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  1. 1. hello
  2. 2. welcometo social media for nonprofits
  3. 3. whatis social media?
  4. 4. Wikipedia’s social media definition:Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turncommunication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, andindividuals. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as "a groupof Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technologicalfoundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange ofuser-generated content."[1] Social media is ubiquitously accessible, andenabled by scalable communication techniques.Simplified version of social media:Social media is internet based applications that create ways to identify, store,organize, publish, syndicate, critique and share content with others. Types ofcontent includes video, audio, copy, and pictures.
  5. 5. keysocial media features
  6. 6. Photo Sharing Message Boards Blogging KeyPodcasts Chat Platform Rooms FEATURES Social Networking RSS Video Sharing
  7. 7. makean impact with social media
  8. 8. • Build communities Think about your current ways of contacting people: direct mail lists, newsletter lists, emails, etc. They are probably on social networks already so go find them!• Reach new people This will open up new doors for fundraising, volunteers, getting your services out there so people know they are available. Make new friends! Search for other organizations that have the same interests, goals, etc. Find influential people in your community and friend them.• Goal: Drive Traffic You are using social media for a reason whether it is to drive traffic to your website, gain awareness for your services, or to promote a fundraising campaign. Post content that is valuable and has a purpose.
  9. 9. • Listen Listen and respond: Be a part of your community. Engage. Listen and learn: Social media is here to stay and always evolving. You need to listen to see what new platforms will help your nonprofit and listen to your audience to see what is working and also what isn’t.• Real-Time Engagement Talk one-to-one with your audience. NEW OPPORTUNITY. VERY EFFECTIVE.
  10. 10. whysocial media is importantErik Qualman -
  11. 11. whento use what platforms
  12. 12. • Donors/Volunteers Unfortunately, no magic button for either of these. What you need to do: TELL YOUR STORIES EFFECTIVELY. Create emotional engagement. Make people connect with your organization, your employees, your clients. Great stories leads to new connections = NEW DONORS AND VOLUNTEERS Example: Great story shown to 10 twitter followers and those 10 twitter followers broadcast it to their followers you have reached 1,000 people with one story.
  13. 13. • Ask your audience Don’t be afraid to ask what platforms they prefer.• Pick platforms CHOOSE your platforms. Only do ones you will actually take part in. Don’t just sign up because everyone else is. If you can’t take the time to do it properly just don’t do it.• Integrate with your website Your “HUB” should be your website/blog. People should be able to go to your site and find links to your social media content, find information about your organization and easily contact you if needed.
  14. 14. costfor social media
  15. 15. • Time Try to give it at least an 1-hour a day (not always one chunk of time, could be five minutes here and five minutes there). Use interns but remember when they leave someone needs to pick it up• For the most part - FREE branding! You can try things like facebook ads, google adwords (you can get google grants though for these) and those do cost but with all of these you set your price.
  16. 16. toolsa.k.a. platforms for social media
  17. 17. • ASK GOOGLE Not sure how to do something on facebook, twitter, etc.? Ask Google! You must learn to use social media to connect with donors, volunteers and your community. Your most valuable (FREE) resource is Google.
  18. 18. • Google Grants FREE ADVERTISING!! MUST DO THIS! Google Grants is a unique in-kind donation program awarding free AdWords advertising to select nonprofit organizations.
  19. 19. • Google Earth Allows you to tell your story through Google’s mapping technologies. Video:
  20. 20. • Google Analytics Track website stats and social media stats to get more donors and volunteers (demographics, engagement)
  21. 21. • YouTube Allows an embedded donate button on your YouTube videos
  22. 22. • Google Apps Google Apps offers communication, collaboration and publishing tools, including email accounts on your organization’s domain ( With Google Apps, your nonprofit organization can decrease its total cost of ownership and offer staff the very latest innovation from Google. Google Calendars Google Docs: Real time and one file Google email (Gmail)
  23. 23. • Google for nonprofits Sign up for all of the above at to get all the above google products and more.
  24. 24. • Google Places Help clients, donors, and volunteers find you!
  25. 25. Google+ time (hangouts): Chat with donors, service partners, clients, volunteers andmore – saving travel expense and time.Staff meetings: You can collaboratively write notes and use a sketchpad like awhiteboard – all while still seeing up to 10 people face-to-face.Document revision/editing: One place to edit/revise documents/eliminateemail revisions.Broadcasting knowledgeSign up at:
  26. 26. Our brains are wired to like motion.Types of videos:Show your servicesClient TestimonialsYouTube offers premium features for nonprofits for free.• Premium branding capabilities• Google Checkout “Donate” button• Listing on the Nonprofit videos page• Ability to place a Call to Action overlay on your videos to raise money or find volunteersApply at: Water just raised over$10,000 because of their overlay!
