Got 30 minutes a day? Implement your social media program


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Got 30 minutes a day? Implement your social media program

  1. 1. Running Your Social Media Strategy In A 30 Minutes a Day Houston, TX January 23-24, 2014
  2. 2. For A Copy Of Today’s Presentation 3 Ways To Obtain A Copy: 1.Log On To Our Facebook Page: Post: #PartyClub30 2.Email CBCG 3.Leave Me Your Business Card
  3. 3. There are Bigger Things to Fear Than Social Media Creative Business Consulting Group
  4. 4. Why Listen To Creative Business Consulting Group – Lynn Switanowski? 28 + Years Retail Industry Experience Fortune 500 Sales and Marketing Executive Successful B-T-C Strategist Experienced Brand Manager And Marketing Executive Social Media Strategist and Developer Contact Information: (617) 437 -9191 Email: Creative Business Consulting Group
  5. 5. Consumers Are Using Social Media, Are You?  56% Of Shoppers Using Social Media Have “Friended,” “Followed” Or “Subscribed” To A Retailers’ Page or Feed  More Than 50% Of Online Shoppers Use SM To Engage With Brands They Like/Buy  Almost 50% of Retailers’ Fans Follow To Learn About Special Deals And Products  85% Of Gen Y Shoppers Participate In Social Networking Retailers Do Not Have The Same Presence On Social Networks * (Pricegrabber, 2010) Creative Business Consulting Group
  6. 6. Employ POST Techniques For 30 Minutes Daily To Achieve Social Media Success 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group
  7. 7. People Strategy Formation Starts With Understanding Where Your Customers Are And What They Say Start By Assessing Where You Should Be Participating And Where The Biggest Opportunities Exist Where Do Your Current And Potential Customers Participate? Listening Will Give You A Good Idea Of: What’s Being Said About Your Company Online Where Messages Are Posted Where Users Spend Time How Much Is Being Discussed Ask Yourself: How Your Competitors Are Participating In Social Media? 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group
  8. 8. People Key Listening Tools  Google Alerts Emails You Whenever A Chosen Keyword Is Mentioned In Any Form Of Online Content.  Sitevolume Reports How Often Keywords Or Phrases Appear On Twitter, Digg, Myspace, Youtube And Flickr  Socialmention Enables You To Search Keywords And Phrases By Specific Channel Category (Blogs, Images, News,Video, Etc.), Or As A Whole, And To Receive Email Alerts When A New Mention Is Posted 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group
  9. 9. Objectives Define Objectives and Strategy – Establish Clear, Quantifiable Goals •What Are You Looking To Get Out Of A Social Media Marketing Program - Today And In The Future? Consider How To: Expand Brand Or Product Awareness Build Or Enhance Brand Community Engage Fans And Convert Them To Customers Improve Customer Satisfaction 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group
  10. 10. Objectives Determine Social Media Goals And Objectives Based On Business Goals And Capability •Xxx •Xxx •xxx 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group
  11. 11. Strategy Decide Where to Concentrate Your Efforts  You Can’t Be Everywhere At Once – Start Slowly And Build  Start With One Social Media Program And Learn The Basics  Layer In More Functionality  Incorporate Time Saving Applications  Use Younger Employees (Or Children) To Mentor You  Integrate Additional Social Media Application When You Are Ready 617-437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group
  12. 12. Strategy Your Social Media Strategy Must Be Built To Engage Followers and Build A Community Using Social Media For Your Small Business Requires A Blend Of Business And Personal Information Personal 40% • Share Your Personality • Publish Information That Will Help Establish You And Your Brand With Your Followers • Have Fun And Express Yourself Share Relevant Information 30% • Forward Blog Posts (Yours Or Others) That Are Of Interest To Your Followers • Share Articles That Will Be Interesting To Your Fans • Make Yourself The Expert By The Information You Share Business 30% • Publish Promotions Or Store Events • Publish Specials/Deals For Followers With Links To Appropriate Webpages And/Or Locations • Host Special Events For FB Fans Only Creative Business Consulting Group
  13. 13. Strategy Engaging Fans With Your Social Media – How To Begin…. Remember The Basics, Follow Posting “Rules” • Create a Posting Calendar, Assign Duties To Appropriate Personnel • Align Posts With Your Overall Strategy – What Are Your Goals? • Create And Schedule GREAT Content DAILY • Good Posts Build Rapport, Evoke Trust And Engage Customers To Buy • Remember The Rules - 40/30/30 • Engage Your Customers To Help With PostsAsk For Pictures, Comments, Videos, Take Surveys • Ask Questions To Engage A Response From Your Followers Creative Business Consulting Group
  14. 14. Strategy Engaging Fans With Your Facebook Page What Should You Talk About? Use Humor To Engage Your Fans and Followers Do you like to laugh? So do your customers! Make your marketing more fun and you will stand out from the competition and capture customer attention. Try These Tips To Create Humorous Posts: 1.Tap into Pop Culture – Getting your fans into a fun pop culture meme is enough to them smile. 2.Lampoon With Cartoons - Cartoons are often the most-read and remembered part of magazines and newspapers, and they can also be an effective mechanism for promoting your brand 3.Get Animated – Use apps to create animated videos –quickly and easily. Apps to try: Xtranormal or GoAnimate 4.Solicit Humor From Your Fans - why not try crowdsourcing your funny business? Creative Business Consulting Group
  15. 15. Engaging Fans With Your Facebook Page What Should You Talk About? Use In Store Experiences In Your Post Content Deliver A View Of Your Daily Business Via Posts. Help Your Customers Follow What Is Going On With Your Business- Even If They Can’t Be There • In-Store Events • Marketing Activities • Links To Emails, Blog Posts, etc. • Trade Show Experiences • Share Your Market Experiences • Ask For Customer Feedback • Share Customer Experiences • Testimonials, Product Reviews • Share Employee Experiences Behind The Scenes Look At Work Creative Business Consulting Group
  16. 16. Technology Scheduling Tools Will Improve Productivity And Ensure Consistent Engagement • Hootsuite - Desktop Application That Links Twitter, Facebook, Search And Followers On One Screen • Sendible - Links Multiple Social Media Applications From One Desktop Application. Allows For Scheduling of Future Posts. Creative Business Consulting Group
  17. 17. Technology Mobile Technology Can Improve Efficiency And Responsiveness When Out Of The Store Creative Business Consulting Group
  18. 18. CBCG Can Help You Engage With Your Online Customers • Help You Identify the Long-Term Business Opportunities Created By Using Social Media • Teach You How to Create Social Media Marketing Programs That Engage Customers • Show You The Cost Saving Benefits Of Using Social Media • Share How to Create An Engaging Social Media Strategy for Your Retail Business Call Today: (617) 437-9191 Creative Business Consulting Group