Dream Local Digital: latest trends in social media


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Presented to a group hosted by the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce in July covering tactics of how to use social media for their small businesses

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Dream Local Digital: latest trends in social media

  1. 1. Latest Trends in Social Media Shannon Kinney, Dream Local shannon@dreamlocal.com Camden, Maine July 2012
  2. 2. What to expect today:- General tips and tricks- What you should be doing,measuring- Tactics for Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn, Foursquare- Q&A
  3. 3. From traditional media and marketing tactics, to new media navigating this transitionis critical for your business
  4. 4. Social media has changed our lives our language our behavior our shopping habits… our businesses
  5. 5. Why social matters
  6. 6. People are relying more heavily on interactive online media for their information via….
  7. 7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ0fpMpyXJ0
  8. 8. Facebook now has more than901 million ACTIVE users
  9. 9. Questions get answered.Recommendations are made. Conversations happen. Are you there? Are you REALLY there?
  10. 10. Social Media Marketing
  11. 11. Win at social media• Professionally designed page• Thoughtful content strategy that incorporates the personal touch, sales and marketing, and outbound marketing strategy• Listen and respond, stimulate conversation• Utilize the new feature of outbound commenting as your page• WOW your fans!
  12. 12. Content is king• One of the largest determining factors in how well your site performs on search is the quality, relevancy, amount of and freshness of your content – and keywords!!• Carefully consider your site content and how it incorporates words people will search for you by• Can you / should you blog? Try BDN Maine Marketplace
  13. 13. Content is king• Can you establish yourself as an expert and/or resource?• Blog suggestions: • Top 10 FAQ about your business • Overcome objections • Consider – what do people type in to search engines that you can answer?• PLAN!
  14. 14. Developing your content plan• Why a content plan is important• What’s in a content plan? • Your voice • Important brand messages • What will be posted where, when • Standards for your content mix (marketing and promotion, conversation, listening) – balance is CRITICAL • Promotions / strategies for fan base growth
  15. 15. Utilizing social media to drive traffic to your web site: How do they relate? What content goes where? What address do I promote?How do I increase traffic to my site?
  16. 16. Facebook• Do I need to use it? If you are able to, you should. If you’re responsible for marketing your business, absolutely.• Does my business need to be there now? Yes. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Regardless of your business, you need to be represented here. We can help!• Top benefit: You stay top of mind with people as they browse – you’re part of the conversation
  17. 17. Facebook: Statistics • More than 50% of active users log in each day • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook • 2.7 billion posts are “liked” or commented on each day • 250 million photos are shared each day • 1 million business page “likes” are happening each day – and that is shared with all of their friendsSource: Facebook
  18. 18. 19 19
  19. 19. Facebook: What you should do
  20. 20. Post tips• Know your audience• Timing is important• Clarity• Mix it up and create balance• Encourage conversation• Encourage sharing / tagging• LISTEN! Respond!• Utilize photos and videos regularly
  21. 21. Pull in blogs or feeds- Apps to use: RSS Graffiti, Dlvr.it, NetworkedBlogs
  22. 22. Facebook Voice
  23. 23. Outbound Marketing• “Tagging”• Posts• Comments• “Likes”, Featured Likes• Grow your audience, business outreach
  24. 24. Fan Base Growth: Promote your page • On your web site https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like -box/ • Email signatures • Signs in location, on vehicles • Stationary • All marketing – when in doubt of what to promote, promote Facebook
  25. 25. Fan Base Growth• Turn buyers into fans at time of purchase • In store – promote on receipts or verbally • Online – add Facebook like box to thank you/conf page• Incentives – add a reward to incent people to like page• Facebook ads• Word of mouth contests
  26. 26. Facebook Ads• Powerful targeting• Like search marketing but different • Search = keywords, demand fulfillment • Facebook = interests, demand generation
  27. 27. Facebook Ads• Target your Fan’s Friends
