Professional Technology Use Presentation


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A descriptive presentation informing new colleagues of North Bend Elementary the technology available and how to become proficient in using it.

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Professional Technology Use Presentation

  1. 1. Professional Technology Use The Integration of Current and Emergent Technology in the North Bend Classroom Brittany Wentzel City University of Seattle Summer 2013
  2. 2. Interview In this presentation we will be reviewing the commentary shared among my North Bend Elementary colleagues. We will be looking into the opportunities for implementation of technology. More specifically, the content addressed includes: ● Hardware and software available ● Integration of technology in the classroom ● Skills needed ● Plan for becoming proficient ● Plan for remaining current ● Resources utilized
  3. 3. Hardware Available What is some of the hardware that is available for teachers at our school? ● Computers ● iPads ● Activboards ● ActivExpressions Student Response “Eggs” ● Printers ● Copy machines ● CD Players
  4. 4. Software Available What software is available for teachers at our school? ● Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel) ● Online Curricula ● Skyward ● IXL ● Accelerated Reader ● Data Dashboard ● PD Place ● ActivInspire ● iPad apps
  5. 5. School District Technology Vision Our Vision... The Instructional Technology Department supports and enhances teaching and learning in all subject areas to prepare students for college and career success in the global community. We encourage transformative uses of technology that promote best teaching practices in accordance with the SVSD Instructional Framework and Common Core State Standards. Ultimately, we believe the effective use of technology will increase student engagement, inspire student learning and facilitate parental involvement. We endeavor to promote a culture of lifelong learning where students and staff use digital tools for communicating, collaborating, thinking critically, and creating.
  6. 6. SVSD Technology Department Goals To reach the goals outlined in our vision, we will: • Promote and support online learning. • Provide access to high quality digital content. • Maintain safe online environments. • Strive for equity in digital access. • Offer ongoing professional development. • Facilitate access to student data. • Deploy relevant, innovative technologies. • Refresh infrastructure and communication systems. • Deliver timely tech support.
  7. 7. Classroom Integration How is this integrated into the classroom? The various hardware and software are integrated into the classroom all day everyday. For example, I took professional development courses this Summer by signing up on “PD Place” and was able to learn about my upcoming students by viewing their assessment information on the “Data Dashboard” program. When students are gone for the day I can use my Microsoft Outlook to check my email, Microsoft Office Programs to create lessons, online curricula to prepare, and printers to print necessary papers. When students arrive in the morning their goal will be on the Activboard, they may later be seen doing word work on the iPad, ActivExpression eggs can give all kids a voice to respond, and computers give students an opportunity to practice skills a bit more independently. These implementations and more are ways that many teachers integrate technology into the classroom.
  8. 8. Skills Needed What are the skills you will need to integrate this technology? ● How to create accounts for the various software and hardware ● How to navigate pages in each software program ● How to turn hardware devices on, what their function is, and how to turn them off ● How to save information created on all hardware and software ● How to explain various processes in simplified terms for students
  9. 9. How to Become Proficient What can you do to become proficient with the available technology? In February 2006, voters approved a 4 million dollar, four year technology levy. Additionally, in February 2010, voters approved a 9.8 million dollar, four year replacement technology levy. This money has helped create the opportunity for each employee to choose a technology pathway, attend courses, receive coaching, and collaborate. Prioritizing time to explore on your own and work with colleagues will lead to greater proficiency.
  10. 10. Plan for Remaining Current What can you do to remain current on technology trends and emerging issues? ● Attend technology courses ● Meet with colleagues regularly ● Choose to read scholarly technology education articles ● Stay in-tune with news related to technological progress ● Practice frequently
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