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Leslie Pirtle Instructional Technology Portfolio July 2013

  1. 1. DIGITAL PORTFOLIO Leslie Pirtle, M.M., M. Ed, Technology Integration Specialist ©Leslie Pirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  2. 2. Teaching & Faculty Training Experience 2 Primary and Secondary School  Technology integration coordinator for 55 elementary teachers  Grades 4 through 8 classroom technology teacher  Supervisor, Extended Care Program, K-8  Technology Curriculum Planning Committee member  Consultant to principal for technology purchasing  Grades 9 and 10 business computing teacher Higher Education  Trained faculty on Drupal, Moodle and other classroom technologies, Bridgewater State University  Trained faculty and state workers and taught credit courses in web, graphics and business computing, Wake Technical Community College  Adjunct Online Instructor of Freshman Skills, University of Phoenix  Interpreted Online Education research findings for Deans, Provosts , & Presidents for Eduventures, Inc.
  3. 3. Teaching Philosophy for Young Learners 3  We “See It, Say It, Try It”  Authentic, assessable and interesting topics  Constructivist, connectivist classroom environment  Safe learning community where we explore together  Being “wrong” can be the start of a great adventure!  Emphasis on finding and critically evaluating information  Reiterative learning through visual, auditory and kinesthetic means  Provide multiple representations for transfer of learning, and demonstration of understanding (UDL) ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  4. 4. Teaching Philosophy for Adult Learners 4  Learners are involved in the creation of learning objectives, curriculum and self- assessment  Learners’ life and career experiences should be incorporated  Facilitate self-directed learning as much as possible  Authentic, task-based learning that will be useful both in and out of the classroom  Supportive, collaborative learning community  Continued learning is encouraged through blogs, wikis and other instructional technology tools  Recognize learning Achievements (certificates, newsletters, website badges) ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  5. 5. Lesson Planning Process 5 List Standards to cover List pre-requisite knowledge and understanding List learning objectives Gather resources Plan learning activities Write rubrics and assessments Devise modifications per individuals Communicate objectives and expectations Get learner feedback/assess effectiveness
  6. 6. PD Instructional Design Model O Analyze the need O Measure knowledge gap O Design curriculum and Plan materials O Develop materials O Print, presentation and web O Evaluate lesson O Observation, formative and where appropriate, formal, summative assessment 6 Analyze Design Develop Implement Evaluate ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  7. 7. Supporting 55 K-8 teachers as Technology Integration Coordinator for Greater New Bedford Catholic Elementary School system, I created wikis to showcase their technology-integrated curriculum http://sjsjshowcase.wikispaces.com http://stjoeshowcase.wikispaces.com http://sjsjshowcase.wikispaces.com 7 Faculty Support ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  8. 8. Developed Mimio Interactive Whiteboard resource for teachers http://www.wix.com/lpirtle/mimio 8 Faculty Support ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  9. 9. Assisted Middle School teacher in design of technology integration for Grade 6 Social Studies culminating assessment Newsletter Requirements Technology Feature Story Word Processing Application Human Interest Article Word Processing Application Obituary Word Processing Application Advertisement Word Processing Application and Image Editor Word Search Web 2.0 Activity, Image Editor and Word Processing Application Timeline Spreadsheet Application Project Directions: http://sjsjtechnology.wikispaces.com/Grade+6 9 Faculty Support ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  10. 10. Faculty Support Assisted teachers in 5 schools to establish and maintain class wiki pages http://mrspackardsclass.wikispaces.com/Religion 10 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  11. 11. Authored and published “User- Friendly,” an instructional technology newsletter for Greater New Bedford Catholic Elementary School System teachers View online: http://www.flipsnack.com/A58B7CEC5A8/ftmeoali 11 Faculty Support ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  12. 12. http://exchange.smarttech.com/curriculum/curriculum.html http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/classroom- curriculum/alignment http://www.smithsonianeducation.org/educators/ http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/ Introduced teachers to a wide assortment of standards-based resources for integration of technology into core curriculum. Examples: 12 Faculty Support ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  13. 13. Compiled and shared research on interactive whiteboard pedagogy http://www.wix.com/lpirtle/mimio#!create-lessons 13 Faculty Support
