogenide thin films reverse engineering specification document software development forward engineering legacy code low power row alkalinity hardness transparency seasonal variation dissolved oxygen (d.o) 'toroidal drive' cvt (continuously variable transmission) infinite speed ratios by toroidal drive object oriented component based components software development paradigms objects and classes fluid journal bearings hydrodynamic analysis magneto-rheological ferro fluid comparison by computational fluid dynamics cluster head election smona avalanche prevention avalanche impacts snow avalanche avalanche risk buffing lca vulcanized building retreading pet fiber alccofine 1203 polyethylene terephthalate drag force aerodynamics profile fuel efficiency shockwaves combustion efficiency diesel (c10h22) methane (ch4) hydrogen (h2) polypropylene fiber vanet. destination discovery greedy routing roadside units backbone nodes hybrid structures machine bed enzyme characterization animal feed iso electric focusing phytase phishing decision tree email summarization statistics and data streams mining tools low power nano satellite payload downlink frequency micro strip patch s-band frequency hfss software alumina (9.6) photovoltaic generator transparent conductive oxide maximum power point tracking hyperxtrude extrusion cmos band gap voltage reference fast digital inpainting convolution based inpainting image restoration calotropis procera peroxidase immobilization euphorbia royleana alstonia scholaris latex sce finfet macro parametric programming group technology cnc machining smartphone cfd (computational fluid dynamics) cooling system physical parameters correlation coefficient harsi reservoir chemical parameters self-starting darrieus turbine wind power nfc technology radio frequency identification electronic voting system electro-rheological fluid stability analysis journal bearing microscopy neuroscience supercomputers neurons brain modeling rtneuron sensory system sherlock micro-environment of smartphones broadcasted data web sensing proximity sensor partial product bits (ppb) finite impulse response (fir) multiple constant multiplication/accumulation (mcm errors evolution programming debugging source code risk factors cost overrun potentiality approach delineation mca wi-fi access points andsf offloading access selection snr steganography jpeg encoder quantization zigzag dct vlc laeeba pdr wban hover height air gap dynamic friction thrust static friction integrated propulsion slag tig welding spattering cost under runs construction industry cost overruns impi & ahp methods rii classification of cost just in time (jit) value-added and non-value-added activity time reduction inventory control overhearing power-aware energy capacity aware minimum total transmission power mobile ad hoc network involute spline wire edm involute profile connected dominating set construction algorithms c/c++ interpreter mechanism synthesis symmetric key algorithms strengths sintered fly ash aggregates seo conventions web 2.0 json rails change detection land use land cover (lulc) seating system validation riser design automotive parts prevention security threats introduction types of security inlet manifold swirl effective communication optimized path aco synchrophasor technology voltage stability analysis (vsa) voltage stability index (vsi) voltage collapse prediction index (vcpi) s-difference criteria (sdc) steganography and steganalysis bacteria foraging optimization security ethics multi-agent network multi-path routing rural communication issue carbon nanotubes (cnt) turbine blades aircraft biotechnology gelatinization waste minimization and reuse total harmonic distortion (thd) level shifted pwm asymmetric multilevel inverter igbt public key cryptography rsa variant data secrecy low frequency oscillation non linear control microwind leonardo spectrum modelsim6.0 qsd water level sensor arm micro-controller humidity sensor real time clock keil uvision flashmagic gsm modem anpr erosion dilation latency data aggregation lead acid battery utility solid oxide fuel cell (sofc) infinite bus thermoplastic polyimide with 30% carbon fibre comp mono leaf spring weight reduction en45 steel deflection stress frequent item set mining fp growth simulation router fifo fsm register blocks network-on-chip sequence databases sequential rule mining j-bit html5 smartphone application windows phone web application cross-platform ios rf device jammer object removal patch exemplar-based response surface methodology roller burnishing process stegnography rdh the microprocessor accesses the values