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Stockholm Smarter Business social


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My presentation from the IBM event Smarter Business in stockholm on October the 10th 2012

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Stockholm Smarter Business social

  1. 1. Attending IBM Smarter Bsiness listening to@allerhed talking about #socbiz , this session #rocks #innovations #sb12se
  2. 2. With e-business our use of the internet went through a fundamental transformation whichchanged how we conduct business forever From Surfing to Selling From Browsing to Buying 3
  3. 3. The social media revolution is changing the way people interactand creates new relationships leveraging the social graph 4
  4. 4. Three shifts are creating an opportunity for social technology to createreal business value Pressure to build and share expertise for Increasingly influential and vocal competitive advantage customers Growing demand for 24/7 and mobile connectedness 5
  5. 5. Social media and the emergence of social graphs is illustratingopportunities for competitive advantage by integrating social intobusiness processes Market Management Process: Critical Situation Process: Marketing Customer Service We can now do market Find who can best help me segmentation in real-time. address this urgent problem for my client Software Deployment Process: IT Talent Management Process: HR Find the technical Anticipate and react expertise to fix an error competitive poaching in our ERP system. of top talent Lead Development Process: Sales Use predictive analytics to gather insights into what customers will buy next 6
  6. 6. Leaders in every industry are leveraging Social Business technology todisrupt their industries and create competitive advantage Activate the workforce Create a smarter Improve productivity and unleash innovation by tapping workforce into the collective intelligence inside and outside their organizations “When the right people engage with the right community, they can change the way business works” Delight customers Create exceptional customer Increase loyalty, advocacy, and revenue by listening, experiences analyzing, and acting upon new insights to anticipate individual customers needs “When customers are engaged on their own terms, you create more than a sale, you create an advocate” 7
  7. 7. Traditional Collaboration Model & Business Pain Div / Silos Org Chart Taxonomy E-Mail Documents 8
  8. 8. structures that dampen network effectsget worse the more people use them
  9. 9. Networked Conversational Organic Folksonomy SHARE = Value Relationships Web Social Business PlatformDiv / Silos Org Chart Taxonomy E-Mail Documents 10
  10. 10. structures that harness network effectsget better the more people use them
  11. 11. Social Business Platform 12
  12. 12. IBM continues to be the partner of choice for social business leaders Leading social business in three dimensions outcomes for social business ecosystem and our clients engagement platform industry expertise 13
  13. 13. A proven track record of delivering results for industry leaders Benefit from our experience with leaders – Working with more than 60% of the worlds Fortune 100 companies Exceptional web experiences for employees and customers created with: of the top 10 banks of the largest telcos governments covering and retailers all G8 nations 14
  14. 14. The IBM Platform for Social Business, delivering the technology required to drive business process transformationFront End Intranet Experience Suite Customer Experience Suite BPM SuiteApplicationsStrategy & Process Enterprise Strategy Integration Adoption Toolkit Change Accelerator Services Governance ManagementIntegration Services IBM Platform for Social Business Social Networking Social Analytics Social Content Process, Governance, Security & Lifecycle Management Industry Leader in Social Software Platforms, ranked #1, for three years running and more than twice the size of the nearest competitor Industry Leader in Business Analytics Industry Leader in Enterprise Content Management, ranked #1 15
  15. 15. The deepest ecosystem and expertise in your industryWe have the breadth Bringing new, cutting-edge capabilitiesOne of the largest social business ecosystemsin the world with over In the most important social software domains39,000 partners including gamification, video, compliance, project management and mobilityThe platform of choice Expertise where it mattersfor partners Thousands of experts who understand your industry, your most critical business process withOver 700 partners have business applications real experience serving leaders in your industrybuilt on the social andportal platforms 16
  16. 16. With IBM Connections, you can leverage a social collaboration solutionthat provides a foundation for social business Make everything social Eliminate the guesswork and bring your brand to every The social business solution that offers the most powerful experience social analytics and metrics to foster vital networks & communities The only social business solution that can integrate social into your business processes and across your entire customer experience Unlock creativity everywhere Deploy however you want – its easy The only social business solution that is ready to be The only social business solution that offers the delivered to any mobile device choice to deploy in the cloud, on premise and hybrid options — it’s never been easier 17
  17. 17. Home Reduce redundant workFilter whatyou need Work directly in the stream View & Act on updates Includes 3rd party updates 18
  18. 18. Connections Mail Reduce redundant work Access mail & calendar Backend is flexible: Read &Domino or Exchange respond to mail 19
  19. 19. Social Analytics Discover what and who you should know Personalized, smart recommendations for the People, Community and Content you should know Based on your Profile, tags, social network, and actions Found in Home page, Profiles and Communities 20
  20. 20. Bring external Social Bridging content in Support collaboration between External content can suppliers, be discussed internally customers, and employees Bridge External content can be discussed internally internal/external collaboration to provide the correct answers in a timely manner 21
  21. 21. Mobile Apps Anytime, anyplace access to your network Tablet App Capabilities Full iPad Support Media Gallery – upload photos/videos from your device (iPad 2 or later) Access Ideation Blogs Hyperlinks in Status Updates Improved Home screen navigation style Saved login information in native app Download native app from iTunes App Store 22
  22. 22. Windows Explorer Extension Easily share yourfor Connections Files personal files Personal Files ■ Share any file in the context of your work ■ Personal files web experience in Windows Explorer ■ Facilitate ease of sharing of any file on desktop ■ Round trip editing available in Windows Explorer Community Files and Media Gallery ■ Communities that have a files component can be added to the Windows Explorer view ■ “My Communities” are discovered by search and via a picker ■ Public Communities are discovered by search with type ahead ■ Media Gallery files will be shown mixed in with the Community files view ─ Previews can be shown only for those media files that are in the media gallery ─ Will use the fact that a preview file is attached to the document to indicate that the file is in the media gallery ■ Round trip editing available in Windows Explorer ■ Download at © 2012 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. IBM Connections andMicrosoft Outlook Social Connector  Look up people data from Connections Profiles  Access content available through activity feed  Automatically syncs Social Network directory data to Outlook Contacts 24
  24. 24. IBM Connections and Access common tasks in Microsoft Office ConnectionsUse the IBM Connections Plug- in for Microsoft Office to extend your social network to Access Connections your documents features and search■ Add a document to Files, Communities, Activities, Blogs or Wikis■ Create a To-Do item in an Activity■ Create a Bookmark from a URL embedded in a document■ Insert a Bookmark or a Profile into a document■ Search for Connections content
  25. 25. IBM Connections and Add robust social capabilities toMicrosoft SharePoint legacy SharePoint content SharePoint widget available for Connections Communities Access and Edit Microsoft SharePoint files Open and add files to SharePoint Libraries from within a Connections Community Download at 26
  26. 26. Attending IBM Smarter Bsiness listening to@allerhed talking about #socbiz , this session #rocks #innovations #sb12se