  27. 27. Tell your nonprofit story on a single page using timeline.• Create a fan page Public url so you can publicize easily and is best for seo Use lots of photos: (highest engagement) be creative with videos as well Photos need no translation - Photos get the highest engagement. Be Creative: Answer wall posts using video instead of responding with copy, add a store to buy merchandise or use quizzes. Set-up a page at: Timeline Overview“All your stories, all your apps, and a new way to express who you are.” - Mark Zuckerberg -
  28. 28. Facebook• Insights/Analytics Engagement Demographics How to find these stats on your fan page
  29. 29. Facebook• Facebook Ads How to create a facebook ad
  30. 30. Facebook• Causes This is great for donations - YOU MUST DO THIS Easy Communication: Send members emails and facebook notifications Integrate causes with your fan page Insert donation buttons and make it easy for people to donate Set up a cause: Over $40 million has been raised for 27,000 nonprofits using causes
  31. 31. Facebook• Cause Campaigns Create a campaign: Create around an action Advocacy - Petition Action Behavioral Change - Pledge Action Fundraising - Give Action Examples:• Cause Extras Social Fundraising: Birthday Wish Corporate Matching Grants
  32. 32. TwitterNot a huge market in MontanaCodes you must know:RT it @ - RetweetDM - Direct Message (private messages). Enter DM followed by @TheUserName# hashtag - put next to keywords (topics) this helps people searching for your topicto find your tweetShorten your urls: bitly.comApply at: www.twitter.comLink twitter to facebook: way to manage tweets:
  33. 33. LinkedIn• ProfileEstablish the presence of your staff, board membersSpread the word about your organization and missionGrow your organization (volunteers and donors)Have complete profilesAdd volunteer and causes section to your profileUse free API’s and plugins: - Create share buttons,recommend buttons that tie your “hub” (website) to your social media contentNew: LinkedIn Inmaps: VISUAL! profile:
  34. 34. LinkedIn• Company PageAdmin Tools: Populate sectionsProducts and ServicesGood example is TapRoot for showcasing their servicesSpread the word about your organizationCreate page:
  35. 35. LinkedIn• GroupsStart a group or take part in groups with commentingGood groups to followVolunteer MatchThe Chronicle of PhilanthropyCreate page:
  36. 36. Wordpress - Blogging platformWhy to use wordpress: • Easy to update (news, pages, schedule announcements, publish photos) • Easy to maintain • Easy to customize • Quick learning curve • Cheap • Good support networkFew examples of nonprofits using wordpress:Children’s Rights: Parenting Place: to a web designer to set up or go to: www.wordpress.comLink blog to facebook: Using facebook connect plugin for wordpress
  37. 37. Pinterest - NEW and AWESOME! Virtual, interactive bulletin boards• Create Pinterest boards with a specific purpose in mind. Example: Humane Society of New York Woof – Adopt A Dog• Follow other boards of similar interest (Nonprofit organizations, Nonprofits and Social Media)• Follow influential people• “Like” pins or repin items that appeal to you. Comment on other pins.• Collaborate with co-workers or team members to help build your Pinterest board by using the board edit feature “Me + Contributors.”
  38. 38. • Use the @ feature in the comment box to tag specific people (like other social networks - twitter)• Add a Pinterest share button to your website and URL on your business cardsRequest an invite from pinterest:• Put pinterest app on facebook page timeline 2-easy-steps/
  39. 39. Quick Response Codes• What is a QR code? Its a code that a cell phone can quickly read. QR codes are on billboards, magazines, websites, t-shirts, etc. They store data from urls that go to a location with more information about that product or brand.• Software to create QR codes Go to• How to read the code On your smartphone download a barcode scanner app. Kaywa Reader is a good one.
  40. 40. RedditSocial news website where the registered users submit content, in the formof either a link or a text “self” post. Other users then vote the submission“up” or “down,” which is used to rank the post and determine it’s position onthe site’s pages and front page.Register at:
  41. 41. resources
  42. 42. 19 ways non-profits can use social media to connect with donors: Qualmann Social Media Revolution 2011: Timeline: causes: campaigns on cuases: store fronts: 10 options
  43. 43. How to Measure Social Media Traffic onYour Website with Google Analytics: 8 tips for nonprofits: for nonprofits: (embed directly on your website)
  44. 44. thankshope you enjoyed the presentation