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Creating a brand name

The presentation is an overview of creating a brand name in education.

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Creating a brand name

  1. 1. By: Amanda Adams AKA The Teaching Jedi StreamliningOur OnlinePresenceTeachers Creating a Brand Name
  2. 2. IntroductionTeaching Jedi...• AKA Amanda Adams Scan this QR Code to get to my blog!• 13+ years teaching• Distance Ed, Tech Coach, LA, ELL, SS• Twitter - @amsuad• Blog -• Student Website -
  3. 3. Questions to address...• What is a brand? Have any questions?• Why do I need one?• How do I streamline my online presence?• What do I use to build a brand?
  4. 4. Click anylink or iconfor resources!
  5. 5. Question #1What is a brand?
  6. 6. What is a brand anyway?FACE OF YOUR WORK"You are essentially creating a "face" for what students will experience in your classroom..." -Terry Heick, The Importance of Branding Your Classroom
  7. 7. A brand can be...• a name an image• a quick, simple, and memorable statement• what you are known for• an emotion, a perception "It has been said that learners may not remember much about what you teach them, but theyll never forget how you made them feel. Thats brand." - Terry Heick
  8. 8. Question #2Why do I need abrand?
  9. 9. Why do I need a brand?ACCESSIBILITY"Basically any way a kid or a parent might look to find &contact you - your program and practice should be there." - Gwyneth Jones, Transparency is the New BlackMANAGING YOUR REPUTATION"With the surge of Social Media, you have not only the ability, but you now have the need to manage your own reputation, both online and in real life." -Forbeswoman, The First Step to Building Your Personal Brand
  10. 10. A brand is useful because you are...• accessible to & communicating with your target audience• choosing what to be known for• using specific tools that meet your needs
  11. 11. Accessibility & Communication• Class archive • Newsletters• Homework help • Class reminders• Extensions • Parent updates• Resources • Advertise successes • Volunteer opportunities
  12. 12. Managing ReputationWhat is your...•image•nameHow do people access you?When they Google you, what will they find?
  13. 13. Effective Tools2 questions...1. What would be beneficial to you?1. What do your constituents have access to?
  14. 14. Activity: Discuss/Contemplate1. Who is your target audience?2. What do you/they need?3. What tools are you using?4. What tools do you have access to?
  15. 15. Question #3How do I streamline my online presence?
  16. 16. To streamline online presence... • Choose a simple name • Choose an avatar/symbol • Use it everywhere • Choose your tools carefully • Advertise it to constituents
  17. 17. Activity: Discuss/Contemplate1. What needs do you have to fill?2. What tools would you like to try?3. What tools are available to you in-district or online?
  18. 18. Question #4What do I use tobuild a brand?
  19. 19. Some suggestions... Kathy Schrock that is!• Blog or Website - for resources• Twitter or Blog - for announcements, updates• Facebook - for sharing pics, work, or successes• Create a recognizable avatar• Acquire the domain name
  20. 20. Activity: Check Out ExamplesThe Daring Librarian Catlin Tucker Bill Ferriter Eric Sheninger - Cool Cat Teacher Administrator
  21. 21. Where do I start?1. Identify who you are or want to be2. Identify what you need3. Pick a tool or two4. Visibly connect with your audience Still not sure? Consider this... Transparency is the New Black
  22. 22. Activity: Discuss/Contemplate1. What is your style?2. What do you want to be known as?3. What are some words/nicknames/ideas associated with you?
  23. 23. Final plug...Consider a culture of sharing!
  24. 24. Thats a wrap! Thanks for watching! Resources: