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Building Brand Value Through Social Media


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Building Brand Value Through Social Media
Brand stewards need new skills in the social media world.

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Building Brand Value Through Social Media

  1. 1. Building Brand Value Through Social Media © 2009 Bloomberg Marketing/Diva Maarketing 9-25-09
  2. 2. Toby Bloomberg: My Life In Social Media I
  3. 3. Today You’ve Heard About …
  4. 4. What is a brand? A brand is what represents a company, product, and/or service in the marketplace. It's a shortcut that enables prospective customers to understand more rapidly and readily trust what you're selling. - Steve McKee A brand is a promise that delivers on consumer expectations. It says to the consumer, if you do business with me, here's what you can expect. - John Costello. A brand is the commercialized value of the trust between a customer and a company. - Pete Sealey Your brand is the genuine "personality" of your company. It's what your customers think of you and say about you when they've left your company," Rodger Roeser,,
  5. 5. What is branding? Find the simple story in the product, and present it in an articulate and intelligent, persuasive way. - Bill Bernbach BE DifFerent What is your response? "Our brand is the only _____ that ______." Caution! Can reality can sustain your claims?
  6. 6. Why Brand power can account for as much as 10% of the change in a company's stock price. At the 2004 World Economic Forum, 59% of top executives said brand represents more than 40% of a company's market capitalization. BusinessWeek A positive impression of the brand would protect the brand from damage. Richard Ford
  7. 7. Customer Product/Service Delivery Channels Perception Ads Warranty Consistency Store location Media Placement Billing Statement Customer Care Brand Advertising Proposition/ Community Promotions Involvement Company Culture Value Website Values Employee Interface Receptionist Social Media Price Employee Attitude Sponsorships eMail Language Trucks Graphic Look & Feel
  8. 8. A New Value Proposition To Define
  9. 9. Building Brand Value Through Social Media
  10. 10. Perception May Influence Purchase Decision Megite
  11. 11. Managing A Brand In The Social Media World Is Like _________________. Christmas. You can make a list but you could get socks. - @andreamoe Trying to manage curly, freezy hair in Atlanta. - meghab Juggling chainsaws - @jeremyporter Managing an army - @benag Trying to control your mother-in-law - @appsolutegenices Trying to manage my 8 year old daughter’s slumber party. @60secondturner Herding cats - @iamtherealnick and mikele130 A wrestling match - @atlmarketing Remembering to Think before you open your pieholder. - @michelekersey
  12. 12. The Challenge …do it in a way that’s not over branding. Emmanuel Brown , Nike But is … Authentic Honest Transparent People First
  13. 13. Social Media Brand Stakeholders Company Customers Social Media Employees Strategic Questions How do you keep the brand promise? How do you “collaborate” with stakeholders to grow the brand? Which tactics serve the brand most effectively?
  14. 14. Company Customers E Lionel X Menchaca C Connie Benson - Dell H - Techrigy A N Richard FrankEliason Binhammer - Comcast G - Dell E S Employees Exchanges & Responsibilities
  15. 15. COMPANY Company We cultivate a culture of the rebel and celebrate those who go off and do what some say can't be done. Nike CFO Don W. Blair
  16. 16. EMPLOYEES Videos With An Edge Combining rich content with great people and great products
  17. 17. Citizen Philanthropy /Donors Our vision is of a nation where students in every community have the resources they need to learn.
  18. 18. 2 Financial Institutions: Brand Images leading financial company with a legendary commitment to developing meaningful reputation for strength and stability that can product offerings and a high level of offer you more convenience and resources service tailored to the needs of to help you reach your financial goals. small businesses
  19. 19. Tweets Tweets
  20. 20. 10 Guide Posts to Social Media Brand Value 1. Understand the brand strategy including: brand values, promise and overall direction • Does the value proposition of your social media strategy support your brand value/promise? 2. Understand more than the demos about your target audience 3. Develop a communication system that loops employees into brand strategies 4. Understand the company culture before you venture into social media 5. Provide tactical support as needed to employees who engage with customers
  21. 21. 10 Guide Posts to Social Media Brand Value 6. Develop a 1st Listening Post program 7. Create/ensure communication processes are in place to provide feedback within organization and to the customer 8. Identify what is success for each tactic • Based on business goals and objectives • Based on the social media outputs – may be different that traditional measurements 9. Create flexible social media guidelines for employees 10. Create flexible social media guidelines for customers
  22. 22. Building Brand Value Through Social Media Customers Company Employees
  23. 23. Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen
  24. 24. Toss of a pink boa From Diva Marketing To You! @Tobydiva