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Staying Productive with Social Streams


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Presentation that I did during the Virtual Enterprise 2.0 Event on Sept 2012.

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Staying Productive with Social Streams

  1. 1. Staying Focused & Productive with Social StreamsLuis Benitez | IBM Connections Product Manager |
  2. 2. Who I Am @LBenitez #ibmconnections
  3. 3. Keep The Conversation Going Learning how social streams can keep focused and productive with @LBenitez . This webcast is ROCKIN #ibmconnections #ibmconnections
  4. 4. Agenda● Social Streams Attack!● Social Streams Unite!● Social Streams Produce!● Resources and Information● #ibmconnections
  5. 5. With e-business our use of the internet went through a fundamentaltransformation which changed how we conduct business forever From Surfing to Selling From Browsing to Buying5 #ibmconnections © 2012 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. The social media revolution is changing the way people interactand creates new relationships leveraging the social graph6 #ibmconnections © 2012 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Distractions in Todays Workplace● Distractions noted by employees ● Process Email: 23% ● Switching windows to complete tasks: 10% ● Personal social networks: 9% ● Instant Message: 6% ● Texting: 5% ● Web search: 3% #ibmconnections
  8. 8. How can I leverage Social Collaboration Tools Without Distracting My Workforce?8 #ibmconnections © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Agenda● Social Streams Attack!● Social Streams Unite!● Social Streams Produce!● Resources and Information● #ibmconnections
  10. 10. Social media and the emergence of social graphs is illustrating opportunitiesfor competitive advantage by integrating social into business processes Market Management Critical Situation Process: Process: Marketing Customer Service We can now do market Find who can best help me segmentation in real-time. address this urgent problem for my client Software Deployment Process: Talent Management Process: IT HR Find the technical Anticipate and react expertise to fix an error competitive poaching in our ERP system. of top talent Lead Development Process: Sales Use predictive analytics to gather insights into what customers will buy next10 #ibmconnections © 2012 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. 11 #ibmconnections © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. IBM continues to be the partner of choice for social business leaders Leading social business in three dimensions outcomes for social business ecosystem and our clients engagement platform industry expertise12 #ibmconnections © 2012 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. With IBM Connections, you can leverage a social collaboration solution thatprovides a foundation for social business Make everything social Eliminate the guesswork and bring your brand to every experience Integrate social into your business processes The most powerful social analytics and metrics and across your entire customer experience to foster vital networks & communities Unlock creativity everywhere Deploy however you want – its easy Ready to be delivered to any mobile device Offers the choice to deploy in the cloud, on premises and hybrid options — it’s never been easier13 #ibmconnections © 2012 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Integrated Capabilities of IBM Connections Home Forums See whats happening across your social Exchange ideas with, and benefit from network the expertise of others Profiles Social Analytics Find the people you need Discover who and what you don’t know via recommendations and metrics Communities Micro-blogging Work with people who share common Reach out for help or share news with roles and expertise, media gallery and your social network ideation Files Bookmarks Post, share, and discover documents, Save, share, and discover bookmarks presentations, images, and more Blogs Wikis Present your own ideas, and learn from Create web content together others Activities Mobile Organize your work and tap your Access Connections anywhere, anytime professional network with mobile & tablet access #ibmconnections
  15. 15. Source: #ibmconnections
  16. 16. Wide Adoption Across Industries ● Benefit from our experience with leaders – Working with more than 60 of the worlds Fortune 100 companies ● Exceptional web experiences for employees and customers created with: of the top 10 banks of the largest telcos governments covering and retailers all G8 nations #ibmconnections
  17. 17. Industry Analyst Feedback IBM is in the leader 2X A Leader! Forrester Wave quadrant in the Gartner Enterprise Social Platform Magic Quadrant for and Cloud Strategies for Social Software in the Online Collaboration Workplace, August 2011 Software Vendors Leader in Aragon Worldwide Market Research Globe for Leader for 3 years in a Enterprise Social row! Software social content analytics mobility cloud1 Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace, August 20112 Source: The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Social Platforms, Q3 2011 and The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Strategies for Online Collaboraton Software Vendors, Q3 2012, Forrester Research, Inc3 Source: IDC: Number 1 position from 2009-2011, IDC Worldwide Enterprise Social Software 2011 Vendor Shares, doc #235273, June 2012.4 Source: Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Social Software, Aug 2012 #ibmconnections
  18. 18. Agenda● Social Streams Attack!● Social Streams Unite!● Social Streams Produce!● Resources and Information● #ibmconnections
  19. 19. IBM leads with Open StandardsMaximizing integration possibilities● Enabling the next generation of socially-enabled solutions to enhance customers existing investments and heterogeneous platforms● A commitment to drive and leverage open standards ● Maximize choice, flexibility, and ease of integration ● Drive enterprise innovation and leverage rapid innovation on the public web ● Minimize incremental cost of targeting additional desktop and mobile platforms ● Leverage dominant skill-sets based around web technologies HTML5 ARIA SAML #ibmconnections
