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  • Ask the audience to volunteer what they understand by networking. Explain that, in the context of this workshop, it is about building links with people to maximise our chances of success in different areas. This can be done in a variety of different ways.
  • Requires preparation
  • Networking 1.6.2012

    1. 1. Careers Effective Networking 1st June 2012 Dr. Tracy Bussoli1
    2. 2. Careers Activities of networking • Preparing for networking • Finding people • Making contact • Talking about yourself • Asking for things • Finishing the conversation • Following up • Maintaining links2
    3. 3. Careers Objectives • Why: Think about why we need to create and maintain contacts • How: Learn some rules/tools to help with creating and maintaining contacts • Some Practice3
    4. 4. In small groups• Why is important to create contacts?
    5. 5. Careers Why creating contacts useful? • Build partnerships with business and industry • Make your research more effective and successful encouraging wider impact on society and the economy • Create partnerships with internal departments and external organisations • Find a new employees for your team • Find out what the competition is doing • Find people who supply goods and services you may need • Get known by others • Get others to know what you do • Help others with their business challenges • Increase your knowledge of your marketplace or specialist area of expertise • Make new social and business friends • Meet key people and decision makers for partnerships and fundraising • Raise your own and the organisation’s profile5
    6. 6. CareersHowSome principles………..
    7. 7. CareersFinding peopleIn person and on-line
    8. 8. Careers Finding people • Start with people you know e.g. supervisors and academics • Whom they might know? • Think ‘connectors’ • Think about them; who do they interact with? • Use professional / industry associations • Conferences and events • Use LinkedIn / Facebook8
    9. 9. Finding People…..get Careers out there Don’t spend all your time at a PC waiting for people to come to you. • In person…at meetings, chance encounters, on the phone 80% • Electronically…, linked-in, etc. 20%9
    10. 10. Careers Because…. • A tweet: forgotten in microseconds • An email: forgotten in two minutes • A telephone conversation: forgotten in half an hour • A face to face meeting with a follow-up thank you…..six months!10
    11. 11. Careers Building relationships Alliance Advocacy Assistance Advice Answers11
    12. 12. Talking to people• Half people are number 1 and half are number 2.• In three minutes, number 2 has to find out as much about number 1 looking for things that connect you.• Then reverse the process.• Each pair in the room then feeds back a few things that connect them
    13. 13. Careers Finding Contacts in person Talking to people13
    14. 14. Careers Preparation: Think about you What do you want people to remember about you? • Connector • Problem-solver team-builder – networker – trouble-shooter – analyst – fixer resource finder • Implementer • Creator achiever – worker – pragmatist inventor – designer – innovator • Strategist • Influencer decision-maker – goal-setter – persuader – salesperson – navigator campaigner • Organiser • Pioneer planner – anticipator – coordinator entrepreneur – trailblazer – risk- • Mediator taker negotiator – agent – intermediary • Researcher • Nurturer investigator – explorer – enquirer developer – carer – helper • Adviser • Evaluator consultant – guide – counsellor auditor – judge – monitor • Inspirer visionary – motivator – example- • Something else? setter • Communicator educator – explainer – spokesperson What stories will help them remember?14
    15. 15. Careers Preparation: Think about them • What is interesting about them? • What questions might they have answers to? • What do they need or value? • How could you benefit them? • What could they do for you without effort?15
    16. 16. What type of questions Careers should I ask? • Open questions • Start with What, Where, How, When and Why?16
    17. 17. Careers Questions • How did you get into this area? • What would surprise someone from outside the field? • What motivates you in this role? • What challenges do you face regularly? • What one bit of experience or skill would get you noticed in this area? • What other questions would you17 ask?
    18. 18. Script elements Careers • Intro: Hi, my name is... • Label/hook: I’m really interested in... • Request: I was hoping I could ask you a couple of questions about... • Appreciation: ...was really helpful because... • Follow-up: Could I contact you another time if I have more questions?18
    19. 19. Networking Scenarios• On your handouts, you have four scenarios that involve elements of networking.• In groups, choose 1 scenarios and discuss how you would approach this.• Member from each group feeds back.
    20. 20. In small groups, think aboutthe different ways of findingrelevant contacts online
    21. 21. Careers Finding Contacts: Online • Names on publications • Professional bodies • Linked-in, Facebook, MySpace, twitter • Forum/discussion boards of professional bodies/linked-in. • Networking Events (find out who is attending beforehand) • Queen Mary Alumni (linked-in)21
    22. 22. Careers Some Features of Linked-In22
    23. 23. Searching for Companies Careers23
    24. 24. Search for People Careers24
    25. 25. Careers Finding Jobs25
    26. 26. Careers Joining Relevant Groups26
    27. 27. So, what’s stopping Careers you? • Shyness or embarrassment? • Fear of failure? • Making a fool of yourself? • Moral objections? • Lack of confidence? • Lack of contacts? London Closed Because of Snow by Lars Ploughman • Lack of time? • Don’t know how? • Something else?27
    28. 28. Learning from othersIn pairs:Tell your partner about a person that youthink is good at networking.What do they do and how does this addto their success?Report back in to whole group
    29. 29. Careers Resources • Networking for Introverts: http:// • Personal Networking: how to make connections count, Mike Cope, Pearson Education, 2003 • Vault Guide to Schmoozing, Mercer Lerner, Ed Shen, Mark Oldman, Hussan Hamadeh, Vault 2002 • Networking for job search and Career Success, L Michelle Tullier, PhD, JIST works, 2004 • • • =ezpubproj&render.function=xml-feed&sources= ezpub&query=networking • •