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How to Prioritize Social Networks Your Business Should Invest In


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Every marketer and business leader is faced with the challenge of where to prioritize their time and investment. Time is our greatest asset in both business and life. How we spend our time can make or break our business success.

When it comes to digital marketing, social media and branding, it is no different. In my 20 years of business and marketing experience I have never heard a marketer exclaim, "I have so much time, resource & budget I don't know what to do with it."

Unfortunately, there are far too many "experts" online touting that you must be on every new shiny object and social network. They'll even go so far as to warn you that if you don't start snapping on Snapchat, storytelling on Instagram and delivering live video on Periscope that your business is destined to fail. Let me tell you right now this is 100% false.

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How to Prioritize Social Networks Your Business Should Invest In

  1. 5  Ways  to  Prioritize   What  Social  Networks   Your  Business  Should  Invest  In Pam  Moore   CEO  /  Founder Marketing  Nutz
  2. the  point  of  inspiration  is  changing
  3. human  brain  processes  visuals  60,000  times  faster  than   decoding  text!  
  4. YOU are  the media
  6. 1.  Time  &  money?   • Get  real  with   how  much  time   &  money  you   have  to  invest   the  next  3,  6,  12   months  
  7. • marketing • content  writing   • visual  marketing  /  creative • conversion  optimization   • social  network  expertise • data  and  analytics   • website  /  blog   development  /  design   does  your  team  (or  you)   have  the  right  skills?  
  8. 2.  Define  your  goals   • know  your  goals • establish  key  performance  indicators  (KPIs) • how  will  you  measure  success?
  9. NOT JUST IMAGE Sustainability  matters  
  10. It’s  not  what  the  technology   can  do  for  you  but  what  you   can  do  with  the  technology!   OUTCOMES
  11. • Key  performance   indicators  help  measure   transformation   • business  goals  /objectives   define  where  you  are  going   and  why   where  are  you  going?
  12. • brand  awareness? • website  /  blog  traffic • sales • grow  email  list • build  community   • learn  more  about  customer • support  sales  /  marketing   campaigns • talent  /  recruiting  &  retention • maximize  reach  into  existing  &   new  markets   what’s  your  goal?  
  13. • brand  impressions • website  /  blog  traffic • sales • email  member  list  growth • community  growth • community  engagement • increase  customer   satisfaction   • decrease  sales  cycle   what  are  your  KPIs?
  14. 3.  do  your  research  
  15. • help  you  achieve  your  goals? • enable  you  to  best  connect   with  your  target  audience?   • help  your  audience  achieve   their  goals?   • support  your  strengths  &   improve  your  weaknesses?   • help  you  share  your  brand   story  in  a  way  that  engages   others  authentically?   • maximize  investment  in  other   forms  of  marketing  and   business  priorities? which  social  network  will…
  16. • Know  your  customer   and  audience   • social  ecosystem   • social  network   specifics   • how  you  are  going  to  fit   in  &  add  high  value research  
  17. do  you  really  know  your   customer?   Source:  ZenDesk
  19. P  =  People   O  =  Objectives   S  =  Strategy   T  =  Technology   don’t  start  with  technology Text  POSTWORKSHEET   to  33444  to  download  audience  worksheet   Download  directly:
  20. where  are  they  hanging  out?  
  21. information  consumption   behavior  patterns?   • what  do  they  read? • where  do  they  get  their  news? • where  &  how  do  they  learn?   • who  do  they  listen  to?  
  22. what  &  how  do  they  share?
  23. • fame • fortune • thought  leadership • followers • attention   • community • content  readership   • connections   • serving  others what  drives  them?
  24. Communities  Create  Markets Opportunity Harvest Free   member Paid   member Loyal   evangelist Community  Zone Customer  Zone $$
