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Survivor Checklist To Post

  1. 1. Librarian Survivor Challenge Checklist<br />Emerging Technologies<br />Physical Space<br />Website<br />__ train Student IT Fellows<br />__ virtual poll (what do they want)<br />__ make it a destination<br />__ create hashtag for favorite new technology or tool; solicit student submissions<br />students<br />__ showcase student work <br />__ hip, comfortable furniture<br />__ solicit content feedback<br />__ facilitate new clubs / meet-ups<br />__ start a web design club<br />__ cultivate hygge-coziness, tranquility<br />__ become peer coach of technology<br />__ Harkness tables for seminar-style teaching.<br />__ launch ‘Teacherbook’<br />teachers<br />__ offer emerg. Tech. training<br />__ parent tech. training night<br />__ facilitate parents contributing to hygge<br />__ create robust ‘Parents Tab’<br />__ create tech. wish list<br />parents<br />__ survey parent needs<br />__ ask PTA to fund Student IT Fellows’ travel to tech. conference; librarian as chaperone<br />__ PTA-sponsored foreign language station w/ Rosetta Stone software <br />__ launch Parents’ Wiki<br />__ feature on district homepage<br />__ invite to any ‘presenting’ of resources; facilitate their taking ownership and celebrating<br />__ offer emerg. tech. training<br />Admin.<br />__ facilitate principal’s blog<br />__ send out Horizon Report<br />__ facilitate supdt’sblog<br />__ get them started on Twitter<br />__ send ‘Emerging Technology Tips’ to legislators and their LAs<br />__ invite every fall during offsession<br />__ create ‘Local Civics’ section<br />__ invite to dedicate new equip., upgrades<br />__ create ‘Ask your Legislator’ feature w/ librarian as intermediary<br />legislators<br />__ offer to set them up on Twitter<br />
  2. 2. Librarian Survivor Challenge Checklist<br />Connectivity<br />Lookout<br />Portal<br />__ Horizon Report w/ trends and opportunities <br />__ champion virtual portfolios<br />__ facilitate global connectivity with Skype, FlatClassroom etc.<br />students<br />__ showcase student art<br />__ spearhead assessing keyboarding mastery <br />__ leverage flip cams<br />__ annual student-designed LIT program theme <br />__ spearhead 1:1 initiative w/ city, district and community<br />__ offer to set up on Twitter to help grow their PLN<br />__ create blogs, class wikis, & pathfinders for every teacher<br />__ start in-service days with New Tools Roundup (preferably free ones)<br />teachers<br />__ showcase one project with every teacher over year<br />__ create hashtag and deliver daily nuggets on what students/classes are doing; catalyst for dinnertime conversation<br />__ Horizon Report w/ emerging tech. trends, top 10 sites for kids, summary of what kids are learning and producing that quarter <br />__ send Holiday Horizon Report w/ gift recs., hottest trends<br />parents<br />__ invite to be on Technology Leadership Team<br />__ set up Google Reader for principal, Supdt., Sch. Board<br />__ invite admin. to student shows<br />__ ongoing: send resources for Strategic Plan update<br />Admin.<br />__ invite admin. to legislator visits<br />__ keep administration informed of 21st C. leadership opportunities<br />__ invite school board to student shows<br />__ form committee on social media policy<br />__ be their reference go-to person<br />__ create annual Legislators’ Report; frame as thanks; kid-centric showcasing student work and $$ investment.<br />__ digital postcards from kids<br />__ track their work and send notes of appreciation<br />legislators<br />__ facilitate mid-session briefing for interested students<br />__ host a session wrap-up<br />