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Power of Social Media: Connecting Students of All Ages and Abilities

  1. Varju Luceno: Power of Social Media Connecting Students of All Ages and Abilities XLi 2014 – March 28, 2014
  2. What is Social Media? Engaging Others Online in Active and Open Conversations
  3. What Can Social Media Do for You? • Make your voice heard • Level the playing field • Keep you up-to-date • Enhance your networking efforts • Inform and educate others about your cause, services or product • Distribute your content • Help you stay connected • Amplify your message
  4. People are geared toward connecting Connection = Value = Belonging
  5. Most Relevant Social Media Platform? Factors to consider: • Your audience • Are you listening, networking, monitoring, sharing, educating or broadcasting? • Frequency of updates • Available resources (time, money, staff) • Social media guidelines • Tone / Style • Privacy / Security
  6. Where should I be: SlideShare, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook?
  7. SlideShare • Free or paid options • Share concise, well written, shareable content • Demonstrate your expertise • Spread ideas • Add audio track to visual presentations / slides • Automatically generated transcript • Upload content in various formats (PowerPoint presentations, MS Word files etc.)
  8. Twitter • Free • Connect and Engage • Listen • Share • Monitor / Get news • Promote • Educate • Research • Respond to feedback
  9. LinkedIn • Free or paid options • Connect with more than 275 million members worldwide, find mentors and career advice • Stay up to date with people in your network • Search for people, jobs, companies and groups • Follow Influencers / get insights • View and save recommended jobs • Read the latest industry news • Follow companies / organizations • Keep up with your favorite groups, participate
  10. Facebook • Free • Effective for H2H (human-to-human) connections • Personal profiles, pages (companies, events, causes, non-profits, products) and groups • Participation is more involved (time-consuming) than on LinkedIn, Twitter or SlideShare • Can get very “noisy”
  11. Blogs • Free or paid options • The most time-consuming • Know your target audience • Relevant content and consistency of posting are important • Educate and inform • Make sharing your content easy
  12. YouTube • Free • Very powerful • Know your audience • Edutainment (Educate and Entertain) • Use captions • TedEd: Lessons Worth Sharing []
  13. What About Accessibility ?
  14. Common Social Media Accessibility Issues • Lack of section headings • Poor color contrast • Inability to navigate using keyboard only • Inability to operate functionality using keyboard only • Missing text equivalents (descriptions) for images • Inability to resize text • Videos lacking captioning • Purpose of a field not labeled • Inability to create user accounts (Pinterest) • Use of CAPTCHAs- abstract renderings of random characters
  15. Make Your Content Accessible • Provide additional ways to contact your organization • Use clear, concise messages • Include main content first, put hashtags (#) at the end of a post, important for screen reader users • If a tweet contains an image, video or audio indicate this at the beginning of the content or use the prefix [PIC], [VIDEO] or [AUDIO] • In addition, if a tweet or Facebook post includes one of these items, link back to the webpage that contains the image, video or audio with a full caption/transcript • Avoid the use of acronyms, abbreviations and text messaging shortcuts if you can • If you are linking to a PDF document, make sure the document is tagged properly and accessible. If it is not, also provide a link to a text alternative • Ensure proper HTML markup is used such as headings, paragraphs and lists to help orient users and ensure clarity of the content
  16. Find Tools and Resources • Twitter provides a list of keyboard shortcuts for keyboard only users • Facebook provides a small set of keyboard shortcuts • AppleVis collects information on the accessibility of apps developed for iOS devices, including LinkedIn and Twitter apps • Easy YouTube provides an accessible interface for viewing YouTube videos • Easy YouTube caption creator: content creating tool • WordPress open source CMS with many free plugins, allows to host a website on your own server, provides more freedom to customize the software for accessibility
  17. Resources • Twitter Accessibility: Media Access Australia [] • LinkedIn Help: Media Access Australia [] • Facebook Accessibility Help [] • Accessible WordPress Themes: The Chronicle of Higher Ed [] • Tweeting Blind by Jonathan Mosen (NBP) []
  18. Resources (continued) • Social Media for People With a Disability [] • Improving the Accessibility of Social Media in Government [ accessibility] • Accessible Social Media: SSB BART Group [] • Ed Social Media [] • AppleVis []
  19. Stay Connected Twitter: @accessibledaisy, @varjuluceno