  25. • Social  network  press  and  about   pages   • Google  “[insert  name  social   network]  statistics  2016   • Google  [insert  name  social   network]  demographics  2016 • Industry  reports     Social  network   demographics  
  26. • Facebook  insights • Twitter  analytics   • LinkedIn  analytics   • Pinterest  analytics • Google  Analytics   • Facebook  advertising   Social  network  native   insights  
  27. • Social  Mention  – free  analysis  of  brand  &  keyword  mentions • Buzzsumo – top  content  &  influencers  in  your  niche   • Hashtagify – hashtag  trends  and  reporting   • Sprout  Social  – social  media  dashboard  +  analytics • Buffer  App  – social  posting  scheduling  and  analytics   • Hootsuite – top  content  &  influencers  in  your  niche • Simply  Measured – social  network  measurement   &  analytics   • Crowdbooster – top  content  &  influencers  in  your  niche   • Google  Analytics  – analyze  your  web  traffic  sources,  content,   user  behavior   • KissMetrics – blog  and  website  annalytics • Followerwonk – Twitter  analytics   • Brandwatch – social  and  audience  analytics,  competitive   analysis • Social  Bakers  – social  analytics,  competitive  benchmarks   • Tailwind – Pinterest  analytics   • Iconosquare – Instagram  analytics   Additional  social  analysis  tools  
  28. 4.  Prioritize  platforms
  29. Strategy  &   approach • Tiered  social  network  priority   • You  can’t  be  all  things  to  all   people  or  networks • Focus  where  you  can  have  the   highest  impact  for  your   business   • Always  prioritize  value  for  your   target  customer  as  top  priority
  30. • Tier  1  – primary  focus   – you  have  a  solid  plan,  strategy  &  tactics – your  target  audience  engages   – you  spend  time  to  contribute  content,  engage,   comment,  share  etc. • Tier  2  – secondary  focus – you  have  a  presence   – engagement  is  less  for  you  &  your  target   audience   – social  sharing  by  others  a  top  goal   • Tier  3  – tertiary  focus   – your  target  audience  not  highly  present  or   engaged   – you  have  a  minimal  presence  /  setup  profiles – keep  an  eye  for  later  deeper  investment   tiered  approach  to  social  network   prioritization  
  31. • what  is  top  goal  and  objective?   • how  much  time  will  you  spend?   • what  is  the  best  way  to  reach   your  audience?   • content  strategy  /  priorities?   • integration  with  other  platforms?   • measurement?   • monitoring?   • phased  approach  to  further   optimization?   within  each  social  network
  32. Blog   • Home  base   • Stays  with  you  always   • Tell  stories • Thought  leadership   • Integrated  platform  for   social  presence • Ignite  OPCs  via   syndication  &  guest   blogging  
  33. Source:  Quicksprout Email  subscribers  3  times  more  likely  to  share   content  via  social  media  than  other  visitors Increase  conversion  rates  /   sales Nurture  relationships   Data  collection   Brand  awareness  
  34. 5.  tweak,  rinse,  repeat  &  optimize!
  35. Select  tools  AFTER  you   know  WHAT  you  want  to   measure  and  WHY!   sales thought   leadership
  36. • what  are  your  top   business  goals?   • business  goals  aligned   to  digital  marketing   and  social  media • key  performance   indicators  (KPIs) measure  success
  37. pick  your  goal:   • page  visits • sign  ups  (newsletter,  email  etc.)   • custom  conversions   track  actions:   • clicks   • shares • pins  /  repins • views   • listens • engagement  overall   track  conversions
  38. • keep  aligned  to  goals  &  objectives • use  a  content  calendar • clean  up  &  organize  content,  keep   bios  &  profiles  consistent  and  fresh     • validate  &  test  links • re-­prioritize  placement  of  content   • remove  out  dated  content   • remove  double  posted  content   • Analyze  data  to  optimize  future   results   refresh  monthly   38
  39. 1. time  &  budget 2. define  your  goal 3. do  your  research   4. prioritize  your   platforms   5. tweak.  rinse.  repeat.   optimize.   5  step  success  strategy
  40. Questions?   Pam  Moore CEO  /  Founder   Marketing  Nutz @pammktgnut