and starts a keypad is used for setting the amount of anaesth the anaesthesia cannot be given at a stretch. the an automatic anaesthesia machine was designed usin generally the patient should be anaesthetized whil k-medoids clustering fuzzy k-means clustering duty cycle network lifetime six big losses implementation stages tpm pillar steel lumber cladding materials plastics dirt woods world geodetic system kalman filter universal transverse mercator least squares algorithm global positioning system modified kalman filter johnson counter garbage output constant input quantum cost reversible logic multilevel inverter (mlt) hybrid cascaded multilevel inverter value stream mapping dissolved gas analysis (dga) adaptive neuro fuzzy interference system (anfis) chien search block error detection bch codes syndrome block bec carry select adder. lopower risc defected ground plan harmonic currents chb-vsi source neutral conductor current reactive power compensation and distributed system. sybil attack mobile social networks trust evaluation valve two stroke engine scavenging injection timing cmos dynamic logic domino logic or dynamic logic noise tolerance power estimation verilog based simulation methodology power theater read write memory fan-out fan-in bitline galactic cosmic ray (gcr) ec2 traditional solutions vsi (voltage source inverter) fpga (field programmable gate array) pwm (pulse width modulation) photovoltaic (pv) pmbldc motor (permanent magnet brushless dc motor) biodegradable water purification tkp (mbhpe-tkp) resin hydrophilic porous medium natural convection alternate fuel ricebran biodiesel microbial fuel cell (mfc) energy recovery paper waste water rice husk ash mechanical properties and stir casting glass powder fine aggregate telecommunications churn management iaodv selection fuzzy inference system classification accuracy methodology schema integration semantic conflicts multidatabase reversible gate testable gate single stuck fault treatment of cancer nano nano particles a/d converter integrated electrical specifications design automation knowledge management multiple softwares galactic cosmic ray intensity (gcr) sliding mode controller induction motor drive robotic interface wireless robot interface follow-me bot kinect human-robot deaf sift (scale invariance fourier transform) mute patch length return loss and efficiency cst fr-4 (lossy) material facial emotion recognition (fer) autism spectrum disorder (asd) weber law detector (wld) sobel filtering pc access data mining algorithms stock business discernment stock information investigation qim image watermarking lsb wcett classification technique vbr clica mica zcd simulink mashup software development life cycle model semantic web gceda leach-c algorithm klebsilla pneumonia profenofos biodegradation weak label face annotation ulr algorithms delonix regia(gulmohar seed pods) methylene blue and defend against targeted attacks defend against data loss email security defend against malware power dissipation variable adders pdp hplc phytochemical screening pulp daucus carota aerial active compounds cloud intensity tropical cyclones histogram euclidian distance flexible dsp truncated multiplication barrel shifter ptmac arithmetic unit rorschach powerover ethernet web server folate genetics polymorphism mthfr gene corrosion resistant materials abaqus silencers arsenic hexavalent chromium trade-off opc load deflection rc beam metakaolin split tensile strength sunspot number(ssn) galactic cosmic ray(gcr) interplanetary magnetic field(imf) ieaack oxidation of caffeic acid repairing of thiamine by oxidations by phosphate radical anion pesticide and diffusion environment quadrature discriminant analysis principal component analysis (pca) image quality assessment biometric systems linear discriminant analysis (lda) chaotic algorithm instances index multi instance view labeled discrete wavelet transform mode shape frequency mass participation dynamic analysis dynamic databases multiple item support apriori algorithm dspic four quadrant regenerative braking reuse cbr revision retention retrieve learning pigeon pea phenotypic coefficient path analysis and genotypic association fuzzy possibility c-means unsupervised learning fuzzy c-mean penalized and compensated constraints based fpcm adaptive coded modulation (acm) bit error rate(ber) signal to noise ratio(snr) current sms motor and irrigation voltage homomorphic system logical rule telephone line spiral plate heat exchanger ansys cfx computational fluid dynamics (cfd) reynolds number heat transfer rate nusselt number secret hiding error diffusion