Newspapers atlantic halifax may 2012


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Newspapers atlantic halifax may 2012

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing:For you and your advertisers Halifax, NS May 11, 2012 Shannon Kinney
  2. 2. The Giveaway: Free consultationon how to generate revenue with social media for your market!
  3. 3. Times have changed,media use has changed
  4. 4. Old marketing tactics
  5. 5. New marketing tactics
  6. 6. Advertiser Needs• Print is recognized as a brand builder and important part of marketing mix, but is farther away from sale in many cases• Ability to generate leads/calls/walk-ins and measure results• Flexibility in contracts, billing, packages• Multi-media approach and solutions• Consultative selling – help me understand all of my options and create custom solutions for me
  7. 7. In this climate, every businessis re-thinking all of their budgets,and they will never return to the way they once were.
  8. 8. Where Should We Be?• You need to aggressively review our operations in all departments to seek efficiencies, new ideas, and best practices (and likely already have been)• Online revenue should be growing to be larger percentage of overall revenue, less reliance on print only• Creating new products on our own or through partnerships to grow audience and revenue
  9. 9. It’s less about selling space and more about selling solutions
  10. 10. …and working with your customers
  11. 11. …in ways you have NEVER done before
  12. 12. It’s NOT about thedistribution vehicle
  13. 13. It’s about continuingyour deep relationship with your audience and your advertisers
  14. 14. The question for businesses used to be:how do your customers find you?
  15. 15. Now is: where do yourcurrent and future customers find what they need?
  16. 16. Questions get answered.Recommendations are made. Conversations happen. Are you there?
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Facebook now has more than901 million ACTIVE users
  19. 19. Facebook• Do I need to use it? YES! If you advertisers are responsible for marketing your business, absolutely.• Do my clients’ businesses need to be there now? Yes. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Regardless of your business, you need to be represented here. We can help!• Top benefit: You stay top of mind with people as they browse – you’re part of the conversation
  20. 20. Facebook: Statistics • More than 50% of active users log in each day • 125 billion friend connections • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook • 2.7 billion posts are “liked” or commented on each day • 250 million photos are shared each day • 1 million business page “likes” are happening each day – and that is shared with all of their friendsSource: Facebook
  21. 21. Facebook: Timeline for Business Pages
  22. 22. Facebook: Timeline for Business Pages
  23. 23. 29
  24. 24. 30
  25. 25. Do Facebook - WELL• Professionally designed page• Thoughtful content strategy that incorporates the personal touch, sales and marketing, and outbound marketing strategy• Listen and respond, stimulate conversation• Utilize the new feature of outbound commenting as your page• WOW your fans!
  26. 26. Twitter• Do I need to use it? It is powerful but not for everyone• Do my clients’ businesses need to be there now? Depends on their business. If you create and write a lot of content, Twitter is a fantastic tool. It works extremely well for searching, listening and communicating quickly with your customers
  27. 27. LinkedIn• Do I need to use it? If you would benefit from sharing your background, establishing your expertise, and showing who you are connected to professionally, yes.• Do my clients’ businesses need to be there now? It’s much more important for companies interested in hiring, and/or conducting b2b business, but can be a very powerful tool for establishing expertise as well
  28. 28. Foursquare• Do I need to use it? If you enjoy showing businesses that you frequent them, and if you’re just a wee bit competitive, it is a fun tool to use. Great for deals or visiting new areas• Do my client’s businesses need to be there now? If their business is retail, hospitality oriented, a restaurant or bar, we highly recommend leveraging Foursquare. It is a powerful tool to offer deals, recognize your best customers, and monitor what customers are saying about you on the Web.
  29. 29. Pinterest
  30. 30. Google+ (G+)• Do I need to use it? If you enjoy Facebook for the social aspect, or Twitter for the opportunity to see the news and content you should be reading, you’ll enjoy G+• Do my clients’ businesses need to be there now? If they have the time yes due to it’s close tie with search results
  31. 31. YouTube: 2nd largest search engineProfessionally designed page
  32. 32. What works and what doesn’t
  33. 33. The key is Reputation Management… And you need it now more than EVER!
  34. 34. Facebook now has over 488 millionMOBILE usersDo you have a usable mobile web site?
  35. 35. Emerging mobile activities•Location based services•Quick Response (QR)codes & barcodes•Comparison Shopping•Mobile Coupons•Push Notifications28% of smartphoneowners have used theirphone at least once tocheck in Source: ExactTarget
  36. 36. So what? What does this mean to yournewspapers? To small – medium businesses?
  37. 37. The rules of marketing have changed.
  38. 38. We help businessesplay the game by the new rules. AND, save them time. Can you? Should you?
  39. 39. The agency model: Solution based selling Is a MUSTAnd unlike larger newspapers, Many of you already do it!
  40. 40. Why Agency?• Serving local businesses is core to your missionand role in your community• Maintaining the relationship as the trustedadvisor and partner is critical to your long termsuccess• Filling the advertiser need and guiding themthrough the process will solidify your position• Solution-based selling builds trust• Can ultimately sell more print
  41. 41. Revenue opportunities• Sell social media services, reputationmanagement• Added distribution of listings via social media(Washington Post Twitter channels)• Sponsored posts and tweets?
  42. 42. Solution ComponentsCore Offering Optional • Video optimization, distribution,• Online marketing strategy marketing development • Photography• Social Media channel • Mobile marketing solutions (sites, enhancement and ongoing promotions) management • PR • SEO / SEM• Reputation Management • Agency level service (media and SEO planning, etc)• Email marketing • Event promotion (flyers, etc)• Blog posting management • Print ad design • Web site & landing page development
  43. 43. We offer•Agency model: evaluation and plan development• Agency: outsource it to us, we will fulfill what yousell• Small business services• Social media strategy, planning, channel design• Staff training on social media and effective usage• Webinars and resources• Channel management
  44. 44. Action items – what to do now1. Consider your sales methods, are you solution selling or space selling?2. Are your advertisers confused by the online marketing landscape and options?3. Could you gain market share by offering social solutions?4. Do you have the resources to lead the charge? Build or buy?5. If you aren’t sure what to do OR you don’t have resources – we can help!
  45. 45. The Giveaway: Free consultationon how to generate revenue with social media for your market!
  46. 46. Thank you! You survived! Questions? Shannon Kinney, Dream Local 207-354-7073 Twitter: @shannonkin Facebook:, Foursquare: Shannonkin LinkedIn: Google+