  28. 28. Facebook Contests• Define goals and details• Get legal – use an app• Prepare, promote and converse • Fangate, use existing lists, shareable, content submissions • Encourage viral sharing (voting, getting likes)• Manage and analyze• Begin the REAL work – engage!
  29. 29. Twitter• Do I need to use it? It is powerful but not for everyone• Does my business need to be there now? Depends on your business. If you create and write a lot of content, Twitter is a fantastic tool. It works extremely well for searching, listening and communicating quickly with your customers
  30. 30. Twitter: What you should do
  31. 31. LinkedIn• Do I need to use it? If you would benefit from sharing your background, establishing your expertise, and showing who you are connected to professionally, yes.• Does my business need to be there now? It’s much more important for companies interested in hiring, and/or conducting b2b business, but can be a very powerful tool for establishing expertise as well
  32. 32. LinkedIn: What you should do
  33. 33. In the business world…• Over 41% of LinkedIn users have generatedbusiness from it• 70% of Americans use it for job searches• 85% of US Companies use it for recruiting How can you use LinkedIn?
  34. 34. Building your networks• Quality more important than quantity• Start with your existing network• Export them from your Outlook or CRM system• Leverage free email account address books (yahoo!Gmail, hotmail)
  35. 35. LinkedIn’s Guide to Small Business Success Serieshttp://smb.linkedincreatives.com/
  36. 36. Foursquare• Do I need to use it? If you enjoy showing businesses that you frequent them, and if you’re just a wee bit competitive, it is a fun tool to use. Great for deals or visiting new areas• Does my business need to be there now? If your business is retail, hospitality-oriented, a restaurant or bar, we highly recommend leveraging Foursquare. It is a powerful tool to offer deals, recognize your best customers, and monitor what customers are saying about you on the Web.
  37. 37. Foursquare: What you should do
  38. 38. Pinterest
  39. 39. Pinterest: What you should do
  40. 40. Google+ (G+)• Do I need to use it? If you enjoy Facebook for the social aspect, or Twitter for the opportunity to see the news and content you should be reading, you’ll enjoy G+• Does my business need to be there now? We recommend businesses to strongly consider it because it dramatically increases search engine rankings, but can repurpose content
  41. 41. Google+ : What you should do
  42. 42. YouTube: 2nd largest search engineProfessionally designed page
  43. 43. YouTube: What you should do
  44. 44. One of the most common questions:HOW do I find the time?
  45. 45. Tools you can use• Sprout Social• Postling• Hootsuite• There are MANY others available - visit hubspot.com and search “99 tools to generate leads with social media”
  46. 46. Business Intelligence You Need
  47. 47. What you should monitor and how• How are people finding your web site and how? (Google Analytics)• What demographics are you reaching on social media (Facebook insights, social media monitoring tools)• How is your audience trending? (Fan base counts)• What members of my audience are influencers and how should I target them? (social media analysis)
  48. 48. What you should monitor and how• How engaged is your audience? (social media monitoring, response times, time of day, content type)• How can you drive leads? (combination of tools and measure conversion rates of content)• How well do you show up on search engines? And how to fix it? (Reputation Management)• When is my brand mentioned online? (Reputation Management)
  49. 49. What you should monitor and how• When is my brand mentioned online & how do I respond? (Reputation Management)• What is my share of voice amongst competitors for key phrases? (Reputation Management)• What keywords should I optimize for? (Keyword analysis with predictive trends)• Should I buy PPC advertising, and if so, what business is it driving?
  50. 50. What you should monitor and how• How is all of this effort changing my business? Is my PLAN working? (Clear and reasonable goals, then measure performance to plan)
  51. 51. Best way to learn how to master social media sites? USE THEM Watch peers or bring in some help
  52. 52. Biggest tip for today:Have a clear content plan
  53. 53. So what?What does this mean to small – medium businesses?
  54. 54. The rules of marketing have changed.
  55. 55. We help you play the game by the new rules. AND, save you time.
  56. 56. Need help? let us do it for you while you run your business! shannon@dreamlocal.comwww.facebook.com/dreamlocal
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