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Red Lobster: Mapping the journey to Crabfest, presented by Carl Allen


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In his case study presentation, Red Lobster's Brand Manager of Digital Marketing, Carl Allen, talks about how they partnered with "Deadliest Catch" to promote their quality sourcing message in social media during Crabfest.

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Red Lobster: Mapping the journey to Crabfest, presented by Carl Allen

  1. 1. Red Lobster Carl Allen Mapping the journey to Crabfest Learn more about Member Meetings SOCIALMEDIA.ORG CASE STUDIES Member Meeting 41 New York City 10-26-2016 Member Meeting 41
  2. 2. MAPPING THE JOURNEY TO CRABFEST October 26, 2016
  3. 3. Our Challenge How do you get an audience to listen to your sourcing story and want to visit your event on a limited budget?
  4. 4. Red Lobster Marketing Communications: Communicate Red Lobster’s messaging priorities externally to drive visits and increase brand affinity Responsible for: TV, Web, Display, Social, Search, Local (e.g. OOH), and FSI Our Team and My Role Events Drive awareness and consideration of Events Growth Targets Extend awareness and consideration to a new guest Lunch Drive awareness and consideration for a new occasion Equity Strengthen brand loyalty & engagement Evergreen Strengthen consideration & conversion
  5. 5. Our Content Pillars Flavors of Crave Encourage guests to give in to crave and reward them with new flavors, products and preparations Guardians of the Sea Take credit for shaping the oceanic world through sourcing and sustainability stories, sea-to-table journeys Celebration Destination Create and celebrate memorable moments and events
  6. 6. What is Crabfest? Strategy Deliver a variety of craveable crab dishes offered only for a limited time Positioning Red Lobster’s Crabfest is back and better than ever. With more choices and new kinds of crab dishes, this is the ultimate celebration of everything crab. There’s a crab dish for everyone – come find yours!
  7. 7. What is Crabfest?
  8. 8. 360˚ Approach to Marketing Planning PR Press release, local TV outreach with GMs, Chef Heidi video and influencer leverage ADVERTISING TV and Online Video IN-RESTAURANT Event Card, Lobby Banner, FSI DIGITAL Website, FCC Email, Search, Social, Display, Mobile and Yelp; Integrated Contest
  9. 9. Deadliest Catch & Captain Sig
  10. 10. Agency Ideas: Good but Expensive Rendition of Final Story
  11. 11. Pooling Our Resources to Navigate the Rough Waters
  12. 12. The Journey to Crabfest
  13. 13. Campaign Overview Telling the Whole Story Generating Awareness & Engagement Dedicated Sea-to-Plate hub Callout Prime real estate highlighting contest & Captain Sig integration “above the fold” Sea-to-plate content added weekly to drive repeat visitation Detailed contest instructions Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute partnership highlight Crabfest menu showcased as final phase of journey Digital game adds layer of fun engagement Weekly Social Challenges PR Outreach FCC Inclusion The Grand Prize Objective: A six-week cross-channel activation to tell the story of sea to plate, claiming credit where credit is due for our sourcing credibility and culinary expertise; Giving guests and employees a chance to see firsthand where the journey begins.
  14. 14. Campaign Highlights: Sea-to-Plate Carousel
  15. 15. Campaign Highlights: Contest Prompt from Captain Sig
  16. 16. Campaign Highlights: 360˚ Video
  17. 17. Campaign Highlights: Crab Education Carousel
  18. 18. Campaign Highlights: 360˚ Photo
  19. 19. Campaign Highlights: Crabber Challenge
  20. 20. Campaign Highlights: Snapchat
  21. 21. Campaign Highlights: Menu Photography
  22. 22. Campaign Performance • 4x as many contest entries as previous 360 campaigns • 360 content engagement rate outperformed the rest of campaign • Campaign influenced purchased intent and likelihood to recommend • FB: PI (+12pts vs. control), Reco (+14pts) • IN: PI (+5pts), Reco (+1pt) • Deadliest Catch saw benefit from partnership as well
  23. 23. Fan Response
  24. 24. Cross Channel Synergy
  25. 25. Start with a Strong Brief and Stretch Goals Don’t be afraid to say No; Stay Strong Internally Use what you already have and leverage it for more Relationships Matter Lend credibility from celebrities, influencers, and partners
  26. 26. MAPPING THE JOURNEY TO CRABFEST October 26, 2016
  27. 27. Learn more about past and upcoming Member Meetings Learn more about Member Meetings SOCIALMEDIA.ORG CASE STUDIES Member Meeting 41 New York City 10-26-2016 Member Meeting 41