  14. 14. Assisted Teachers to Create • Instructional Presentations with PowerPoint, Prezi, Impress, Google Presentations • Instructional Videos with Photo Story and Windows Live Movie Maker • Recordings with Smart Notebook and Mimio Studio • Banners for classroom using MS Excel Task Stream Artifacts: TF V C-2.MP4 and TF V C-2.wmv 14 Faculty Support ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  15. 15. http://lesliepirtle.wikispaces.com/ Technology Integration Resource Wiki I developed for 55 teachers across 5 elementary schools 15 Faculty Support ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  16. 16. Used monthly newsletter to Disseminate information regarding computer and Internet safety, ethics and law to faculty through e-mail blasts, news letter, Wiki page and professional development meetings Read online: http://www.flipsnack.com/A58B7CEC5A8/ftm82imp 16 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Faculty Support
  17. 17. I generated daily e-mail blasts, reaching principals and 55 teachers across 5 elementary schools. These contained helpful tips and resources for integrating technology into the classroom. 17 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Faculty Support
  18. 18. As GNBCES Technology Coordinator, used e-mail to exchange and plan lessons with 55 teachers in 5 schools. 18 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Faculty Support
  19. 19. Worked one-to-one assisting 55 teachers in 5 elementary schools to select technology to meet diverse learner needs. 19 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Faculty Support
  20. 20. Assisted teachers to select and implement appropriate resources for computer and internet safety and netizenship, drawing heavily from Common Sense Media Curriculum http://www.commonsensemedia.org/sites/default/files/curriculumoverview_0.pdf 20 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Faculty Support
  21. 21. Created and facilitated ePals Workshop for Teachers All Saints Catholic Elementary School, New Bedford, MA February, 2011 http://lesliepirtle.wikispaces.com/epals 21 Faculty Development ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  22. 22. Trained eighth grade teacher to generate assessments and evaluate results using ExamView Faculty Development 22 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  23. 23. Faculty Development Task Stream Artifacts: Trained second grade teacher to establish a grade book using a downloaded Excel template for assessment and evaluation of student learning Template source: http://www.superteacherworksheets.com/excel-gradebook.html 23 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  24. 24. Guided science teacher in the use of Excel to create a rubric for Science Fair Project outline assignment. Task Stream Artifacts: Faculty Development 24
  25. 25. Conducted training with K-8 faculty and staff on the use of First Class E- mail and File Creation, Storage and Retrieval, including developing and delivering: • Instructional handouts • 1 to 1 instruction • Professional development training sessions • Resource Wiki • “How-to” page on school website http://www.sjsjschool.com/first_class.html http://sjsjtechnology.wikispaces.com/First+Class Faculty Development 25 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  26. 26. Trained faculty on use of First Class Conferences to post and share information from workshops they attended at National Catholic Education Association, Boston MA April 2012 26 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Faculty Development
  27. 27. Co-designed and Facilitated Blackboard 9 Workshop for Mass Maritime Academy Faculty (June 2013) 27 Faculty Development ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  28. 28. Created Moodle 2.2 LMS user documentation and facilitated training workshops for Bridgewater State University Faculty 28 Faculty Development ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  29. 29. Created Drupal CMS user documentation and facilitated training workshops for Bridgewater State University Faculty 29 Faculty Development ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  30. 30. Interview with an assistive technology consultant. Discussion topics included assistive technology, IEP implementation and the delivery of services. Read Online: http://www.flipsnack.com/A58B7CEC5A8/fdxc5h1d 30 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Assistive Technologies
