District technology training plan 640 (improved)


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District technology training plan 640 (improved)

  1. 1. 1District Technology Training PlanName: Sweetmore J. MarufuWorkshop Title: District Technology Training PlanSubject(s) of the day’s workshop: 5thGrade MathCurriculum SkillsPrerequisite Knowledge: Effectively integrate Smart notebook in the teaching andlearning 5th Math skills.Introduction:Smart Notebooks have many advantages towards effectively teaching in the classroom.According toSmart Notebook 21csymposium (2012) Smart notebook technology tools supportpedagogy and the curriculum in a variety of ways which include identifying and designingteacher lessons which involve students in groups and independently. Smart technology providescollaborative software with tools and content to help teachers teach dynamic and motivatinglessons. The Smart Notebook is best used with the interactive whiteboards. (Promethean board)The paper discusses the five day District Technology Training Plan workshop organized fortwenty experienced teachers in the district of Montgomery County Public Schools. The missionof the DTTP is to introduce the different ways the Smart notebook technology can be effectivelyutilized in the teaching and learning of students. Objectives, workshop details and evaluationstrategies will be discussed.Content (Describe in a paragraph)It will be a five days’ workshop made up of twenty, “Experienced 5th Grade Elementaryteachers” in the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).I will narrow down the DistrictTechnology Training Plan topic; to facilitate a workshop of experienced teachers learning thenew skills of the Smart notebook software technology in the classroom. They will acquire theskills of usingthe Smart Notebook on the Promethean board to teach Math curriculum skills forthe 5th grade level.The mission of the Department of Instructional Technology in theMontgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is to make sure there is collaborative learning andprofessional growth concerning any new technologies in the county schools and offices. (MCPS,2011) Many of the technologies in the district have recently been acquired especially in the newrenovated schools and need to be fully utilized.The District Technology Training Plan takes intoaccount all the ideas and contributions from teachers, local business people, community
  2. 2. 2members and educators. Their technological expertise will be appreciated to make the workshopsuccessful towards improving the curricula for the students.Objectives for the lesson:By the end of the five days the District Technology Training Workshop of the Elementary schoolteachers should be able to:1.Enhance instructional applications of the smart notebook.2. Listen to the smart notebook tutorials.4. To effectively apply Smart notebook technology in the inclusionary Math curriculum contextin the classroom.5. Suggest ways of getting funds needed to purchase Smart Notebook 11 software for the schoolsin the District.6. Download the Smart Notebook 11 software and practice how to use it the classroom.Source: /www.google.com/searchHow will you teach the lesson? Details help.I would put the list of the workshop procedures in order to make the plan successful consideringthe inputs of all the members involved.1. Listing the Objectives/goals of Training Workshops.The plan for integrating technology into the school is based on the school or districts educationalvision made up of short and long term goals and is part of an overall school-improvement plan.2. Defining the problem
  3. 3. 3Thiscovers the reason for the District Technology Training Plan. What is the problem I need tosolve?3. Prioritizing NeedsAll the steps of the workshop have to be listed in order of priorities and be followed as theworkshop proceeds. It involves planning and implementing the technology.4. Audience Analysis-TheDistrict of Montgomery County Public School will have representations from all segments.In this case, only experienced teachers who have expertise in technology andtelecommunications will make up the committee. The committee has to choose a team leaderwho has the leadership qualities of organization and keep the members on task.5. Developing training workshopsThe planning process of the workshop involves asking appropriate questions concerningtechnology in education examples could be: How can technology be evenly distributed amongstudents? What new skills should be taught? How can teachers include technology in theirlessons? Meetings with the committee will be scheduled to collaborate on ways to go about withthe DTTP.6. Communicating progress with the client. I will discuss with the committee on any development in progress.7. Evaluating the overall effectiveness of the training by incorporating recommendations fromthe members into the technology plan.8. Needs assessment looks at the assessment using the technology to see whether the objectivesof the plan were achieved.9. Developing a budget -we will develop a technology plan budget, which includes professionaldevelopment of school staff to keep the teachers updated with the latest technology. We have tofind ways of sourcing funds or getting donations from the county, community or local businesspeople of any electronics we need in order to get everything ready. Teachers who attend theworkshop will be paid five hundred dollars each to cover for travelling costs and as an incentive.10. Evaluating whether attendees have learned what they were supposed to learn Integrateappropriate technology into curricular areas and make follow ups to see whether the attendeesare implementing the technology skills taught.Once the procedures are in order, then the District Technology Training Plan workshop begins ata selected center for the county. This has to be one of the new renovated schools with all theequipment we need such as computers, laptops, promethean boards, Elmo set up information,multi-function printers, boosting microphones, all the software and hardware in use.The first day of the workshop, I will start with introductions and talk about the advantages oftechnology use in the classroom then move on to download the Smart notebook tutorial and talkabout what the Smart notebook is and what it is capable of. I will elaborate the Smart notebook
