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Using web for campaigning
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Using web for campaigning


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How web can be used for effective campaigning.

How web can be used for effective campaigning.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Using Web for Campaigning BY UJJWAL ACHARYA
  • 2. The Session• Some examples• Why web for campaigning?• Creating blog / website• Using social networking (facebook)• Using microblogging (twitter)• Videos/Audio (podcasting & youtube)• Emails (mailing list / mass mailing)• Online groups (Yahoo Groups / Google Groups)
  • 3. BAD is good!• Blog Action Day (every year on October 15)• Writing on one topic on October 15• 2009: Climate Change• 13,605 Blogs/156 Nations / 18,085,076 Readers• Govt of UK & Spain, The White House blogged• From Nepal: 16 blogs registered for participation• An example of global web campaigning for creating awareness and buzz!
  • 4.• aims to address the need of people / organization to work for change in various problems• serves as the central platform informing and empowering movements for social change• Social organization can sign-up for a website that enlists activities and receive donation (
  • 5. (contd.)• Anyone can begin an action or initiate an petition and ask people to sign in• Also photos, audios and videos can be uploaded• Other similar websites include: ▫ ▫• Campaign examples ▫ Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign ▫
  • 6. Why Web Campaigning?• Mainstream media not interested! ▫ Or interested in small scale• Easy and cheap ▫ Easy to begin, get people ▫ Cheap to install and run ▫ Cheap to organize• Global reach ▫ Both in terms of access and people• Multimedia possibility
  • 7. Creating blog / website• I will be covering that in the next session!
  • 8. Using social networking sites• A social network service focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others.• Social network services provide a variety of ways for users to interact.• Examples: facebook, hi5, linkedin, myspace• Specialized: flickr,,
  • 9. Facebook• Most popular social networking in Nepal• Create a page, invite people to be fan• Create a user, add as many friends• Share/ post updates, links and multimedia ▫ Don’t overload ▫ A couple of updates a day is perfect• Can also be effectively used for mass mailing ▫ Don’t overload ▫ Difficult to use/time consuming than mailing list
  • 10. Facebook (contd.)• Create events, invite people to join and share information• Create causes, invite people to join, recruit and donate for the causes ▫ Causes in an facebook application!
  • 11. Microblogging• Microblogging is a form of multimedia blogging that allows users to send brief text updates or micromedia such as photos or audio clips and publish them.• These messages can be submitted by a variety of means, including text messaging, instant messaging, E-mail, digital audio or the web.• Examples: twitter,, plurk, tumblr
  • 12. Twitter• Create an account and update regularly ▫ As many as you can. No overload here.• Follow others to get followers!• Retweet!• Updates = 140 characters• Update to ▫ short text message ▫ links to news, photos or videos• Twitpic for pictures
  • 13. Multimedia• Requires more equipment, skills & fast internet• Audio (for podcasting) ▫ Recording (mobile) ▫ Basic editing (Audacity) ▫ Uploading (• Video ▫ Recording (digital camera/mobile) ▫ Basic editing (Microsoft Movie Maker/Wax) ▫ Uploading (
  • 14. Mailing lists• An electronic mailing list is a special usage of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many.• Special scripts can be used for it to install on own web servers (examples: PHPlist/poMMo)• Online service available: / notifylist• Benefit: sign-up / opt-out facilities, archives and automation (sending, removing)
  • 15. GroupsIntroduction Example• A social networking• Easier for peer-group discussions; resource sharing• Beneficial for the use of administrators of a group• Better because each member gets emails of happening• Examples: Google Groups, Yahoo Groups & MSN Groups
  • 16. Thank you! • •