  31. 31. I created a faux advertisement that explains the LiveScribe Pen to inform about a specific purpose electronic device that can be used either as assistive technology or for the general class population. 31 Assistive Technologies ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  32. 32. Created site map, graphics, navigation and initial content for school website, All Saints Catholic School, New Bedford, MA. Uploaded site pages to host server. Kept site postings up-to-date http://www.ascsnb.org/32 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Webmastering
  33. 33. Conducted review of SJSJ’s 2011 Technology Plan. Read analysis here: http://www.flipsnack.com/A58B7CEC5A8/ft9l48ij 33 ©Leslie Pirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Technology Planning and Policy
  34. 34. Met with Assistant Superintendent, Principals and Technology Directors to compare curriculum mapping applications and determine which would be best to adopt for district high schools. Considerations: • User-friendliness • Cost • Faculty training • Ease of Maintenance • Technical Support (Bishop Feehan High School, Attleboro MA, April, 2011) 34 Technology Planning ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  35. 35. Researched, evaluated and compared instructional technologies. Advised principal on purchases. Recommendations approved and adopted at Saint James-Saint John School : (6) Altec Lansing USB-Powered Speaker Systems (3) Mimio Whiteboard Systems purchased Summer, 2011 (1) Logitech Webcam (1) Microphone (1) Flip Camera 35 Technology Planning ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  36. 36. Extensive hardware and software proficiencies. Former instructor for Computers and Engineering Technologies Department at Wake Technical Community College http://cet.waketech.edu/ 36 Technical Skills
  37. 37. • Maintained inventory of software and hardware. • Performed routine troubleshooting of computers and peripherals in classrooms, computer lab and on laptops • Installed software applications to network computers and laptops • Collaborated with JC Computers of Plymouth MA, outside contractor responsible for maintaining the SJSJ network 37 Technical Skills ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  38. 38. Under supervision of district’s Director of Educational Technology, worked alongside other school technology coordinators to configure new netbook lab at All Saints Catholic Elementary School Summer 2010 38 Technical Skills ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  39. 39. Routinely logged in to school’s remote server to access student work and push instructional resources out to their desktops. 39 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Technical Skills
  40. 40. Advanced LMS User Proficiencies U of Phoenix Proprietary LMS Moodle 2.2 Blackboard 8.1 Blackboard 9 40 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  41. 41. Developed proficiency with Access processing grades and running reports for the 17 schools in 4 districts 41 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Software Skills
  42. 42. Grant Proposal Read online: http://www.flipsnack.com/A58B7CEC5A8/ftmagl8m 42 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  43. 43. Solicited donation of 10 laptops and assembled 3 desktop computers from older equipment inventories for use by students coming to the Extended Care Program during after school hours. This afforded access to computers for homework for those who do not have computers at home. 43©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  44. 44. Research: Students’ Afterschool Access to Technology 44 Watch on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaiuGA2XjnI ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  45. 45. ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com 45 Research: 21st Century Learning Watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/jXkDfBjOGLU
  46. 46. Research: Teaching ELLs View on SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/leslieelisabeth/developing-an-intercultural-orientation-in-the-classroom-and-community ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  47. 47. ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com 47 Research on Emerging Technologies: The Internet of Things Watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/jkzXTxxCNYE