  4. 4. 4advantages keeping students focused, help students stay on task, motivation, enabling groupcollaboration, teacher-student network connection, teacher’s direct monitoring and support. Theywill listen to tutorials on You Tube:Introduction to Smart boards (YouTube) Good place to start.Introduction to the Smart Notebook (YouTube) this is the program that comes with the SmartBoard.Smart Notebook Collaborative Learning Software Download it for your own system as a trialversion. You will have use of it for 30Then explore whole group, small group and individual learning tutorialson:http://vault.smarttech.com/videos/classroomtour/index.htmlFollowing the tutorials, I will have to make a demonstration to the attendees on how to use theSmart notebook technology to make presentations. The Gallery Essentials is one of the mostimportant sections of the Smart notebook. Click on Gallery Essentials and select the subject youwant. In this case Mathematics then proceed to pick the topic for example Shapes, Space andMeasure or any topic for your lesson. Under each of those topics there are more subtopics dropdown such as Angles, Area, Maps & plans, Shapes, Temperatures, Time and Trigonometry.Your selection will take you to pictures, interactive and multimedia sections, tools are available.So, I will demonstrate step by step to the teachers and asking questions/answering questions aswe go. The attendees present will work in four groups of five members each practicing ways ofusing the tools in the classroom and make reports and collaborate to the whole class.Smart Notebook Math Tools:Images from https://www.google.com/searchSmart Notebook 3D Tools:
  5. 5. 5Images from https://www.google.com/searchSmart Document Camera and Mixed Reality Tools:Images from https://www.google.com/searchSmart Response assessment software:
  6. 6. 6The entire Smart notebook tools such as the Smart Product Drivers, Pen, Smart Ink, ScreenShade, Spotlight, Magnifier and Pointer. (Smart Notebook11, 2012) are connected to thecomputer and help to enable performing normal computer operations. Any work done can besaved or exported to web pages, pdf or PowerPoint. The digital pen tool can be used for drawingon the board.All images from https://www.google.com/searchAdditional Materials you will use and how will you use them:My demostrations to the whole class include navigating on the Interactive whiteboard whichconsists of the following components:
  7. 7. 7The Action bar/ Menu panelThe panel consists of commands to follow and these are undo, create new slide, delete, save,tools, go back etc The commands help and guide you as you practice the skills.Lesson Activity Tool kit provides many tools such as pointers, pull tabs, buttons etc to help youmake changes.The Gallery Essentials has many tabs with all the subjects across the curriculum. As you followthe dropdowns more options and pictures are available.Online Resources connect you to more training, tutorials on line. These also include support youmight need when you get stuck and Smart notebook is connected to Twitter, Facebook,EdCompass blog and You Tube channel. There are so many tutorials within the Smart notebookto guide you as you open any page.Action bar/panel All images from https://www.google.com/searchEvaluation Strategies:After demonstrations, presentations and group collaborations then it will be time for evaluations.Each group will report different ways of presenting Smart notebook tools to the whole class.After, their reports, the class may ask them questions which they will respond to.
  8. 8. 8From that, attendees will respond to a survey about the workshop. Here is the survey link I madefrom:http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TXTXLFVThe teachers who attended the workshop will complete a rubric individually on this link.file:///C:/Users/Aarons/Downloads/DISTRICT%20TECHNOLOGY%20TRAINING%20PLAN%20rubric.htmConclusion:From the evaluation strategies, I will be able to determine how the District Technology TrainingPlan went. The surveys and the rubric will show me the parts which were insufficiently done andneed attention in future and the parts which had an impact on the teachers as they go back toimplement new technology to their schools. I will have to make follow ups to see whether theattendees are implementing the technology skills taught. To conclude, the paper discusses waysof incorporating the Smart Notebook on the Promethean board to teach Math curriculum skillsfor the 5th grade level at an organized District Technology Training Plan for five days.Demonstrations, tutorials, presentations, objectives and strategies have been discussed in thepaper. Here is a video to watch: http://www.youtube.com/user/SmartClassroomsReferences:Images from /www.google.com/searchMontgomery County Public Schools (1995–2013)Department of Instructional TechnologyMCPS, 850 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20850Introduction to Smart boards (YouTube) Good place to start.Introduction to the Smart Notebook (YouTube) This program comes with the SMART Board.Smart Notebook Collaborative Learning Software Downloadhttp://vault.smarttech.com/videos/classroomtour/index.htmlSmart Notebook (2012) Smart Technologies ULC.Windows operating systems. All rightsreserved. http://www.21csymposium.org/https://www.surveymonkey.com/MyCollector_Detail.aspx?smfile:///C:/Users/Aarons/Downloads/DISTRICT%20TECHNOLOGY%20TRAINING%20PLAN%20rubric.htmhttp://www.youtube.com/user/SMARTClassrooms
  9. 9. 9