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  • How do they use the social web? Creators? Joiners? Spectators?How well do they know you? Obviously easier to evangelize someone who knows/trusts you. Otherwise, you need to include an “education” component in your plan
  • Most campaigns are really going to aim for three things:Create Awareness – informational, casualEducate – form opinions, insights, equip to make a decisionInspire Action – financial, advocacy, task (do something)They may take days to move from one step to another (rare), weeks or months. Your audience will come in at different levels, ready for different kinds of interaction.
  • LISTEN – THE most important step there is.Call to action – TELL people what you want them to do. Ask for their insight, opinion, stories. Share things they post/tell/talk about.
  • LISTEN – THE most important step there is.Call to action – TELL people what you want them to do. Ask for their insight, opinion, stories. Share things they post/tell/talk about.
  • LISTEN – THE most important step there is.Call to action – TELL people what you want them to do. Ask for their insight, opinion, stories. Share things they post/tell/talk about.
  • This tends to be where people want to start. This is where it gets overwhelming. It is not as overwhelming though as it seems if you have a plan in place.Monitor = listen/measureBlog = thought leadership, engagementFacebook = social, informal, recruiting, blog traffic, event promotion, media sharing (video/photo), ask questions, post insightsTwitter = listening, engagement, learningLinkedIn = engagement, networking, thought leadershipYouTube = sharing stories, generating buzz
  • Keep your objectives in mind.Get involved. Contribute.Think BEFORE you Tweet/Post/Comment.Learn how engagement marketing impacts/is impacted by other activities: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Public RelationsMarketingWebsite trafficDon’t fall into the “One” trap-Multiple platforms, multiple mediums, - don’t fall into the trap of using “social” platforms for nothing more than fancy linear communicationBe in the Right Place at the Right TimeUnderstand where your audience is and target them on the social network where they can be found. Make sure you are on as many social mediums as possible. Don't waste your time selling your carpet business on MySpaceHave a clear message – or the whole thing is uselessPoor content = the whole thing is useless
  • Social media &_engagement_marketing_slideshare

    1. 1. Social Media & Engagement Marketing Sara Brueck Nichols May 2, 2012 1
    2. 2. Objectives• Where are you coming from?• What are you expecting?• What do you want to end up with?• What do you hope to know in 120 minutes that you don’t know now? 2
    3. 3. Getting Started Evaluation 3
    4. 4. Getting Started• What are your objectives/purpose?• What is working? Why?• What are your concerns?• How well do you know your audience?• Do you have stats about your web traffic?• How will you define success? 4
    5. 5. Ask Yourself…• How good are we at listening?• How compelling is the story we want to tell?• How big is our universe? Where are they?• How much of our time is social media worth?• What are our competitors doing?• Who are the brands we want to emulate? 5
    6. 6. Plan: Audience• Who are you trying to reach?• Where are they on the social web?• How do they use the social web?• What do they want?• How much time do they have?• How well do they know you? 6
    7. 7. Plan: Objectives• Brand o Awareness o Thought leadership• Members/Customers Awareness o Recruitment/retention o Community building o Service/support• Financial Education o Sales o Donations• Other? Action 7
    8. 8. Plan: Strategy• Create your plan• Integrate• Listen and Monitor.• Pay Attention!• Participate• Inspire• Network• Spread awareness/generate buzz• Call to action 8
    9. 9. Plan: Content• What are you passionate about?• About what are you an expert?• What is being said about you?• Follow: industry trends, competitors, interesting people• Build your online brand by association with other brands• New perspective and fresh content 9
    10. 10. Plan: Content• What will your conversation be about? o What is important to your supporters? o What do your online stakeholders want to discuss? o What can you post that offers value? o How will you engage them? o How will you encourage them to take specific action? 10
    11. 11. Plan: Tools/Tactics• Monitoring• Blog• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn• YouTube• Pinterest• Instagram 11
    12. 12. 1-Hour Quick Start• Listen – (30 minutes) o What are you and your business passionate about? o Brands, Movements, Organizations, News, Networks & Associations, Competitors, Trends• Be Social – (15 minutes) o Comment o Share o Contribute• Engage – (15 minutes) o Ask for opinions, insight, experiences o Respond to questions, queries and challenges o Produce content, communicate with customers o Offer new perspective 12
    13. 13. Tips10 Things to Keep in Mind 13
    14. 14. Don’t Forget• Keep your objectives in mind.• Get involved. Contribute.• Think BEFORE you Tweet/Post/Comment.• Integrate campaigns• Don’t fall into the “One” trap: one tool, one person, one time, one minute• Be in the right place at the right time• Have a clear message• Content IS CRITICAL• Be confident, transparent, honest & human• No: boring, spam, sales or spin content/updates 14
    15. 15. • Social Media Club o SLC o Utah Valley• Utah Pulse Resources & o Social Media Minute Contact Info.• Sara Brueck Nichols•••• SaraBrueckNichols•• @CandidMarketer 15