  48. 48. Recent Conferences Attended 2010 2011 2012 Digital Learning Environments Burlington Marriott Burlington, MA, April 8 http://www.guide2digitallearning.com/page/dle_boston Renweb Train the Trainer Webinar Online with Principal at All Saints Catholic Elementary School, New Bedford, MA, January 19 http://www.renweb.com/Support/RenWeb-Online- Classes.aspx National Catholic Educators Association Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, April 11-13 Social Media: Legal and Practical Implications Caring Classrooms: Using Differentiated Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Students Lights, Camera, Action http://www.ncea.org/events/NCEABostonCentral.asp Blue Ribbon Schools Blueprint for Excellence National Institute Reading High School Reading MA, April 15 http://www.blueribbonschools.com/?q=conferences Mimio Interactive Whiteboard Training Saint James Saint John School New Bedford MA, August 24 http://www.mimio.dymo.com/enA/Training/Overview.aspx Ed Tech Day at Bridgewater State University August IPad Mingle, Instructional Technology Tool Belt, Shared Experiences in Teaching Online, Mobile Potentials: Beyond the Laptop, Improving Student Learning Through Collaboration, August 15 http://www.bridgew.edu/Newslog/NB_PDF/edtechday_sc hedule_2012.pdf 48 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  49. 49. Science class lesson plan: http://www.flipsnack.com/A58B7CEC5A8/fdxjlkux 49 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning
  50. 50. Assisted grade 4 teacher to select and incorporate technology into district-wide Social Studies final assessment. Project Directions for Students: http://sjsjtechnology.wikispaces.com/Grade+4 50 Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning
  51. 51. Digital Yearbook Technology Lesson Unit for Grade 8 developed using Teaching for Understanding model, based upon Constructivism, Social Constructivism and Connectivism http://www.wix.com/gleasonpirtle/digitalyearbook#!theory http://www.wix.com/gleasonpirtle/digitalyearbook#!model 51 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning
  52. 52. Developed Glogster lesson plan and rubric with Grade 8 religion teacher View Lesson Plan: http://www.flipsnack.com/A58B7CEC5A8/fdh30jph 52 Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning
  53. 53. This lesson was designed as an extension of a Grade 5 Social Studies assignment in which students researched and reported on a country of their choosing. Technology integration tasks: • Download project file from Wiki • Use Google Chrome to access Google Maps • Retrieve, edit and store a Microsoft Word document on school network • Paste a screen capture from one program to another • Copy paste text and images • Use Google Maps to find and collect data and images • Use Google Maps to discover absolute and relative location and compute distance 53 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning
  54. 54. Guided Middle School students through the research process • Topic selection • Research question • Find and evaluate sources • Use browser to bookmark • Organize sources and take notes • Download an APA Formatted template • Use a word processor to create an APA formatted paper • Use to format citations • Submit papers via First Class See Assignments 2, 3, and 4 with Rubrics: http://sjsjtechnology.wikispaces.com/Grade+7 http://www.sciencebuddies.org/ CitationMachine.net 54 Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning
  55. 55. Implementing ADDIE design model, assisted Grade 7 Science teacher to create and design Science project in which students gain understanding of an environmental issue by creating a brochure using a Web 2.0 application. Student’s submissions are compared using a standardized rubric. Revisions to activity are planned. Project wiki is established where students can find instructions, examples and a link to MyBrochureMaker.com Specific learning objectives: • Students to develop expertise on an environmental issue of their choosing Students log on to wiki to access examples and directions. Students create brochures using MyBrochuremaker.com Learning need identified: students to learn about man’s Impact on the environment 55 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning
  56. 56. Grade 5 Social Studies students used Google Chrome for Internet research, to brainstorm and organize a research paper about a topic of their choosing related to their assigned countries 56 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning
  57. 57. Used “Adaptations” YouTube Video of rapping camel to increase student engagement when introducing animal habitats unit for 5th grade science http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX8VQIJVpTg 57 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning
  58. 58. Students participated in extensive training through presentations, video tutorials, material posted to Wiki and hands-on activities in use of First Class LMS: • E-mail • Chat • Collaboration • Calendar management • File creation, storage, retrieval • Retrieval and Submission of assignments Wiki page dedicated to First Class training: http://sjsjtechnology.wikispaces.com/First+Class Grades 6, 7 & 8 Wiki pages contain First Class Assignments and Assessments at: http://sjsjtechnology.wikispaces.com/First+Class 58 Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning
  59. 59. As a “getting to know you” activity, middle school students created license plates using PowerPoint’s image editing and drawing tools. They chose clip art and used the Latin Motto Generator to find a slogan that best expressed their individuality. Each student learned to upload his or her project to the class Wiki to share with classmates. 59 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning
  60. 60. Universal Design Learning approach. Lessons are presented and students demonstrated understanding as: • Demonstrations • Presentations • Films • Hands-on Projects • Lecture or oral reporting • Podcasting This is further evidenced through the mixed media approach of the class wikis for each grade Multi-sensory, interactive applications such as Kidspiration and Spelling City play a central role in my technology integrated curriculum planning http://sjsjtechnology.wikispaces.com/Grade+7 60 Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  61. 61. Students use applications and web research to plan a restaurant opening. Tasks include: • Determining square footage needed • Estimating costs • Gathering and comparing data about competitors Tools include: • Real estate listings • Google Maps • Windows 7 Calculator • Microsoft Office Word and Excel 61 Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  62. 62. http://www.wix.com/gleasonpirtle/digitalyearbook#!rubrics http://www.wix.com/gleasonpirtle/digitalyearbook#!lessons/vstc8=lesson-2 The 8th Grade Digital Yearbook Lesson unit was designed for students working in learning teams of 5. The majority of students’ time was spent in collaboration, performing hands-on learning within and among teams. Settings include laboratory with one computer per student, library with one laptop per team, outside of school through Kidblog, First Class and Wikispaces, and “on location” while filming the project. Each team began by creating a learning team Charter to evaluate skills and abilities and to create process for resolving conflict. 62 Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  63. 63. The Grade 8 Digital Yearbook Lesson unit, offers extensive, point-by-point documentation of the extensive number of Mass Curriculum Frameworks and ISTE-NETS standards addressed in the lesson plan. Top level navigation links to lesson plans which detail how standards are taught. http://www.wix.com/gleasonpirtle/digitalyearbook#!standards 63 Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  64. 64. The research of David H. Jonassen, Distinguished Professor of Education, School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at University of Missouri-Columbia. supports the use of “Spreadsheet as Mindtool” (Jonassen, 2004). I developed this cross-curricular lesson, based upon Behaviorist and Connectivism learning theories, developed for a Grade 4 Science and Social Studies class. Lesson Plan: Identifying Weather Trends According to US City and Region. Johassen, D. H. (2004). Modeling with technology mindtools for conceptual change. (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson View Lesson Plan: http://www.flipsnack.com/A58B7CEC5A8/fdplw53n 64 Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  65. 65. http://www.spellingcity.com/view-spelling-list.html?listId=4907531&x=3c7aa Spelling City Manipulatives (Formative) Computerized Multiple Choice Formative Assessment Project Based Science Summative Assessment 65 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning
  66. 66. Script for grade 8 students’ bi-lingual skit showcasing their Portuguese heritage. Students filmed the production, which became a part of the Digital Yearbook DVD shown at graduation. 66 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning
  67. 67. Task Stream Artifacts: Grade 5, having submitted papers in which each reported on a country, students applied their learning to plan a trip there. They used technology to estimate costs, calculate time differences and create a sightseeing agenda using Google Maps, Google Earth and Webcams 67 Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com
  68. 68. Taught unit, “Respecting Others’ Work” unit to grade 5 This lesson uses the Worksheets and Activities from the Lesson: Whose Is It, Anyway? (4-5) available for download at Common Sense Media. http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/lesson/whose-it-anyway-4-5 68 ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com Curriculum Design: Intellectual Property
  69. 69. Award-Winning Thesis: ©LesliePirtle LesliePirtle@yahoo.com 69 “Faculty Perceptions and Utilization of Learning Management Systems in Post- Secondary Education”
  70. 70. Leslie Pirtle, M.M., M.Ed. Instructional Technology Specialist LesliePirtle@Yahoo.com 919.622.0806 (cell) www.linkedin.com/in/lesliepirtle 70