Why Should Consultants and Systems Integrators Become Certified Information Professionals?


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How can AIIM's Certified Information Professional program help make your organization more effective? How can you use it to differentiate your firm in a very crowded IT solutions marketplace?

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Why Should Consultants and Systems Integrators Become Certified Information Professionals?

  1. 1. tants onsul tors uld C tegraWh y Sho ms In yste n d S Certifie da Be co me ion r mat ls? Info siona Profes
  2. 2. Who is AIIM? •  AIIM is the global community of information professionals. •  We provide the education, research and certification that information professionals need to manage and share information assets in an era of mobile, social, cloud and big data.
  3. 3. Systems of Engagement Social and Era Mainframe Mini PC Internet Cloud Systems of Record Years 1960-1975 1975-1992 1992-2001 2001-2009 2010-2015 Typical A batch A dept A A web An thing trans process document page interactionmanaged Best Digital known IBM Microsoft Google Facebook EquipmentcompanyContent Social Image Document Content mgmt Microfilm Business Mgmt Mgmt Mgmt focus Systems
  4. 4. The emerging information professional•  Our ongoing work with Forrester clients indicates that the skills mix required to deliver and scale up enterprise-wide workplace solutions, like enterprise social tools, infrastructure for engaging Web experiences, and content management, is changing.•  Raw technology skills are of lesser importance than they once were. Now the ability to influence stakeholders across IT, legal, communications, marketing, and HR is of utmost importance. •  Leslie Owens, Matthew Brown and Anjali Yakkundi, Forrester
  5. 5. The emerging information professional•  The vast majority of organizations see the need to manage information as an enterprise resource rather than in separate "silos," departments or systems, but they dont know how to begin to address the challenge, as it is so large...•  Professional roles focused on information management will be different to that of established IT roles.•  An "information professional" will not be one type of role or skill set, but will in fact have a number of specializations. •  Deb Logan and Regina Casonata, Gartner
  6. 6. Who  are  these  people?   IT  Legal  professional   Risk/Liability  Focus   Records  Manager   Digital  Archivist   Business  Process  Owners   Professionals   Business  Analyst   Informa1on   Value  Focus   Knowledge  Manager   Informa1on/Data  Scien1st   Ent  Informa1on  Manager   Governance  Focus   Info/Data  Stewards   Ent  Informa1on  Architect   Social  Focus   Informa1on  Curators   Community  Managers  Most  roles  from  Deb  Logan  and  Regina  Casonata,  Gartner  
  7. 7. www.aiim.org/certificationObjective: Create a body of knowledge and ameans to certify understanding that allowsindividuals to demonstrate their ability to solve anorganizations existing information-relatedproblems as well as plan for the future.
  8. 8. www.aiim.org/certificationThe Process Develop body of knowledge and Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam according to ISO17024
  9. 9. www.aiim.org/certificationThe Process1.  Validate the need for the certification with key stakeholders.2.  Use potential information professionals to define, rank, and validate body of knowledge (with Access Sciences) •  Survey respondents were asked to prioritize the knowledge areas identified by the Forrester report, A Snapshot Of Today’s Content And Collaboration Professional.3.  Build a test vehicle around the body of knowledge (with Prometric).4.  Build viral educational materials to kick start engagement.
  10. 10. Validation•  68% of those in AIIM database (not necessarily members) see value in such a certification; 77% would find it personally valuable.•  38% of IT practitioners not connected to AIIM said that they would definitely or probably pursue such a certification.
  11. 11. Domain Focus Area/Sub-domain Weights1. Access/ Use 1.1 Enterprise Search 1.2 Business Intelligence 1.3 Master Data Management 12 1.4 Text Analytics2. Capture/ Manage 2.1 Information Capture 2.2 Business Process Management 2.3 Knowledge Management 20 2.4 Email Management 2.5 Content Management3. Collaborate/ Deliver 3.1 Collaboration 3.2 Social Media 3.3 Information Workplace 3.4 Instant Messaging 18 3.5 Telecommuting Support 3.6 Web Conferencing4. Secure/ Preserve 4.1 Security 4.2 Records Management 4.3 Data Privacy 4.4 Digital Rights Management 20 4.5 Archiving 4.6 E-Discovery5. Architecture/ Systems 5.1 Information Architecture 5.2 Technical Architecture 5.3 Cloud Computing 15 5.4 Mobile Applications 5.5 Websites and portals6. Plan/ Implement 6.1 Strategic Planning 6.2 Building the Business Case 6.3 Implementation Planning 6.4 Requirements Definition 15 6.5 Solution Design 6.6 Change Management
  12. 12. www.aiim.org/certificationThe Test•  The 2 hours one-time, single-part proctored exam has 100 multiple-choice questions, electronically scored.•  The exam is available from Prometric test centers across the world www.prometric.com/aiim•  Price is USD 265.•  AIIM is not requiring candidates to have any minimum education or experience before taking the exam.•  Certification valid for 3 years, and then must retake or take CEUs to maintain.
  13. 13. The CIP Adds Business Value•  “There is hardly any person I know who would not benefit from the content of the AIIM Certified Information Professional certification.” •  Tim Elmore, CIO, Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union•  "Anyone in IT or in an information related discipline today should be thinking about it." •  Ken Bisconti, Vice President, Enterprise Content Management Products, IBM•  "There will also be a role in organizations for those with pure technical knowledge. But the real value add in the world of Systems of Engagement comes from those who can place these skills in a broader context — in the context of the business. Thats what AIIMs Certified Information Professional program is all about.” •  Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, Escape Velocity, and many others
  14. 14. The CIP Adds Business Value•  63% = More likely to hire a CIP•  76% would pay more for a CIP •  30% = 11-15% more •  9% = 16-20% more •  7% = >20% more•  61% = CIP “very important” or “important” in hiring a consultant or SI•  61% = CIP would enhance organization reputation•  65% = CIP would enhance information efficiency •  Source = Jan 2012 Survey of 200 Senior Business Executives (survey participants unconnected with AIIM)
  15. 15. 16Value to Consultants and Integrators •  Enhance credibility with clients. •  Demonstrate broad understanding of a wide variety of IM-relates concepts and issues. •  Enable individuals to secure a broad range of contracts due to their knowledge. www.aiim.org
  16. 16. www.aiim.org/certification Next Steps•  Step 1: Evaluation •  Buy 5 exam vouchers for USD $995 (25% discount) to have 5 of your most experienced staff take the exam to evaluate it for your organization•  Step 2: Roadmap •  Your certified staff work with AIIM to analyze value of certification for different staff and develop a certification roadmap for relevant staff •  AIIM provides free training materials if staff needs to prepare for the exam •  Free sample exams to check if staff are ready for the certification •  Free online training videos hosted by AIIM or on your website •  Free Presentations with speaker notes for any in-house courses•  Step 3: Implementation