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Creating a Makerspace


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My Makerspace Presentation from Criterion Conference's "Improving STEM Education"
Sydney, Australia March 22

Published in: Education
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Creating a Makerspace

  2. 2. 37 years a classroom teacher in Tasmania, Queensland and South Australia A former Head of Department, Head of House, Campus Coordinator and Assistant Principal Now Digital Advisor: Teaching and Learning at Faith Lutheran College in the Barossa Valley Writer and App Reviewer for Australian Teacher Magazine, Contributor at Fractus Learning Twitter addict, iPad junkie and a very unlikely poster boy for Educational Technology Creating A Makerspace 2 Please TWEET and use the hashtag #stemeduau and my username @connectedtchr
  3. 3. Bronze Age Orientation Day Creating A Makerspace 3 HUMANS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MAKERS
  4. 4. Creating a Makerspace Creating A Makerspace 4 “… dynamic effects of curiosity on knowledge acquisition and on the fundamental individual and intrinsic motivation to learn.” Laura Fleming in Worlds of Making, p. 48 referencing Sugata Mitra’s Hole In The Wall Project THE THEORETICAL “Best Practice” The 4 Dimensions of Making The Benefits of Making THE PRACTICAL Designing Your Space “Going Corporate” A Makerspace Shopping List A Playlist of Starter Projects A Select Reading List Websites to Visit
  5. 5. Making: Best Practice Creating A Makerspace 5 FOR ME, MAKING HAS 4 DIMENSIONS “If you build it, they will come and if you let them build it, they will learn.” (p.16)
  6. 6. 1. Making As PLAY  “Yes, kids love technology, but they also love Legos, scented markers, handstands, books, and mud puddles. It’s all about balance.” (via Twitter, attribution unknown) Creating A Makerspace 6 “…the idea of making is playful… combining social and creative forces that encompass play and learning.” (Kolk, 2011)
  7. 7. 2. Making As ENTREPRENEURSHIP Creating A Makerspace 7 Makerspaces can develop “ … lifelong interests in STEM or in other creative fields …but also to think entrepreneurially and seek to make their own jobs and industries …” Fleming, L. Worlds of Making, p. 38 In Issue 18, Term 1 2016 of TechnologyEd you’ll find my ideas on Student Entrepreneurship (and 3D printed smartphone cases, Richard Branson and shoe care kits.) (think maybe film production, 3D design or molecular gastronomy)
  8. 8. 3. Making As SOCIAL JUSTICE Creating A Makerspace 8 You can learn all about Project e-Nable and have your students join in by going to
  9. 9. 4. Making In The “Mainstream” Classroom Creating A Makerspace 9 “In an era where teachers should be accepting of and promoting student VOICE and CHOICE … all students should have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning through making.” Me, Right Here, Right Now “ … making inspires educational reform.” Gary Stager
  10. 10. Making the Internet in 8 Digital Technologies Creating A Makerspace 10
  11. 11. 10 Reasons to Build a Makerspace  Builds Perseverance  Inspires Further Investigation  Encourages Re-thinking  Builds Problem Solving Skills  Helps Student Focus  Encourages Questioning  Builds Social Skills  Provides Real World Connections  Facilitates Innovation  Improves Understanding Making is the “great democratizer.” Creating A Makerspace 11 LOVE Read the full post on the “Tech Edvocate”site (
  12. 12. A Student in … A “Traditional” Classroom is …  Consuming  Memorizing  Often Isolated  “Moving On”  ANSWERING A Makerspace is …  Creating  Processing  Frequently Collaborating  Reflecting  ASKING Creating A Makerspace 12
  13. 13. Need More Convincing? Creating A Makerspace 13 And yes, you will find all eight in your Makerspace.
  14. 14. Designing Your Space Creating A Makerspace 14 In planning and stocking your space consider: *Student interests/“THEMES” *The location and “demographic” of the school *Local expertise * Any “gaps” in your school’s subject offerings * Fixed and mobile stations Our biggest and best investment
  15. 15. Make It Monday Creating A Makerspace 15
  16. 16. Creating A Makerspace 16 GO CORPORATE Have your own slogan: Create, Make and Idea Generate Film Promotional Videos for “Special Events” Hold a Showcase; Either Real World or Digital Share Student Successes on Social Media with a Hashtag Design, Print and Wear Your Own T-Shirts Create and Use a Logo Throughout the School #faithmakerspace
  17. 17. A Makerspace Shopping List Creating A Makerspace 17
  18. 18. And, If You Can’t Afford to Make … Creating A Makerspace 18
  19. 19. A Playlist of “Starter Projects” Creating A Makerspace 19 Open Day March 15 Our Makey- Makey “Fruit and Veg” Orchestra
  20. 20. A Select Reading List Creating A Makerspace 20
  21. 21. Four “Must Visit” Websites Creating A Makerspace 21 au/pubs/maker/home For a free printable PDF Makerspace Planner
  22. 22. Sources and Image Credits Title Slide: Icons from Slide 2: Connected Teacher logo and image are © Simon McKenzie; Twitter icon from Slide 3: Slide 4: Quote as cited from Laura Fleming; image from Slide 5: Screenshots and content from; Still image from Field of Dreams Slide 6: Big Bang Theory Lego Image taken by the presenter; Lego Robotics image from Slide 7: Quote as cited from Laura Fleming; entrepreneurship image from Slide 8: Images from Slide 9: Images of Lego creation by Year 9 student at Faith Lutheran College; ”Voice and Choice” image from; Gary Stager quote from Laura Fleming’s Worlds of Making p.55 Slide 10: Time lapse video created by Year 8 students at Faith Lutheran College Slide 11: Adjusted movie image sourced from 1455714040-1.jpg Creating A Makerspace 22
  23. 23. Creating A Makerspace 23 Slide 12: Slide 13: Sketch-note by Sylvia Duckworth based upon The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros Slide 14: Room plans screenshot from Faith Lutheran College Project Slide 15: All images from the Faith Lutheran College Makerspace, taken by the presenter Slide 16: Diagram and all images by the presenter Slide 17: Eric Chagala (@drchagala) Tweet, February 12 2017; other images from and Slide 18: Zeina Chalich (@ZeinaChalich) Tweet, September 20 2016 Slide 19: “Fruit and Veg” Orchestra image taken by the presenter Slide 20: Book screenshots as shown Slide 21: Screenshots from ;; and