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101 Ways to Generate Publicity and Buzz for Your Business


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Shrita Sterlin, chief executive and brand officer of Penn Strategies, led an in-depth, interactive session at The Power Conference, the largest conference of women, small business owners in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Roughly 800 attendees and 170 exhibitors attended this year’s conference, which was held at the Bethesda Marriott Conference Center on August 30, 2012.

Entitled “101 Ways to Generate Publicity,” Shrita Sterlin’s session included hard-hitting strategies that business owners and entrepreneurs can use to attract positive media attention and top-of-the-mind awareness with key markets.

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  • Buzz generation, although unconventional, is a great way to spark a conversation about your brand and create a level of engagement that the media cannot ignore, making you newsworthy! To see how it can help your business create buzz, contact with D2M creative agency.
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101 Ways to Generate Publicity and Buzz for Your Business

  1. 1. THE POWER CONFERENCE101 Ways to Generate Publicity August 30, 2012 10:30 am Presented by: Shrita D. Sterlin Copyright 2012. Penn Strategies. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Why Build Buzz & Publicity? Build brand awareness Generate sales leads Differentiate your value from the competition Promote your service or product value
  3. 3. SM Five Foundational KnowsKnow your product or service Know your marketabilityKnow your audience Know the competition Know the marketplace
  4. 4. Pitching Local Press 1 2 3Get target Establish Use catchymedia list local angle headlines, good timing & a compelling story
  5. 5. Compelling Storytelling Humanizes your message Conveys your unique service, product or business value Includes a call to action
  6. 6. Identify Media Target ListFree trials from mediasubscription services Google Alerts HARO
  7. 7. Finding the Reporters • TwitterGrader: Find top journalists by influence and location • MuckRack: search for reporters by publication and beat • JournalistTweets: filter daily feed by industry • LinkedIn: search by location
  8. 8. Inbound Marketing Release Incorporate key words for SEO Improves search engine results Drives website traffic (anchor links Tells your business story
  9. 9. Pitching Ideas Use creativepitching strategies to drum up media interest and build buzz.
  10. 10. Pitching Ideas Piggyback off celebrity gossip. Example: If you are a divorce attorney, use a recent celebrity divorce scandal to pitch your services, such as the importance of a pre-nup.
  11. 11. Pitching IdeasPitch “other” side ofstory. How can yourbusiness bringa new perspective to ahot-button issue?
  12. 12. Pitching Ideas Give away free products or sample services. Ask a reporter to try out a product sample. Example: Pet product company Baxter & Birdie
  13. 13. Pitching IdeasTie your story to the weather.Whether it’s a heatwave or a hurricane,piggy-back off extremeweather coverage.Example: A local hardware store sendsalerts about hurricane preparedness.
  14. 14. Pitching Ideas Use recent statistics to sell your story. Make old news relevant, fresh, objective and newsworthy by citing recent statistics.
  15. 15. Pitching IdeasTie your story to seasons & popularholidays.Promote your product orservice during a holiday(“Father’s Day”) orcreate a holiday, such asa “beat the summerheat” holiday.
  16. 16. Pitching Ideas Add your Educate Turn a Issue angle to a online challenge advisorycontroversial shoppers into positive about story with free publicity guerilla product marketing research campaign
  17. 17. Social Media Marketing Your company’s online brand is no longer solely defined by a flashy website. What matters now is how your business presents itself in public forums online.
  18. 18. Social Media Marketing Reward active fans; organize online fan appreciation events Share industry Start a photo- trends through sharing contest white paper, video of products in use or infographic on Instagram, Flickr or Facebook
  19. 19. Content Marketing Buzz Point 1 Who is your target audience? What are your audience pain points? Point 2 Point 3 What type of content does your audience wants? Point 4 What motivates your audience to share?
  20. 20. Content Marketing Buzz Expertise Spotlight Images SolutionsReports, eBooks Consistent Stand out with Solve a problem; & Op-Eds to stream of great graphics don’t pitch aboost credibility publicity sale Use content marketing to cut through the noise, establish your presence and define your expertise.
  21. 21. Events & Sponsorships Raise Profile Stand Out Build Buzz Participate in Sponsor Generate TOM strategic events community to show awarenessto draw attention unique value through events
  22. 22. Events & Sponsorships Participate Promote in popular thought- industry Organize leading events events to Host events share info regular Advance & awards industry causeConferences Convene marketing events & local Opentradeshows businesses houses & Webinars & monthly promotions CSR Meetups
  23. 23. Group Activity State your value Choose buzz-building tactic Draft a press release headline Share with the group
  24. 24. Questions PR & marketing resources: @ShritaSterlin
  25. 25. Start Building Buzz! CONTACT US PENN STRATEGIES STAY CONNECTED @PennStrategies PRmarketingstrategist.comCopyright 2012. Penn Strategies. All Rights Reserved