  20. 20. OpenSocial ● Social APIs and Mini Applications Implementations Include: Cisco, SAP, (Gadgets) Jive, Atlassian, IBM SmartCloud, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, LifeRay, ● IBM has a leadership role Oracle, Magneto, Tibco Tibbr, Surfnet, Paypal . . . including ● On the Board of Directors SmartCloud, Connections, ● Notes/Domino®, Rational Team ● Committers on Apache Shindig ConcertTM, Sterling. . . ● ● Has been instrumental in drafting the OpenSocial 2.0 specification ● ● Invented and gave to the community Embedded Experiences and many, many more capabilities ● ● Provided enterprise extensions ● #ibmconnections
  21. 21. ● The primary event propagation Implementations Include: MySpace, mechanism for Social Business Microsoft Windows Live, BBC, Opera, TypePad, Gowalla, Yammer, Gnip, ● Streams contain events and the means SocialCast, Superfeedr, Tibber, YIID to act upon them SmartCloud, Connections, Notes/Domino, Rational Team ● Those means, for users to execute Concert, Sterling . . . tasks without a sovereign pivot, include embedded experiences ● The lead editor for the ActivityStream specification JSON is an IBMer #ibmconnections
  22. 22. OAuth ● Delegated Authorization provides a means for interaction between gadgets ● Can use a variety of authorization mechanisms (SAML, etc.) ● Cornerstone of security in Social Business ● Rapidly evolving specification SmartCloud, Connections, Notes/Domino, Rational Team Concert, Tivoli, WebSphere, Sterling . . Implementations Include: Facebook, MySpace, Microsoft Windows Live, Google, BBC, Opera, TypePad, Gowalla, Gnip, SocialCast, Superfeedr, Tibber, YIID, Cisco, Yammer, SAP, Jive, Atlassian, Yahoo, LifeRay, Oracle, Magneto, Tibco Tibbr, Surfnet, Paypal . . . #ibmconnections
  23. 23. Social Stream Reduce redundant work● A consolidated, customizable overview of your social network● Access status updates and content updates from your network● Integrate 3rd party content more easily via open standards● Take action on content directly from your Activity Stream without switching contexts● Share and personalize Status Updates and Files using the share button● Repost interesting content from your network in one click #ibmconnections
  24. 24. Social Stream Take action on eventsFilter whatyou need Work directly in the stream View & Act on updates Includes 3rd party updates #ibmconnections
  25. 25. Social Stream Enable a more effective workforce #ibmconnections
  26. 26. Connections Mail Access and respond to email Access mail & calendar Read & respond to mail Backend is flexible:Domino or Exchange #ibmconnections
  27. 27. Same Gadget, Different Contextual Experience Notes Web Phone For example, gadgets for... ● CRM ● HR Tablet ● Customer Support ● Doc management ● Workflow ● Rich Media and more . . . #ibmconnections
  28. 28. Sample Cognos Activity Stream Post and Embedded ApplicationExample of a Cognos Report targeting an individuals Activity Stream entry #ibmconnections
  29. 29. Sample VoiceRite Activity Stream Post and EmbeddedApplication● VoiceRite allows users to be anywhere in the world and manage calls through their Notes and Sametime clients Contact for more information● The VoiceRite Client extends Lotus Notes and Sametime● Connections users can receive and listen to VoiceRite messages Akanksha Kumar Product Manager, VoiceRite Inc. directly from their Activity Stream Office: 954-653-2505 #ibmconnections
  30. 30. Sample Silanis eSignature Activity Stream Post and Embedded Application● Silanis offers a full suite of electronic signature solutions to meet the needs of any signing process, budget and time-to-market requirements Contact for more information● E-Signature process management builds on top of digital signatures Fred Onorato and electronic signatures to execute transactions from start to finish, while automating the enforcement of business rules P: 514-337-5255 #1164● C: 514-668-8582 #ibmconnections
  31. 31. Genus Activity Stream Post and Embedded Application ● Genus Media Upshot is a rich media processing, management and delivery solution ● Process, manage, store video, audio, images, documents ● VOD and Live Streaming ● Integrates directly into IBM Connections Files ● Genus is a Premier IBM Partner, winner of Beacon Award, Lotus CTO Award, DAMMY Award Contact for more information Jim Engelking, 952-844-2626 #ibmconnections
  32. 32. Demo Show it to me● Lets see it live! #ibmconnections
  33. 33. Connections 4.0 Highlights Take action! Add Like, hashtags, pictures, and search the stream and reshare all from your microblog post Access integrated 3rd party apps Gather adoption insight from visual, interactive reports Bridge social business with the social web Engage mobile apps that work the way you want to And so much more!!!33 #ibmconnections © © 2011 IBM Corporation 2012 IBM Corporation
  34. 34. Agenda● Social Streams Attack!● Social Streams Unite!● Social Streams Produce!● Resources and Information● #ibmconnections
  35. 35. Check out whats new onIBM Connections 4.0 IBM Connections 4.0 Demo: Making Business Processes Social IBM Connections 4.0 Demo Android Demo on YouTube iPad Demo on YouTube Check out 4.0 in Greenhouse #ibmconnections
  36. 36. External Resources and Information New IBM Social Landing Page Latest product info, research, podcasts, and more IBM Connections Team Blog Assets, discussion, and opinion about driving the adoption of IBM social software App/Widget Catalog http://catalog.lotus.com36 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  37. 37. Social Business is not an option – its a mandate Social Business Becoming a Social transformation Business is easy delivers real with IBM business value ConnectionsStart Your Social Business Journey Now!