BlogWell Minneapolis Social Media Case Study: McDonald's, presented by Heather Oldani & Steve Wilson


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BlogWell Minneapolis Social Media Case Study: McDonald's, presented by Heather Oldani & Steve Wilson

  1. 1. How Big Brands Use Social Media Minneapolis at General Mills | August 13, 2009 Heather Oldani & Steve Wilson McDonald’s “Collaboration 2.0”
  2. 2. Collaboration 2.0 Click to edit Master subtitle style BlogWell Minneapolis August 13, 2009
  3. 3. Heather Oldani Steve Wilson Director, U.S. Communications Sr. Director, Global Web Communications
  4. 4. Three Key Questions •What is this really about? •What is the brand opportunity? •How do we structure ourselves for success?
  5. 5. Our Starting Viewpoint
  6. 6. All about the relationships you have and build with your key audiences.
  7. 7. All about cultivating those relationships so that….
  8. 8. You enable those key audiences to become brand ambassadors…spread the word!
  9. 9. Click to edit Master subtitle style Our Brand Opportunity
  10. 10. McDonald’s, One of the Most “Social” Brands Today McDonald’s ranks number 32 out of a list of the top 100 “most social” brands Source: “The Most Social Brands of 2008,”, Abbey Klaassen, January 29, 2009
  11. 11. Our People, Our Customers
  12. 12. Strategic Vision Statement Deepen and enrich the brand’s relationship with consumers through knowledge, sharing, and entertainment.
  13. 13. McDonald’s Digital Strategy Pillars Go to them & foster THEIR communities Be multidimensional Continue engagements Be transparent
  14. 14. Click to edit Master subtitle style Our Digital Collaboration
  15. 15. Who Owns What?
  16. 16. Digital Workgroup Communications Media Creative Insights
  17. 17. A Phased Approach Listen Listen Participate Lead Participate Lead
  18. 18. Conversation Strategy Site Types of Who Will be Talking Primary Owner Conversations Brand discussions, Communications with Communications experiences other experts as needed Honoring fans, Marketing with help Marketing with providing ways for them from Communications Communications to amplify their and other experts as support fandom, engage with needed. Includes pilot brand. program for local activation Focus on general brand Communications & Communications experiences Customer Sat
  19. 19. Digital Collaboration Communications Customer Sat Media Creative Brand Content Field Legal Insights
  20. 20. Click to edit Master subtitle style Local U.S. Market Integration
  21. 21. Local Facebook Integration My McDonald’s
  22. 22. Local Sample Home Page My McDonald’s Choose Another McDonald’s Restaurants of Northeast Ohio Share + Zip Code 21
  23. 23. Local Twitter Integration
  24. 24. Click to edit Master subtitle style Global, Employee Integration
  25. 25. Mindshare
  26. 26. Integrated into Corporate Portal
  27. 27.
  28. 28. “Open for Discussion”
  29. 29. Station M USA & Canada
  30. 30. Objectives Acknowledge: Profile me  Learn about Crew through Crew- featured news  Share your favorite customer story  Submit your ideas, best practices, etc.  Site features: Submit your articles (news), tips, videos, photos (photo wall), ideas , and comments.
  31. 31. Objectives Input: Listen to me  Platform for dialogue between McDonald’s and Crew and between Crew members  Provide topical forum section for Crew interaction.  Site features: Moderated topical forums, articles post/blog, submissions
  32. 32. Objectives Privileges: Just for me  Exclusive membership limited to McDonald’s Crew members only  Site features: Relevant, contextual content that unites Crew members
  33. 33. Station M
  34. 34. Station M USA & Canada
  35. 35. Station M
  36. 36. Our Lounge United Kingdom
  37. 37. KetchUP Singapore
  38. 38. McLand Brazil
  39. 39. How Big Brands Use Social Media Learn more about upcoming and past BlogWells: or