block truncation coding. data hiding spread spectrum dspic30f4011 digital signal controller four switch three phase inverter icar liquefaction potential evaluation energy measurement n-value spt fault indicator fault diagnosis wavelet fault tolerant forwarding techniques default routes manets half tunnels indirection block cipher rijndael urdhva tiryakbhayam reversible logic gate trlic optimized design passive pressure sliding seismic loading active pressure overturning oms kbo kms km disc brake heat transfer number of vanes biological signals blood pressure sqlia types of sqlia query tokenization laser light emitting diode fish oil biodiesel alternative fuel ethanol performance emissions obese young women autonomic nervous system food intake flexural and split tensile strengths mp rmp workability compressive sd split tensile strenght steel fibre suspension damper lhr engine deccan hemp oil crude vegetable oil non-edible oil block-matching algorithms (bmaã¢â‚¬â„¢s) motion estimation bma framework pvm cpu api openmp power conversion harmonics ac motor drives aircraft electric actuator power conversion ac-dc power conversion friction re-solidification dwell-time and pin-on-disc tribometer data offloading additive manufacturing process 3d printing selective laser sintering powder size app (application) sms (short message service) sintered fly ash aggregates ggbs alternative fuel honge biodiesel sodium silicate geopolymer concrete sodium hydroxide jatropha combustion characteristics karanja multi cylinder engine rc frames etabs carry sum full adder transistor logics cmos gates eecml heed base station cluster ux ui landslides gdp vein lode ore-body aggreleach. calcium fly ash. activated fly ash cement concrete helminth parasite cat fishes cestode riversiang zigbee mesh network discrete cosine transform (dct) speech emotion recognition (ser) mel frequency cepstral coefficients (mfcc) work life hr job satisfaction reliability m-dpsk rayleigh channel edm-electric discharge mrr-material removal rate taguchi design in minitab aluminum oxide (al2o3) silicon carbide (sic) magnesium micrographs minitab 16 radial force turning operation taguchi's method orthogonal array (oa) red mud and stir casting al6061 al7075 alloy composite red mud and stir casting low power design dynamic power n.c.a-natural coarse aggregate r.c.a-recycled coar madm gray relational analysis (gra) method ranking methods sensitivity analysis ivifs attribute weight fsp thermal expansion high strength high wears resistance quarry fines fine aggregates sand coarse aggregate coconut shell cement coconut shell ash epoxy matrixes or composites coconut shell powder gravel-bed rivers flow resistance image encryption skew tent map pixel shuffling scrambling resonant frequency gain xst register exchange trace back virtex4 rc building design software sap2000 progressive collapse slab pollutants automobiles boron carbide edm machine taguchi methodology silicon carbide packet delivery fraction mobile ad hoc normalized routing load end-to-end delay tcp routing overhead technology resources centres and benefit uttarakhand state pcd tools sic ã¢â‚¬â€œ metal matrix composite (mmc machining of mmc bifurcation and termination lzw algorithm minutia fingerprint mmmut priya gupta pooja lohia r.n shukla mmmut gkp voltage source converter hvdc cables control strategy rectifier voltage source inverter multilevel inverter mid userspace (fuse) iscsi gluster maximal simulation time proactive vswr reflection coefficient scaling gain three phase controlled voltage source discrete space vector pulse width modulation gener three lags bridge boost inductors not gate capacitors hybrid wireless mesh network ansis analysis life optimization tapered roller bearing design apb hill areas landslide lead-time bottlenecks special process delays channel assignment network simulator renewable energy energy scenario biomass gasification sustainable energy global warming fossil fuels swirling air injection nox r5f21258snfp hew diptrace fdt combustion characteristics neem kernel oil thermal coating lhr engine multipath routing atpg stuck-at faults mcm pcb ecl digital circuit ic manufacturer sbtpg ttl quint-rotor helicopter multi-rotor helicopter airframe quad-rotor helicopter unmanned multi-rotor helicopter quality control (qc) qc tools quality management (qm) association rule apriori recommendation system blade geometry wells turbine oscillating water column pillars and various structures. small enough to be placed with one hand thick -r.c.c.: reinforced cement concrete is the combina typically square or rectangular in