Philip calvert social media and employee engagement presentation


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Slides from Guest Speaker's seminar on Social Media and Employee Engagement. Presented at The Employee Engagement Forum Sept 2012

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Philip calvert social media and employee engagement presentation

  1. 1. Social Media: Time-Wasting Fad, or theHoly Grail of Internal and ExternalCommunication Tools?[Post event slides copy] Philip Calvert @PhilipCalvert @IFALife
  2. 2. About me• 25 years in Financial Services• Further 9 consulting and building communities online• Social Media• Surrey• Kickboxing and Photography
  3. 3. [Source: unknown]
  4. 4. Why is Social Media important?
  5. 5. Why are firms resistant to using SocialMedia – internally and externally? • Risk • Fear • Reputation and Brand • Time wasting • Compliance • Fear of loss of control • Internal comms jobs • Education gap
  6. 6. Imagine... • If your company hadn’t adopted email • If you didn’t have a website • If your sales people hadn’t been given mobile phones
  7. 7. Social Media explained Forget “Social Media”. Remember Image, Identity and Reputation Management.
  8. 8. Image Management tools • Google Places • YouTube • Blog • LinkedIn • Facebook • Twitter • Google + • Ecademy • Pinterest • Slideshare • EventBrite • Foursquare • Phone App
  9. 9. Social Media explained Forget “Social Media”. Remember Image, Identity and Reputation Management. LinkedIn is a key component of your Trust Development Toolkit.
  10. 10. The problem with customers • They have too many choices • You don’t stand out enough • They don’t have enough time • The Internet is seen as a shortcut • You don’t stand out enough online
  11. 11. Tell us something we don’t already know
  12. 12. Tell us something we don’t already know
  13. 13. Tell us something we don’t already know
  14. 14. Social Media – all about Marketing?
  15. 15. Social Media – all about Marketing?• To listen• Improve knowledge• Share best practice• Thought leadership• Networking/Relationships• Search engines/traffic• Collaboration• Engage• Comment/share expertise• Add value/contribute to discussions
  16. 16. Social Media – all about Marketing? • Cement relationships• To listen • Brand loyalty and buzz• Improve knowledge • Customer service• Share best practice • Identify influencers• Thought leadership • Promotion/Sales• Networking/Relationships • Idea feedback• Search engines/traffic • Build Community• Collaboration • Show a human face• Engage • Events• Comment/share expertise • PR• Add value/contribute to • Recruitment discussions • Employee engagement
  17. 17. “Our greatest asset is our staff”
  18. 18. “Our greatest asset is our staff”"The use of workers to humanize corporate entities has been a time-honored marketing tradition, of course. But in an era of Web 2.0 transparency, their visibility takes ongreater meaning, signalling the higher importance of customer service in the marketing mix... staffers offer a kind of peer credibility as corporate advocates.“ Noreen OLeary in AdWeek
  19. 19. But do we trust them enough to allow use of Social Media to communicate with: Customers Stakeholders Each other?!
  20. 20. How do staff/employees/colleaguescurrently communicate? • Email • Face to face • Telephone/SMS/BBM • Skype and Video • Coffee machine • Hallways • Lunchtime • Pub • Sports and Social • Official meetings/briefings
  21. 21. Social Media – internal benefits• Better engagement = better performance • Competitions• Engages younger staff • Increase collaboration• Retains good performers • Creates sense of Community• A new staff benefit/motivator • Weekend Warriors• Evidence of open and trusting • Vacancies become more management engaging• Quick and easy communications • Easy to identify Brand• Fast and honest feedback ambassadors• Ideas hub • Easy to identify good communicators • Humanises management / Reduces corporate speak
  22. 22. Social Media – internal benefits• Don’t accept “No” for an answer from Management • Better engagement = better performance• Train Management if they • Start small don’t understand it • Forget the tool (Twitter etc) – What the tools are • Ask what employees would find – What the tools do useful – Why Social is important • Expect very little engagement• “Communication is King” at the start
  23. 23. Social Media – identifying BrandAmbassadors • They ‘get’ and use Social Media• Good communicators • They are open, random and• They ‘get’ the objective of the supportive online Brand • They can articulate the dangers• Can articulate the objective • They can tell stories• They evangelise the brand • They are trustworthy• Strong sense of Mission/Vision • At ease with all levels of• Consistent in behaviours Management – internally and• Factually accurate in externally communications • They know competitors’ products• Can handle pressure • Keen to give feedback on own• Can handle argumentative people performance• Relaxed and friendly – but get • Fizzing with ideas and quick things done witted
  24. 24. Points to think about• Social Media policy throughout • Everyone is an ambassador• Guidelines for stepping outside • You won’t get it perfect policy (and who) • Requires leadership and the• Leap of faith for Management ability to trust staff• How to reward ambassadors • Special approach for Key• How to measure performance Accounts• Management are watching and • Don’t introduce it without some listening closely sort of plan• Does the company culture and • Don’t plan anything! tone match the messages? • Don’t expect results overnight• Ambassadors can become • This is not a replacement for ‘celebrities’ traditional staff communication• Have a defensive strategy for channels when someone is offended
  25. 25. Differentiate or Die
  26. 26. Your Differentiation Plan • In the industry • In your community • In your niche Your most powerful differentiator is...
  27. 27. What are you doing to get noticed?
  28. 28. Exercises / Groups
  29. 29. @PhilipCalvertConference Speaker on Social Media and LinkedIn Strategist Consultant on use of Social Media in Professional Services and Regulated Industries