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He Social Entrepreneurship Award 1


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Published in: Technology, Business
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He Social Entrepreneurship Award 1

  1. 1. The £1 million programme provides support across Higher Education Institutions to develop their expertise, skills, knowledge base and business support structures in social entrepreneurship and enterprise activity. Who can apply? If you are a  QMUL staff or student  and want support to develop entrepreneurial solutions to social problems with a connection to the Higher Education sector, For example, you could build upon the curriculum or research of your Institution or offer an entrepreneurial solution to an issue within the local community. What Awards are available? Catalyst Awards - Up to  £5,000  to start up and develop your project. Development Awards - Up to  £15,000  to take an existing project to the next level. Deadline 22 March 2010 How do I find out more? Contact Cath Lavery or Olivia Festy at QM Innovation, or go to HE Social Entrepreneurship Awards