shape. -superst flat piece of stone or concrete laid in courses with mortar joints to form walls wind power generation; doubly-fed induction genera frequency scan. unbalanced distribution system harmonic resonance herringbone 3 stage helical gearbox bevel gears. astm a36 steel intelligent load shedding (ils); tcp/ip; micro gri ann model. al-sicp aluminum metal-matrix composites switching's; cascaded inverter; multi-level; pwm. hub steering knuckle spindle. vlsi chip licensed cad tools open source cad tools cad tools design abstraction eda design methodologies. parameter extraction mathematical modeling d-q transformation. matlab simulation. power flow of dfig dfig fiber laser. laser marking nd-yag laser soft core. uart modelsim baud rate wireless sensor networks. mean median. mix column inverse mix column parallel motion fender spring ship torque pin torque tube md5 hybrid encryption. exit edge machining anova. shaping bevel foot steel industry copper slag foundry sand ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbfs). spring design. routing protocols in wsns. energy model network model fiber reinforced concrete gfrc aspect ratio fiber sugar cane bagasse ash (scba). sugarcane bagasse (sb) vector quantization. speaker recognition mel frequencies auxiliary functions hash function md. embedded ethernet tcp/ip. arm9 processor linux add/drop (disturbing) channels. power excursions wdm optical networks edfa transient eta. ultrasonic sensor field programmable gate arrays (fpgas) hardware description language sigmoid activation function. cyber-security. botnet non-repudiation. authenticity twr ra dry edm doe brass wires coated wires ttl logic- transistor-transistor logic 1) voltage wireless sensor networks (wsn). message authentication code. opportunities rural consumer rural marketing. candidate pruning. high utility itemset frequent itemset mining utility mining its thresholding operation slpr vertical edge notation. image acquisition and pre-processing structural operation network forensics preventive mechanism. defensive mechanism cumbersome interface devices. hand gesture recognition systems human-computer interaction navigation test case prioritization. stakeholder regression testing rank design of experiment method - finite element analy medium carbon steel mig welding eda tools data word ram nor cells. cam nand cells location manager. 3g aluminium alloy process parameters non-noble material. sepic converter coupling capacitor. pv panel current mode control burnishing process optimization and taguchi approach. fpga. interface mpu dio gas turbine combined cycle thermal efficiency. hadoop. thermal conductivity; gas gap; thermal switch. quality factors client side customers server side web service software quality assurance image forgery copy-move forgery. image forensic optical character recognition template matching. off-line character recognition manet. aodv routing protocol visual cryptography medical images rearrangement correlation facial-blurring private key shifted image blowfish rgb public key blowfish. multi-parameter zigbee technology adc. web sensor access control list certificate authority service - (cas) spatial data geographical information system - (gis) spatial database management system - (sdbms) spatial database enterprise - (sde) gis data models registration authority - (ra) spatial database cemented tungsten carbide metal removal rate wire edm. ranking techniques. artificial bee colony algorithm discrete wavelet transformation. gamma correction retinex image fusion network security. falser positive naive bayes classifier detection rate partitioning methods hierarchical methods. gas tungsten arc welding gtaw tungsten inert gas welding aluminium tig region based segmentation edge detection method thresholding. 802.16 802.11 ns-2.31. adhoc environment rectangular waveguide excitation method. mode converter circular waveguide wireless sensing hmms and dtw etc. pmds mimo metacads cads insider threat detection adoption category. greenhouse growers stress proportional to nodal displacement stress in rope ways. stress concentration in two nodal systems finite element method in stress calculations segment. firewall policy anomaly fame ddos pdr. hand layout method material joints. composite rtl ip. router hmi steered navigation. least mean square leaky least mean square normalized least mean square recursive least square. adaptive filters taguchi method (design of experiment). aisi 1045 hardness gmaw cluster based routing. kohonen neural network handwriting recognition artificial neural network. matlab (matrix in laboratory) qos (quality of service) route manet (mobile ad-hoc network) biomass. thermal construction phases risk management process uncertainty risk management (rm) systemc uvm ovm rvm vmm vera. avm wireless power transmission; electric vehicle; ren nakagami-m distribution. ofdm.middleton a high resolution remote sensing images power distribution arcgis 9.1. hornor's algorithm least-squares estimation video- endoscopic image. time multiplexed barrel distortion correction pattern window text window. complexity lcd projector. e-ball technology laser keyboard holographic display intrusion sensor. atm theft atm modern transportation advantages of sky bus. safety sky bus data analysis population. apache hadoop nano clay sodium alginate bipolar voltage mzi electro-optic effect. global system for mobile communication (gsm) fuel detection system. lpc 2148 microcontroller (arm7) bacillus pastuerii. bacillus sphaericus self-healing concrete bacterial concrete disk storage wireless grid computing. world wide web grid middleware globus toolkit software applications energy loss kinetics entropy data energy optimization. entropy generation nlms and rls algorithms. sub band adaptive noise cancellation with lms vblast m-ary phase-shift keying. layered space-time code zero forcing rayleigh fading channel multiple input multiple output spatial distribution. t- test pcu cost overruns construction industry remedies. cost management true single-phase clock (tspc) dff wireless lan (wlan). frequency synthesizer dynamic logic dual modulus prescaler high-speed digital circuits e-tspc hard rock tunnel boring machines (tbm). excavation barrier probability. upper barrier exponential distribution erlangian distribution ruin probability multi-hop routing protocol. ota deluge port piles soil software safe. raft encryption algorithm. blob analysis. bi-histogram equalization fault detection fifth law lars onsager. negative absolute temperature plant tissue culture shoot regeneration culture. vigna radiata seeds distance protection schemes. direct torque control advanced charging technology (act) pfc rectifier back up time (but). clean power apb. bluetooth modem results. software tool operational block diagram credit card ns-2.34 delay. aomdv diode clamped inverter power conditioning system (pcs) switched voltage source inverter (svs inverter) cascaded h-bridge inverter capacitor clamped inverter neutral point-clamped (npc) finite impulse response (fir). wide band code division multiplexing (wcdma) multi objective approach. two-level assembly systems supply planning distributed operating system handling the exponent. handling the mantissa decisions of transferring suspension system body acceleration proportional- integral -derivative controller dwt ber. reliability test system. expected energy not served spinning reserve earthquake resistant designs. earthquake energy dissipation devices base isolation techniques faster method installation of components precast construction. low cost joint celling digital signal processing (dsp) chip lookup table (lut)-based computing memory-based computing. inertial navigation exact position determination intelligent transportation systems (its) effective vehicle safety systems land transportation. aided navigation effective vehicle control systems resolution modeling fuel cell control data acquisition. intra prediction peak signal to noise ratio. intelligent transport system. vanet k-means mobile nodes ant colony algorithm multi-target tracking. fuzzy c-mean clustering. wavelet transforms probabilistic neural network pcm technology plesiochronous digital hierarchy. optical fiber zero padding. orthogonal frequency division multiplexing multiple input multiple output systems space time frequency block coding blind channel shortening cyclic prefix iter (international thermonuclear experimental rea multi link robot gears d.c. motor tokamak potentiometer custom ranking query similarity workload. user similarity secret fragment-visible mosaic image. information hiding computer art material handling milk-run material supply system mathematical model. anti-microbial activity. lactic acid bacteria bacteriocins hash network. forensic service. computer forensic toxicology fingerprint comparison cycle time welding industry. object detection. curve evaluation low dof image iteration fast tracking. chan-vese model active contours level set method finite difference method partial differential equation. support vector machine intrusion detection system. neuro fuzzy fuzzy genetic algorithm image processing. parking space detection intelligent parking scada; medical ventilator; inspiration; expiration hydrogen production potential wind-turbines electrolyzer. wind electrolyzer-fuel cell system supervised learning method. back-propagation algorithm compressed sensing (cs) nonlinear image reconstruction sparse matrix sparsity fiber nonlinearity srs and osnr. power tilt dwdm optical fiber communication and topology. geographic route on-demand adaptive video transmission cooperative communication dwt. frequent itemset broglet's fp-growth sam algorithm failure load. composite plates pin joint wlan/wimax. quad-band antenna microstrip slot antenna wireless transmission sensors body temperature measurement physiological parameters rf heart rate measurement mobile agent database. web crawling model clinical diagnostics decision support system. selectability algorithm event detection model software development style size of the project cocomo. investment casting optimized casting model. indexing biometrics steel sections elements of the beam. dstatcom dvr matlab. i. voltage sag power quality problems power system restructuring emission control microcontroller. malfunction indicator lamp e-aodv bypass aodv cross layer aodv-br hmaodv f-aodv. genetic algorithm (ga) random generation. capacitated vehicle routing problem (cvrp) factorial. spot power swing out of step tripping out of step blocking out of step swing center voltage. r-dot dsp structures. power-snr programmable truncated mac composite field isomorphic mapping. employment from small business sector by green pro environmentally safe green products eco friendly recyclable sustainable development natural environment green marketing cuttings propagation. rooting coconut milk asbe hasbe cloud service provider. trusted based system and selfishness attacks. cooperation incentive schemes multiplier vedic mathematics urdhvatriyakbhyam sutra. vedic algorithms tanner eda dsp communication applications vedic mathematics. microprocessors image steganography lsb encoding stego image cover image payload security. input-flexibility. multi-embedding models. regression learning ranking arm controller prototype system agriculture industry. remote controlling real time control curing regime water solids ratio water cement ratio pic18f microcontroller. pi controller and pid controller dc motor current control cascade control ultrasonic machining sic. taguchi electromyography (semg) extension. transfemoral amputee knee angle myoelectric controller wireless standards swallow topology xilinx ise 13.2. omap4430 panda board. codeblocks fingertips detection human hand gesture radial distance euclidean distance compactness rtl. verilog hdl crc tools perl parallel fir filters ise. iris recognition edge detection biometrics iris recognition. haar transform parallel projection frequent-pattern growth partition projection. fp-tree ensures rsa and dsa public key (asymmetric) encryption md5 and sha1 hashing. attribute-based encryption fuzzy identity-based encryption. cloud security apriori algorithm. direct hashing and pruning frequent item set mining algorithms profit maximization. rain forecasting disease prediction heart disease prediction cancer prediction. greedy approach information gain. kdd data set. ids neural network. color model color space normalization self-creating self-administrative wireless network self-organizing subscriber identity module transaction malfunctions pin number message authentication code umac function hashes elliptic curves data communication. encryption technique graphical user interface gui coding. fabrication time taguchi approach regression analysis selective laser melting (slm) performance ratio. ofdm (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) mimo(multiple-input multiple-output) qostbc (quasi orthogonal space time block code) aodv routing protocol. routing in manet security goals security issues for manet and security attach continuous monitoring process. common structure processes diacap peer-to-peer systems replication bloom filter data anonymization privacy preservation data publishing xml web application data mining and warehousing moving object databases. trajectory segmentation sub trajectory sampling temperature sensor gsm/gprs module subtractor cum amplifier switch reference voltage generator buffer sample & hold and u-19 u-14 years volleyball bmi growth status crisp linear programming membership function. fuzzy linear programming fuzzy set theory pair wise key q-composite polynomial pool base key pre-distribution predicting weather forecast. reference evapotranspiration (eto) penman-monteith fuzzy inference anfis model propellers autonomous