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Web 2.0 in the Enterprise, Talk by Sam Huleatt
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Web 2.0 in the Enterprise, Talk by Sam Huleatt


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How is web 2.0 being utilized by businesses? What are issues and trends facing the management and users?

How is web 2.0 being utilized by businesses? What are issues and trends facing the management and users?

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Web 2.0 in the Enterprise Presented by Sam Huleatt CEO, Heights Media Group 1 of 21
  • 2. Web 2.0 Innovations “Consumer-Facing” web applications Collect, Organize, Republish, Extend, Share Perpetuates new era of Openness & Socialization
  • 3. What’s Different About Web2? Traditional Technology Adoption Pattern: Military > Enterprise > End-Users Web 2.0: Starts with End-Users! Example: Instant Messaging
  • 4. Web 2.0 + Business = Enterprise 2.0 4 of 21
  • 5. What is Enterprise 2.0? “The use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers” - Andrew McAfee
  • 6. Employee Expectations Employees bring from home expectations of how computing should be… Q: Why use company email when I can use Facebook messaging? “I want to write about work on my blog” “I’ll look it up on Wikipedia”
  • 7. Challenges Businesses lag consumers on the tech curve Companies struggle with the reality of employees using tools not behind the firewall Q: How do companies embrace technology that encourages openness, disrupts conventions and whose value is difficult to measure?
  • 8. Specific Fears • Data Security • Identity • Privacy • Information Authenticity • Copyright & IP
  • 9. Employee Buy-in Reluctance to adopt technology not offering individual incentive Technology learning curve 9x Rule (McAfee) Fear of accountability
  • 10. E2 Concepts Folksonomy (tagging) Crowd Sourcing (collective intelligence) Productivity Automation (lowers costs) Software as a Service Social Architecture (Social Networking)
  • 11. Enterprise Offerings Legacy Systems: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Collaboration 1.0: IM, Email, Basecamp (silos) SaaS Systems:
  • 12. Enterprise2 Offerings Blogs, Wikis, Social Bookmarking Communications: Skype, Video Conferencing Hosted Processors: Zoho, Google Docs Platforms (Mashups): IBM, Blogtronix, SocialText
  • 13. Enterprise Hybrids Social Media Tools: Prediction Markets, Corporate Social Networking, Digg, LinkedIn Answers Niche SaaS Apps: Freshbooks, Blinksale, Dopplr
  • 14. Enterprise Trends 13 of 21
  • 15. Office Infrastructure 2.0 90% of enterprises consider themselves “virtual,” with team members in separate geographic locations • Globalization • Niche Specialization • Entrepreneurship **Gartner
  • 16. Communications Shift 42% Communicate Mostly via IM 90+ Daily average minutes spent on social networks 11 Average Number of Text Messages sent daily (mobile)
  • 17. Power Shift! Leadership can emerge at any level Tech savvy employees can outperform the highest IQ’s Generation Y employees demanding work/life balance = remote work
  • 18. Conclusion 17 of 21
  • 19. No Clear Winner: Up for Grabs! Microsoft market share is threatened Google Strategy: Innovation & acquisition AOL & Yahoo Looking for new strategies
  • 20. What’s Next? Facebook for Business? Virtual Worlds…SecondLife Streams: Pownce, Tumblr
  • 21. Thanks! Sam Huleatt