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BlogWell San Francisco Case Study: Sears Holdings Corporation, presented by Jennifer Dominiquini

In her BlogWell presentation, Sears Holdings Corporation's DVP, Customer Analytics & Social Media, Jennifer Dominiquini, shares how they built and engaged their community.

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BlogWell San Francisco Case Study: Sears Holdings Corporation, presented by Jennifer Dominiquini

  1. 1. ®How Big Brands Use Social Media Sears Holdings Corporation Jennifer Dominiquini Building & Engaging the Community San Francisco | June 20, 2011
  2. 2. FitStudio: Building a Fit Community Jennifer Kelly DominiquiniDivisional Vice President (Toys, Seasonal & Sporting Goods) Sears Holdings Co
  3. 3. SoMe at Sears Holdings…engagement reimagined
  4. 4. Digital and social is everywhere at Kmart and Sears
  5. 5. But today my focus is on the not always known… Who knew that Sears is America’s Leading Fitness Retailer?
  6. 6. Our Challenge: the clothes hanger Why is the treadmill the most expensive clothes hanger people own?
  7. 7. Our Observation: conversations on health and wellness are everywhere • Exercise • Meditation • Diet • Nutrition • Technology • Politics • FinanceSlide created by Y&R
  8. 8. Our Opportunity: a fitness DIY culture with people taking advantage of ahost of digital tools 60 Have not, but interested in trying 50 Currently Use 40 34 30 27 20 24 19 23 23 22 24 16 10 18 15 12 3 9 5 5 6 5 0 ) r es ite s ii er r g ax ne ito eo aW lo in n ks Tr i an vid on ss ra az or e ne n lT pl ag M tiv si e w fit a cis ity m e Ac ,a et on at er iv e ss ln eo ( rs lin tR ct er ex ne cia Pe vid /a On ar in fit to so ss tra He e m w ne tiv on ro al ho fit Ac on sf p e ou e rs lin an lin gr pe On pl On ed d e cis ize at er el r te sr Ex pu es m tn Co /fi th al He Source: Mintel, Exercise Trends Report, 2010Slide created by Y&R Base: 1,488 adults aged 18+ with internet access who exercise
  9. 9. FitStudio: our vision “ We help you get started... and we keep you going. _” FitStudio isn’t just an online fitness hub where people can connect. It is a groundbreaking 21st century fitness experience with the purpose of “Inspiring Victories” around people’s fitness goals. It will utilize a powerful combination of an online community, relevant content, and tools that will work together to help novices and professionals alike learn, share, find inspiration and inspire.
  10. 10. An integrated value-proposition for professionals and consumers Pros that provide support, advice and services Those who Those who need Information need Support and Advice, Tools and Community and Products And those that need bothSlide created by Y&R
  11. 11. We started as Sears Fit Club…and got personalPage creative by Salt Communications
  12. 12. Over time we rebranded into an integrated ecosystem
  13. 13. How: five principles of community building 1) 5) 2) 4) 3)Source: Principles derived from Mark Bonchek, SVP Community, Sears Holdings
  14. 14. A top notch blogging and advisory team provide much of the content Health &Fitness Pros Wellness Blogging TeamAndrea Metcalf Scott Herman Dr. Ian Smith Dave Grotto R.D. Carla Birnberg* Kelly Olexa*Author of Naked Personal Trainer General Health Expert Nutrition Specialist Fitness Blogger Fitness MotivatorFitness Motivation & General Panel Member of Host of radio show Personality ofPersonal Trainer Fitness Celebrity Fit Club Let’s Talk Health ChicagoAlfonso Moretti Steve & Bonnie Pfiester Dr. Vonda Wright Dr. Ronald DeMeo Joyce Cherrier* Danny McLartyPersonal Trainer Personal Trainers Orthopedic Surgeon Pain Management Personal Trainer Personal Trainer,Personality of the Featured on VH1 and Author of Fitness Specialist Sports TrainingAngry Trainer ABC fitness shows After Forty Meridian Health Lisa Johnson* Franklin Antoian Personal Trainer, Personal Trainer, Pilates and Fitness Weight Loss and General Health
  15. 15. Content reflects a blending of product and lifestyle Fitness and Sporting Goods Blog @searsfitness
  16. 16. Content fuels conversation on all social propertiesTwitter & weekly #Fitstudio chats Facebook Discussions
  17. 17. Pro to peer and peer to peer collaboration drives engagementForums Questions with the Pros
  18. 18. The whole community collaborates in individual success Christopher Borders before and after BCx
  19. 19. Healthy competition fuels added collaborationSource: Slide compliments of Bonnie and Steve Pfeister, BCX bootcamp
  20. 20. Co-creation is our fuel to build the community moving forward
  21. 21. Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini, DVPSears Holdings @frontlinemom For more information:
  22. 22. ®How Big Brands Use Social Media Learn more about upcoming and past BlogWells: or San Francisco | June 20, 2011