photo-resistance garbage solar battery ultrasonic loads and obtain the solution review the results ansys model benefits and priority species management de-noising noise wt ft lpg pca confinement loss effective area photonic crystal fiber extension muscle study of elbow msms dts-i engine cng fuel average end-to-end delay. mobile ad hoc network (manet) multiple description coding (mdc) packet delivery rssi (received signal strength indicator). indoor localization fingerprinting technique knn algorithm collaborative ids for cloud collaborative ids sql tautology ips (intrusion prevention ) web architecture sql injection ids (intrusion detection) vsc. interline power flow controller (ipfc) flexible ac transmission system (facts) optimized algorithm. parallelization statistical analysis computational fluid dynamics efficiency. image processing; phyllanthus emblica (gooseberry) vacuum residue coking. pressure drop contact time x ray analysis sem of catalyst braun array multiplier signed-unsigned. baugh-woolley multiplier csa array multiplier radix-8 booth encoding multiplier rra (round robin algorithm). modified weighted active monitoring load balancing video streaming. qos edca information extraction framework. natural language processing signal strength. internet dongle access internet upper bound central moment root mean square impulse factor kurtosis shape factor periodogram. lower bound condition monitoring artificial neural networks (anns) spectral energy spectral kurtosis skewness crest factor spectral skewness signal distribution1 clearance factor h-mine. fp-growth algorithm mining algorithms surface hardness maintenance fault tree analysis (fta) boiler efficiency fem. contact area rubber plunger parental drug delivery formulation development extractable leachable hollow propeller shaft comparison. seebeck coefficient peltier effect. thermoelectric refrigerator hyper spectral multispectral markov random field. pulse on time edm mrr. wire mesh. air dilution system exhaust emissions. bte. karanja biodiesel bsfc injection pressure brake specific fuel consumption supercharging brake thermal efficiency. pyrolysis oil of tyre cfd tool ansys. i. c. engine cooling fins air-cooled engine feed rate cutting force. depth of cut cutting speed residual energy. wsn-wireless sensor network composites; fibres; gypsum; plaster of paris; mech isef edge detection multi-layer feed forward neural network. oryza sativa ssp indica (indian rice) geometric features quality computer vision route request. denial of service (dos) flooding attack algorithm. continuous variable transmission (cvt) hydrostatic continuous variable transmission (hcvt radial piston pump hydrostatic power transmission dempster's rule subjective logic. conflict belief consensus operator horizontal transaction representation frequent patterns divide and conquer method split and merge algorithm. iridium spark plug spark plug cotton gauze air filter. supercharged engine internal combustion engine performance. supercharger methanol fuel multi port fuel injection (mpfi) engine. high compression ratio spark plug gap cng engine ignition system. bi-fuel vehicles electrical power fuel cell technology. fossil fuel plants medical oxygen concentrator vacuum swing adsorption. cleaner techniques economic growth harmful effects industrial purposes. energy saving cooling water pump geometry cavitation water pump engine cooling system coolant flow flow characteristics. syndrome calculation circuit finite fields dual basis chien search circuit bma (berlekamp-massey algorithm) normal basis galois fields. polynomial basis monolithic structures mascon technology. adaptive heuristic search. time complexity fuel value cotton waste food energy. fourth state of matter. physical principle plasma travel time delay study speed-density. traffic congestion parking space parking price. cbd multi-level parking clustering of gujarati words. stemming stemmer gujarati cluster pos gujarati stemmer text watermarking tampering. substitution leaky mode te & tm modes. guides modes dielectric dispersion characteristics window function digital fir filter asme pressure vessel ahb master system on chip wishbone. openrisc 1200 22nm up converter nf analog vlsi alkali test sulphate attack tests and rcpt (rapid chloride penetration test). extraction of natural dyes. bixa orellana caesalpinia sappan colour fastness eeglab eeg artifacts emotiv epoc headset ica eeg signal viscose wool blend yarn. rotor spinning wool yarn wavelet transform. denoising 3-pin ir ic receiver tsop 1738. 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cube data cube comparison bismuth telluride antimony telluride thermoelectric cooler darpa dataset. tool wear rate thermo electric energy edm-machine material removal rate and gate 4-to-16 resistor string decoder nmos d/a converter rediset additive marshall value vg-30 dsa framework ibs ecc fuzzy logic controller bldc fuzzy tool box bridge pci-ahb bridge pci vq speech recognition abe data outsourcing job scheduling priority based scheduling optimization algorithm. sense amplifiers (sa) uprs snm lprs tsmc pmos ic feedback decision. segment combination packet error rate dijsktra’s algorithm hamming code algorithm multi channels routing trees. convergecast aggregation beacon signal standard is 6934:1973 hydraulic design of orifice spillway experimental investigations of chemical and geotec auditing and monitoring server location openid pdes orthogonal collocation on finite elements bio diesel diesel fuel neem video watermarking copyright protection content authentication digital watermarking dac transportation systems land use sanand residue number system (rns). pn sequence multiple-access interference (mai) direct-sequence code division multiple access (ds- signature-based ids kdd cup 1999 dataset. classification algorithm anomaly-based -based ids dos attack classification of intrusion detection availability attacks ids (credit based and reputation based techniques) cooling performance experimental nanofluid tio2 heat transfer coefficient standard cell library asic design characterization. layout design schematic design allocation mobile computing lpg/cng cylinder weight. prediction. review mining noc fault emulation multibeam pattern linear antenna arrays beamforming gaussian monocycle; shape factor; trial and error; hybrid systems. high speed. searching forensics online circular polarization antenna (cpa) triple band circular microstrip patch antenna (cmpa). dual band temprature cryogenic resistors sensordiodes spit voip spam antispam techniques. prevention mechanism sip curcuits electronic flow thermocouples types thermoelectricity and its effect analytical model. techniques ntfs fat file system volatile memory methods features training we present an overview of existing data classifica algorithmin this paper mining principle component analysis arbitrary primer squared euclidean distance auxonography tv model peak signal to noise ratio (psnr).pde priority text classification learning object type learning object metadata network worm detection. network threat detection imds malware vibration attenuation vibration control. tdva thin boiling starch viscosity desizing esterified starch sizing cohesion environement arterial road road area parking vehicle lifetime wireless sensor network. dual frequency antenna mobility graphical led display selfish replica allocation. controlling system industrial real time industry object recognition. image mining image classification ngspice tool thermocouple code oleum 23% oleum65% meta phenylene diamine 4 sulphonic acid sil controller pil.avr aco algorithm (c-ant miner) proposed algorithm (new pheromone up current algorithm machine vision; quality; image processing; image a numerically controlled oscillators asic oscillators district metering area (dma) negative pressure. urban local bodies (ulb) coatings volatile organic compounds elastomer paint variable screening prediction need of reliability prediction realiability musculosketetal lower limb modeling membrane characteristics membrane application in food industry trans membrane pressure awifs normalized difference vegetation index (ndvi) sum of squared difference multi date. bit error rate (ber) v-blast. maximum receiving ratio combining (mrrc) multiple input multiple output (mimo) stbc alamouti scheme ground failure structure damages soil washout cohesionless soil soil liquefaction coordinate rotation digital computer (cordic). ifft parallel processing pipelining dft fft vector fitting frequency response macromodel synthetic turf shock absorption pads pe and sebs blends sebs gel infill granules aggrigation wormhole attack recharging web browser dogfooding energy efficient rapid event aggregation centrifuge open nebula weight of bolls plant height maturity time number of bolls mesh catalyric coated wire catalytic blend of karanja biodiesel exhaust gas reciculation structure modification shorting post hfss surface effect e-businees ethespinet e-commerce rammed earth stabilizer c.b.r value saline condition cracks bacillus pastuerii s.i.gasoline engine four-stroke diesel & pyrolysis oil of tyre emission for the blend
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